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  1. You should post your solution, it may help others.
  2. Koaja

    Game crashes after setting up game

    It will be something.dmp. Normally time and data of crash, not sure if its in %localappdata% > call Of Duty MW or the default install directory. @dpj will know for sure anyway. Would be good to know why peeps are crashing nowadays for sure
  3. Koaja

    Unban ip with b3

    Woops, meant that one then lol. Forgot there were 2 files
  4. Koaja

    Unban ip with b3

    Sounds silly, but check your nvconfig file in your server directory, see if their IP is in there (I suspect not mind but worth a try regardless)
  5. Koaja

    Enterleave log

    Don't be so logical Klauser! We don't do logic here!
  6. Koaja

    B3 is not responding to commands

    @wkuzma may be of help here
  7. Just to make sure, the account is public correct? The profile isn't private in anyway? Seems like a weird error message to give out if its just because its not an unlimited account otherwise.
  8. Koaja


    symlink your screenshots folder to your webserver root. http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/ln.1.html
  9. https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/releases More than likely find it here on the official COD4X github as opposed to D4edalus fork
  10. Koaja

    For cod4x community

    Ah, the plugin is also located in the xbase_00.iwd (I think its called that) Look inside the iwd file and remove the b3hide plugin (thats providing its still included in there, I dont know, been years since I messed with it)
  11. Koaja

    For cod4x community

    Just remove loadplugin b3hide from your config, that should be it.
  12. Koaja

    Members not Asnwering

    According to your post history, you have had a reply to majority of your questions. Stop feeling you are entitled to an answer because I can assure you people will be less inclined to help.
  13. Koaja

    getss command

    Yes completely normal