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  1. @khan5656 It is the plugin issue .
  2. I have 1.8 but i would also like to run it on 1.2 1.6 1.7 etc so
  3. It be nice to have work on 1.7a but i guess it wont happen
  4. why does this only work with cod4x not with 1.7a
  5. anyway whats the big deal it only working with the latest cod4x version why not with 1.7a?
  6. DPJ how old are you? As yous seem to be rude to people. Dont forget people dont know what you know and the ask. You did not wake up knowing this did you not?
  7. hi guys is this a error its coused by the current ddos attacks or'?
  8. Hi anyone know what unlocalised is? and how can i fix it?
  9. make a run.bat file and paste this is in main dir: mingw32-make -fmakefile and run it
  10. Well its not hard to use a translator to make yourself more clear next time No offence
  11. Hi i got this issue today what can this be couse by?