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  1. Please give me recompiled of censor.dll plugin, which is working.. ty
  2. Okay then , i need script "gsc" for Team Balance...
  3. Won't work! I think it's need a specified plugin like _AutoBalancer.gsc or _Teams.gsc
  4. Thanks for answer but i solved the problem
  5. Hi there. I am running my own Promod Server ... And i have a folder called "main_shared" (MyScripts) for HardCore Server , i placed that to Cod4 Directory & my Promod Server Crashing "Couldn't find script ..." something like that. Idk why Promod server crashes , "main_shared" is for my HardCore server ( my scripts are in main_shared folder ) The error happening when i putting "main_shared" to the CoD4 Directory ( It's important to hardcore server ) PLEASE HELP ME IT's VERY IMPORTANT TO ME I DON'T LIKE THAT! :(((< HOW CAN I FIX THAT ERROR ? THANKS [ @dpj @c-bin @M Talha @Viking @D [EE] Pz. @ArashWOLF @[BT] GodofZombie @[BT] SeldRiyo ]
  6. How can i enable stock teambalance of cod4 In Promod ? I don't know can u please help me ? Ty
  7. Hi. I have S&D Server on Cod4. And i want Team Balance Script , It's very Important To Me... Thanks. @c-bin @Kingwolf @crazy
  8. Hi. I have already loaded plugin censor.dll and server console said: 42 line parsed from badwords.txt & the plugin loaded successfully! But when Players type that badwords , It doesn't censor that! Badwords must be show like this " ***** " I will be hopeful if someone [HELP] Me ! ( @dpj @c-bin @momo @saloxa @PureTryOut @Kingwolf ... ) Thanks.
  9. Hmmm... Hey , what did you do ? All Fixed ?
  10. Hi. My game stop working , after 20.0 update. When i opening game , it freezes in "Select Profile" Menu and nothing to do !!! ( Game not responds ) Please Fix This Issue Thanks
  11. Hey . ik this one I want to add ScreenShot System like NeHo!
  12. Hi. I want to add screenshot system to my server. Anyone can help me? @dpj @NeHo @crazy @c-bin @Kreator