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  1. The updated reduced the cpu usage drastically, I've been on a dedi untill recently and didnt notice, but now I saw high usages on the recent build before this, this helped alot.
  2. Inb4 child abuse on cod4x forums 😶
  3. You will need the strings for that, the languages and load_languages if I am correct, for duffmans code.
  4. Did you add loadplugin "b3hide" in your server config ?
  5. Kreator


    Who do you relate to ? You goota configure your server yourself, its not hard and people will help you if you need, ask on forums if you have issues, but first read all the info and instructions before opening double topics etc.
  6. Ah suspected so, I wanted to add more elements that I can control later on without making my own scoreboard.
  7. Since we are on the topic of scoreboards @T-Max, is it possible to change the visuals on the scoreboard from the server or something, since its code controlled and not a menu, some changes would be nice.
  8. parsers.rar Here are the parsers that you will need for cod4x, you might want to try v1.10.10 version, works fine for me, If I am correct the newer versions are not working well with cod4x
  9. I think you need a separate server file, get the latest windows server and run that executable in your cod4 root with all the parameters you need. I know that before you would just need to run a server on the same exe as the game startup, or does the client patch does that job as well ?
  10. Are you using the correct parser ? Be sure to have cod4x selected in the b3 config. There is something else going on there, check the rest of the log post other stuff here. Check the standard things, loadplugin "b3hide" ports, rcons and so on.
  11. Since we are on a topic of the website, maybe its not the place, but I was loged in as a person whom I pmed last time, the other person experienced the same thing a while back, and sometimes some website issues occur like couldnt load, time out etc. Just a brief input.
  12. Did you restart your b3 server ?
  13. You cant run in dev mode on stock promod anyways, theres an error screen prompt, same as for the 333 fps one. If everything is stock, only 3 promod files then idk it should work. I didnt resolve my issue yet either, will post if I manage to fix it and find a possible reason/solution.