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  1. block, that isnt a valid map anyway if you want the original map mp_bloc (note the missing k) edit: that being said, still not sure why you are facing the issue
  2. You'd have to provide the logs if you wanted more help
  3. I've already moved it on your behalf.
  4. *pssst* You fixed its okay Good to know its random as hell - Always around on discord to be a test dummy
  5. Seems to be working for me now - Im guessing Fraggy/Leiz fixed something
  6. Best thing to do, is backup/delete all of the folders there and reinstall cod4x in my opinion, let the automated setup do its thing. However I can understand if you want to avoid doing that
  7. I havent used the screenshot command in the client to be honest, so I dont have a clue if it works or not Its possible it goes into the Virtual Store directory paths. Cant remember exactly where they are but its AppData somewhere. Not sure really as I use Proton, so maybe it differs slightly with Wine
  8. The weird thing is, this bug happens on Windows too, but very rarely nowadays - For Linux i guess because its not officially supported its just a side effect that we get black screenshotted. We dont have a fix for it as of yet, and we may never have one until Proton improves over time I suspect. Unless @AlexC has somewisdom on what it could be Edit: I also get accused of cheating on servers I admin haha it happens
  9. Wrong section - Moving to New Experience subsection
  10. https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_9.zip
  11. COD4X uses your Steam name if you have it open when you start COD4. Change your steam name and it will change ingame
  12. Wrong section - Moving to COD4X Server section
  13. Thats interesting, I am running on Linux and updated yesterday just fine Lets see if other peeps are having the same issue
  14. As per this - and discord link being removed. I'm locking this.
  15. Wrong Forum section - Moved to Questions and Requests