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  1. Steamoverlay renders fine (once we enable it in COD4X) - whether it will allow you to take screenshots ingame is another story (all /screenshotJpeg results have come back black)
  2. I had some further looks into Steamplay (Proton or whatver you want to call it) and specifically COD4X - The worst thing is the game loads and plays fine through Proton without having to use Lutris - but the Steamapi fails to initialise on startup screenshot attached. Otherwise the game would be fine to play through Proton (unless you dont care for admin perms in which case carry on lol). I am still looking into it but not sure how much furkeling I can do with it...
  3. You only need the tokens if you want to register on the masterserver, as far as I know you can start a server without a token and it still work.
  4. How did this even end up on COD4X if its a CS server... wtf
  5. More specifically, you would need to open 28960 for All IP addresses both inbound and outbound (outbound is open by default so just inbound really) if this really is AWS or some other cloud host anyway.
  6. Don't open steam is the only way
  7. May help if you described the issue with sourcebans, error codes or something. Someone will be able to help im sure
  8. This reminds me of a bug with mime types I had at a job once... so yeah I guess it is possible. IIS is good for what it does though I suppose
  9. Not going to lie, it did make me giggle a bit It happens, no sweat
  10. This exactly. Unless you are adding each person that joins to your admin list (if using COD4X internal adminning change the level requirement for map_rotate) then RCON is the other option Otherwise seems you have a Security problem
  11. @leiizko may be of more help than I am - Hope you get it resolved though dude
  12. Im assuming you have build-essential package installed? If not install it and try again, Other than that I have no clue sorry 😅
  13. https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_trueskill_plugin You can try compile it yourself, or try one of these: https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_trueskill_plugin/releases