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  1. *pssst* You fixed its okay Good to know its random as hell - Always around on discord to be a test dummy
  2. Seems to be working for me now - Im guessing Fraggy/Leiz fixed something
  3. Best thing to do, is backup/delete all of the folders there and reinstall cod4x in my opinion, let the automated setup do its thing. However I can understand if you want to avoid doing that
  4. I havent used the screenshot command in the client to be honest, so I dont have a clue if it works or not Its possible it goes into the Virtual Store directory paths. Cant remember exactly where they are but its AppData somewhere. Not sure really as I use Proton, so maybe it differs slightly with Wine
  5. The weird thing is, this bug happens on Windows too, but very rarely nowadays - For Linux i guess because its not officially supported its just a side effect that we get black screenshotted. We dont have a fix for it as of yet, and we may never have one until Proton improves over time I suspect. Unless @AlexC has somewisdom on what it could be Edit: I also get accused of cheating on servers I admin haha it happens
  6. Wrong section - Moving to New Experience subsection
  7. https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_9.zip
  8. COD4X uses your Steam name if you have it open when you start COD4. Change your steam name and it will change ingame
  9. Wrong section - Moving to COD4X Server section
  10. Thats interesting, I am running on Linux and updated yesterday just fine Lets see if other peeps are having the same issue
  11. As per this - and discord link being removed. I'm locking this.
  12. Wrong Forum section - Moved to Questions and Requests
  13. Yeah seems there is an issue - All SteamIds reporting 0. Will be looked into
  14. @leiizko I believe his new experience mod once fully released may fix this