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  1. And the geo + flag is not working properly ._. like I added the geo.dat to the main folder too ... When someone connects it shows playername is connected from N.A And the flags ... It is showing the wrong flag and the same flag for all players ;_; help me ;3
  2. the server crashes in the middle or in the end of the map ... I attached the globallogic.gsc to the post It would be glad if someone help me sort this problem _globallogic.gsc
  3. I am still wating for someone's reply The anticamp limit is 5-10 sec only :3 so it is very difficult to handle atm Can anyone tell me the command or tell me where the script is located ... Thanks
  4. um guys how to turn off anticamper in this mod ? any commands will be appreciated ;D
  5. so what exactly should i use there ?
  6. yes boss I will try this and update to you
  7. I have the source files of promod which has the xmodel folder and contains only one file in it :3 and in cod4modtools in the raw folder there is xmodel folder which contains many files but as in the tutorial of the moving camo we need a Xmodel of the weapon which is viewmodel_weaponname which is still not found ;/ I tried to search that in the iwd files which are in the main directory of my cod4 still nothing found can you help me find the xmodel of those weapons? Please
  8. Hey there ... I tried to compile a mod and run it in my ubuntu 16.04 and faced this error And attached the _menu.gsc to the post too Any help will be appreciated thank you _menus.gsc
  9. you are god man ... that small change worked and it is taking client command whoohooo bravo ❤️
  10. I am running my server in the directory where,, are present :/ and the log file is attached to the post b3.log And the b3 is recognizing my guid too but still not authentucating :3 Any helps now ?
  11. Hey there ... Everything was going according to the tuto but I am unable to find the some " view_model_thegunname " in the raw/xmodel folder and I am stuck there :3 anyone can help ?
  12. I am waiting to install this from couple of days ;_; any help will be appreciated 😢
  13. the parser i used : cod4x18.pyc and now i get these
  14. line did not match format what does this mean now : I am confused :3