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  1. So its a normal error ?
  2. I will try to use older versions
  3. that's my B3 log file b3.log
  4. Hello everyone and happy new year 😘 Im running 3 "COD4" servers on COD4x client, the servers is up on master server. But I have a problem with B3 1.12 (latest version), the XLRstats plugin won't to load up . that's the error message from b3 logs: 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [ALTER TABLE `xlr_playerstats` ADD `id_token` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT \'\'] None: (1060, u"Duplicate column name \'id_token\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Query failed [SELECT MAX(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS max_skill, MIN(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS min_skill, SUM(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS sum_skill,\n AVG(xlr_playerstats.skill) AS avg_skill , COUNT(xlr_playerstats.id) AS cnt\n FROM xlr_playerstats, clients\n WHERE clients.id = xlr_playerstats.client_id\n AND xlr_playerstats.client_id <> None\n AND (xlr_playerstats.kills + xlr_playerstats.deaths) > 50\n AND 1546481644 - clients.time_edit <= 5184000] None: (1054, u"Unknown column \'None\' in \'where clause\'")' 190103 02:14:04 ERROR 'Could not start plugin xlrstats' Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\parser.py", line 948, in startPlugins start_plugin(self, plugin_name) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\parser.py", line 939, in start_plugin p.onStartup() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\__init__.py", line 257, in onStartup self.correctStats() File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\__init__.py", line 1558, in correctStats cursor = self.query(q) File "C:\Users\almumarga23\Desktop\Cod4-bestcod4maps\b3\b3\storage\common.py", line 635, in query raise e InternalError: (1054, u"Unknown column 'None' in 'where clause'") btw I'm using this parser Cod4X18 and latest cod4x version and latest patch + fresh b3 database. thanks in advance
  5. Like this ? 'message': 'tell %(cid)s %(message)s', 'say': 'say %(message)s', 'set': 'set %(name)s "%(value)s"', 'kick': 'clientkick %(cid)s %(reason)s ', 'ban': 'banclient %(cid)s you can appeal your ban at www.kab.iogcod4.com', 'unban': 'unbanuser %(guid)s', 'tempban': 'tempban %(cid)s %(duration)sm You have been tempory banned - wait until it runs out', 'kickbyfullname': 'kick %(cid)s' If no, can u tell me how ?
  6. Hi How i can edit ban message for B3? i want to set my clan website and D I S C O R D
  7. I m new here , hi all I want to install that client by following this Tuto, but the game keep crashing after setting up game . did i miss something ?