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    cod4x token

    Ask a friend with a steam account, you need to have a non limited account, probably at least 5$ purchase on steam. Steam tokens are not to be shared around here.
  2. Just use a modified rpg weapon file from one of the codjumper sources, it has damage removed from the weapon itself, so you don't even need to mess with any code, but as viking said, you can simply exit the function to cancel the damage. As I said in the other topic, you are trying to increment a variable that is probably not an integer, that's the reason of the crash, furthermore I never seen any cj use missions and healtoverlay scripts, you have to provide more details if you want help.
  3. healthRegenerationStreak is not an integer, so you can't increment it, check where is it defined, and what is assigned to it.
  4. Use quotes for the plugin name btw, if it still doesn't work try removing the b3hide from the plugins, it will look for the default one in xbase.iwd, since its included there along with other plugins.
  5. Something on your side bugged out, has nothing to do with cod4x imo.
  6. Check your config, double switch is still working.
  7. You just need to load the plugin in your config, as the file is already there in cod4x server files. loadplugin "b3hide"
  8. You can use rcon in b3, you just need to set it up properly, you have to add your guid in the file in b3/plugins. Be sure to check if that file has the rcon command, otherwise you have a different version or something, you can get an official one and it will have rcon.
  9. Just run the game from the launcher as it says, multiplayer launcher.
  10. promod/servercheck.gsc you need to add this file to your server and remove the check for iwd files or whatever checks you want to remove.
  11. ui_mp/scriptmenus/ is the file in question, but as viking said, you will need to edit the menu and recompile the mod, its not hard but it requires quite a few recompiles to get things right.
  12. Well apparently its all packed in mod.ff and you are just running the basic files for mods, you can add promod folder and servercheck.gsc from official promod repo on github, and then remove the line as that new file will overwrite the compiled one in the mod fastfile.
  13. promod/servercheck.gsc, remove the checks you don't need. In your case just comment out or remove "forceDvar( "g_gravity", "800" );"
  14. Maybe some compatibility settings and run as admin would help, no clue.
  15. Please for the love of god use notepad++ with a smaller font, but yeah I think it looks good it has to be in the curly brackets like this. Ignore the code before.
  16. level thread maps\mp\bots\_bot::init(); Put this in callbacksetup.gsc in CodeCallback_StartGameType()
  17. Its either an outdated database for countries that the server is using, or its simply you, the routing is bad or something similar.
  18. Use auto assign just in case, also did you even call the bots, if you have some custom scripts, be sure to add the line in callbacksetup.gsc
  19. Well apparently your mod.ff (fastfile) is corrupt, try recompiling your mod and see will it help, there might be some errors in it.
  20. The download is working just fine, the instructions are inside.
  21. Best advice would be to get a clean config, something stock or a well known cfg, and find a different high xp / unlock server if you want to unlock things, someone already mentioned one a week or so ago on the forums, some servers can give you high xp but not unlock everything as the rates are probably messed up.
  22. You have to disable steam when playing if you want to control your name via cod4, or change steam name if the server is using steam names, server owners can disable steam names however.
  23. Just find a friend with a clean steam account, if you have friends with that attitude. 🤦‍♀️
  24. Here is my ldd output for gsclib. Did you add the required makefile lines for cod4x server ?