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  1. Its intended to go on and on, its something like a chat advertisement that's running all the time.
  2. Install cod4x or 1.7a serve version, you are using cracked keys, on the original server mode.
  3. Kreator

    Http Plugin

    Do I need libphobos2_so.0.83 exacly or ? Installed D and got the 0.91 version, but its still showing the same error. ^1Error: Sys_LoadLibrary error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ^1Error: Failed to load the plugin /home/cod4/cod4-28966/plugin.libcod4x_http_plugin.tmp! Can I manually insert the file, and if yes where ?
  4. Only once, its just an example command, you have to make a loop if you want it to repeat.
  5. If you want other players to join you need to setup a dedicated server, open ports, and have a static ip, not required but its more convenient then changing settings each time your router changes your local adress, seems that you are trying to host from home, look into port forwarding.
  6. If it's a mod I think you should use the mod directory, not sure about main_shared, could work as well, I only used it for vanilla servers so far.
  7. If its compiled and all the files are inside the mod you can use an ff extractor to see the exact name of the file, grab it and put it on your server to overwrite the built in one, and change it however you like, altough OW is open source so you can see all the files on github, put it in the same structure thats only important. If the file is comiled in /maps/mp/gametypes/. you have to place it there as well in the mod folder where your fastfile is, /mod/ow/maps/mp/gametypes/.
  8. Out of range reliableAcknowledge message from TD SASK - reliableSequence is 524, reliableAcknowledge is 380 This one poped now, seing it for the first time, any info on this ?
  9. exec( "say Chat print" );
  10. It takes some time to accept it, is it running like that always, or just on startup. Is your server on the list ?
  11. Try to find the finalkillcam.gsc, there should be a var name something like "killcamlenght" just add +x amount to it.
  12. Ah, experienced the same error sometimes on OGP, might try that later and report back if it pops again.
  13. Its either a mod or map thing, what map are you playing on and mod ?
  14. You will need a mod for that, if you are trying to change it on vanilla server you can't, perhaps only for yourself if you modify the local files.
  15. Kreator


    No, b3 is just an adminmod, you can make a command for it or add custom parsing if you want b3 to do it instead of the mod, but mod is more convenient.