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  1. Easier version that actually works 100% of the time. Clone the old (2019) version of cod4x (newer requires version 18 of the client which seems unavailable) On linux: git clone https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server cd CoD4x_Server git checkout 14d0a7cc52 (this seems to be the last commit before they changed the required client version to 18) Now go the directory with a file explorer, go to /src/asmsource/_bg_pmove.asm Go to line 488 and replace jz PM_GroundTrace_20 with jmp PM_GroundTrace_20 make the server files. Enjoy a game where elevating players are stuck. They can get unstuck by setting cg_nopredict 1 for a short while when they exit the elevator spot. Most of the research required for this was done by xoxor4d when he released his bouncepatch (https://xoxor4d.github.io/projects/bouncepatch/ while most of the coding/research in that area was done by Ridgepig. All credits go to them.
  2. If you want to work on this I'd gladly help. It's also for my benefit, as the disappearing players bug is annoying the crap out of me.
  3. https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/src/msg.c#L1762 Here's your 16 bit limit. It is indeed stored (server-side) as a float, and converted back (client-side) to a float, but in the message it is being sent as a 16 bit int (times 3, cause xyz). IW tried to do a bit of hacking around with it by using a mapcenter, off of which all coordinates are based, giving mappers a tiny bit more leverage over the system, but ultimately players still are bound to a 65k by 65k by 65k unit box with a center wherever. Edit: Actual trimming occurs here, serverside: https://github.com/D4edalus/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/src/msg.c#L1889 Ninja has tried in the past to work around it, but the serverside killcam had some stuff so hardcoded in it that his patches crashed servers with killcam enabled, and they had to be pulled. He (seemed to) have given up on it, as the hard coded part is quite deep and quite involving, but it can be tracked down (I know cause I've found the part in the killcam too. Just didn't save it anywhere)