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  1. It rarely happends that I think it can be disregarded, besides you can always implement a 2-step or something on your server to avoid that small % fully, admins need to login with a unique pw to "verify" the guid and have admin powers, hence eliminating any trouble.
  2. Also from what I've seen, most clients are connected from :28960 but there are plenty connected from weird ports as well. You can check this from rcon stauts or $ministatus, or a tool like iftop for linux to monitor your connections. What would be a good solution actually when you think about it, is just to block the ip's from the masterserver, you can find masterserver connections in your qconsole.log.
  3. Just run the server on a different port, 28960 is kinda the default for cod4, but if you don't want masterserver or tracking, I don't see a reason not to block it. Then again for cod4 query port is the same as the game connection port. Block 20800 along with 20810, both are UDP. Edit: 28960 is required only for client I think, not 100% sure on this, as the server is using the game port for the query port, and 20800 and 20810 were the old ports required so I guess that should prevent ATVI from displaying your server. Also remove any masterserver related stuff from your config.
  4. Kreator


    Thanks, this will work with the provided dependencies from 18.0 on the website ? Also when I am already at the dependencies, any info on the new .iwd with these killstreak assets, will that be included as "built-in" killstreaks kinda ?
  5. If you are using linux, like firewalld or iptables, just remove the following ports from the public zone: 20800, 20810, 28960
  6. Kreator


    Well yeah branch from the official, or if someone has a new fork with updates etc. I asume the linux server binary from the landing page is older then the latter commits posted, any compiled binaries around for 18.1, or latest commit?
  7. Kreator


    @Fraggy regarding to your last post, does this mean that the requirement will be ditched to be listed on the masterserver or that the function will not be worked on ? I don't see why it should be mandatory as well, but it should defo work, any server owner who wants a normal server population will use it anyways. Also a side question, which fork for 18.0 or 18.1 should be used, whats the most stable etc, if someone can send one. Thanks in advance
  8. The only thing you could try is to change drivers, see some older or newer ones, or a new gpu heh
  9. Well It may not be related with that in your case exacly, but its the same error that pops, and I've dealt with it countless times as described above, the more ways it can be isolated and fixed the better.
  10. That Vega56 is the issue, can confirm as one of my members replaced the same gpu and doesn't have any issues anymore, from what I know its mostly GPU related, I didn't have issues on a 10 year old quatro gpu while some had issues on newer amd cards.
  11. Well it should be definitely checked why it happends to the clients as it does not affect all clients, but here is what I know about that so far. It can be fixed from the server side, its about image assets primarily, if you have a lot of assets and a lot of big ones, this error can happen on different texture resolution settings, mostly when playing on lower settings as it "allocates less space", so to fix it server owners should revise all their larger .iwi's like skins etc, re-render them in dds ( BC3/DXT5 ) with mipmaps on, and then convert back to iwi, if you revise all of them like that and you still get it, you will need to cut down on the size, scale down the resolution by the power of 2, you need to maintain the power of 2 resolution with dds textures e.g. 1024x1024, 2048x512 or whatever combination, and then use the new assets in your server files, that fixed my issues always and again it doesn't happen to everyone, different game settings perhaps and stuff like that affects it.
  12. I will update the server soon, if it continues will post new stuff, its happening every 2 days or so.
  13. Has there been any work in regards of this in the client/server update ?
  14. Since this one is already active, will you take care of the minor visual details like bigger glow/blur shadow and color difference in the upcoming updates ? A few people also mentioned they still have resolution issues, works fine on my side for now.