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  1. Use either the COD4X internals, or B3. getss exists to take screenshots of suspect players.
  2. Koaja

    Where does logs go?

    Try ~/.callofduty4 folder for the user you run the servers with, I have noticed some of my logs end up there for my personal servers whilst my clans servers are in main or similar.
  3. Have you made the dedrun executable? chmod +x cod4x18_dedrun
  4. %localappdata% > CallOfDuty4MW > players > profiles
  5. Spamming the same thread over and over again isn't going to make people want to help you ya know.
  6. Koaja


    No measures have been taken against this cheat at the moment. So nothing right now I would point out however it is buggy as fuck so it doesn't always work if thats a small victory
  7. Oh no a minor inconvenience, what ever will we do 🙄
  8. Koaja


    Time for some good old fashion adminning me thinks, Demos and shit
  9. Koaja


    Oh no it will never end lol, people who write cheats for games will always exist. Will forever be a cat and mouse game
  10. Koaja


    Courtesy of @iam_clint himself
  11. Theres your problem. Check your mysql connection settings in the b3.xml or ini (cant remember which) Also seems your rcon password may be incorrect.
  12. Seems the empty "Intel" box on the loading screens are now gone, but now that I am looking Im not sure if they were there or not ROFL Discord Integration has been added. When on a server, you can go to discord and invite players directly to the server via discord. Thats all I know so far.
  13. Koaja


    "Your company" ROFL Get in the sea.
  14. The SelectStringTableEntryInDvar was abused to enable cheat protected variables like fullbright and nametag esp.
  15. With the quotation marks. As for your other question, I don't know, I have never attempted to upgrade B3 and I don't pay attention to it that much overall really. I don't know how the upgrade process works, sorry, hopefully someone knows