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  1. Koaja

    Get the value of a client's cvar

    Just set the dvar on each player to 0 for that particular dvar. Would be simpler imo
  2. Koaja

    please i need help

    If you mean to upgrade the server: https://cod4x.me/ Scroll down and find the download for your system.
  3. Koaja

    please i need help

    Fairly sure @leiizko said it will never work on 1.7. Upgrade to 1.8 then try again.
  4. Create a new topic with the crash log @ me in it if you want and I will have a look.
  5. Somewhere amongst the server files should be some dedrun files, you want to replace those with the ones from this website. Been about 2 years since I last used lgsm, but it should be fine once you make those new server files executable.
  6. Update your server to the one from the front page: https://cod4x.me
  7. Koaja

    reply to posts

    Did you get an error code? Me and @dpj were discussing this and I was going to debug it on my side. Its random as fuck. And annoying XD
  8. Koaja

    Not showing CoD4X

    I'm not a dev but I will have a look tonight at updating the install steps (at least adding if its steam version blah blah). Anyway glad its working for you. Not sure on your other issue to be honest, but someone here will know ^
  9. Koaja

    Not showing CoD4X

    Ah, See here: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/2622-steam-cod4-patch-breaks-game-our-official-repair-guide/&tab=comments#comment-12668 Download that exe file, then overwrite the one from steam. You can read the thread from the beginning if you like to see what actually changed with the steam update of COD4. (In case you are worried, it is a safe executable)
  10. Koaja


    Just tested and setDvar("player_meleeRange", 0); will do exactly what you need to remove knife damage. further edit: I threaded it in the _callbacksetup.gsc under "CodeCallback_PlayerConnect()" and it worked just fine.
  11. Koaja


    To summarise, Stock is literally uploading the main and zone folders and adding a server config and running it. If you add scripts in main_shared or add a mod, its non-stock. (Not aimed at you but maybe other people who are confused too )
  12. Koaja

    mp_strike_2 release

    Most people will be in agreeance with not being able ot play it on servers, mostly down to the file size (which is really sad because its fucking gorgeous and the changes are nice) maybe this is a nice compromise but idk how much work it requires (And I wouldn't ask if it was a serious amount of work)
  13. Koaja

    centos 6.10

    There is definitely something wrong with that lmfao. No server OS should take 28GBs haha.
  14. Koaja

    centos 6.10

    Yeah that definitely feels off, even for a server OS that is fucking huge LOL
  15. Koaja

    centos 6.10

    LGSM is fine for quick installs, I just don't like how there are 50 million configs in different areas to configure etc. Overall though, its fine