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  1. That is really not allowed to be changed, although on most servers you can change fov.
  2. No bans etc, to have a safer verification, as they won't accept accounts without a payment.
  3. There is no fix or workaround for that, open steam get a token and that's it, that is of course if your steam is clean.
  4. Did you put the mod.ff into the root of the mod folder ?
  5. Edit, the rest is in globallogic and/or ui_mp/
  6. scoreboard.gsc, and you need to change the cursor.iwi and playericon.iwi, and then add them to your mod, note that the names are not exact, just look for the oriiginal names in the game files and then change them and put it it in the mod in an .iwd
  8. Be sure to check the name files correctly, if you are using cod4x it should be associated right away, the mod is not related to the problem, as for when you rename it in gsc its a different file, you could have example.gsc and example.gsx, and you can use a 1.8x function which doesn't need to exist in the .gsc version so check is it defined.
  9. Kreator

    FPS 333

    Well thats exacly that, the fps blocker, if you set it to 333 everyone will have to play with 333 max, but as we all know you can always easily bypass that, there can be big advantages but not much players can use it, especially in a populated promod server, and in wars I doubt that much people are doing that at all, who is crazy to risk a player go on some bounce and die, it can be a round changer etc.
  10. Kreator

    FPS 333

    Its not a cheat, its just fps, the thing is promod disabled 333 because if allows for some jumps and spots that give a good advantage nothing else, for competition and promod you will be limited probably, if you are a server owner or anything else, its purely up to you to define the rules.
  11. Has to work, its only one file, if I recall correctly, and simply remove the fps checks, you can keep the rest.
  12. Well solve your errors one by one. from the start to finish, apparently you are mixing mods or something, hence you need to solve conflicts first. 90% of the errors are clearly explained as it says, enable developer 1(2 in case you can't see the full error text and the star indicating the exact problem, and simply go one by one, resolving the conflicts as it says, if it exists already, remove one copy, if its missing, add it somewhere where it is looking for it etc.
  13. As it clearly says hmap() is already defined in in _mod.gsc but you are including the same function with #include _dvar
  14. I think you are missing / .dll , otherwise you won't get authenticated and commands won't work, just put it in server-root/plugins/b3hide and then load it from config loadplugin b3hide