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  1. Are you loading the b3hide plugin ? loadplugin "b3hide" set b3Prefix "!" set b3Hide "1" b3HideLvl "2" If you have a correct parser, cod4x and you are using cod4x guids, there should be no problems. Parser needs to be set to cod4x in the b3 config file, check for case sensitive ! b3hide must be loaded, other than that it should work with all versions.
  2. My mistake its false as an argument, but it doesn't matter, just be careful at which one you add it, since the first one doesn't always get called, you should look at the last one and add an wait there. As for the file structure, first question is are you only using vanilla cod4 with scripts in main_shared, or do you have a mod with mod.ff and its assets/code in a mod folder. If you have a mod, all the code goes there, you can't mix it up. If you are running a vanilla server with scripts only, the file structure is the same but just in the "main_shared", so basically that is your root point for other stuff. Its organized in the same way and it will overwrite. main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes/globallogic.gsx (Also if you are running cod4x, it will use .gsx first, on vanilla, 1.7, 1.7a you cant use gsx) Now if you want to add things from here, you can add a thread from globallogic to your custom code. e.g. thread (main_shared)(\)maps\mp\gametypes\somescript::main(); Or any other location for that matter, you can call anything inside main_shared, but it needs to be initialized with a call from a place which is already active, like globallogic, scripts with the same name are overwriting default files, but new scripts are just laying there waiting, you need to call them for them to work. Hope it clears things up
  3. You could add a in globallogic.gsc/gsx before exitLevel(true); is used, which is basically changing the map. The function is endGame(){}
  4. Check your logPos(), there should cooldown in the function argument list. Just checked the source, indeed the var is missing, I will be updating the repo.
  5. If its all stupid and so on, why bother coming here and writing in the first place, should've deleted and left long ago. 😂
  6. Kreator

    Antiban ?

    Its still a rat race game.
  7. defaultweapon_mp Either check your mod.csv and/or a precache file and remove defaultweapon, or use this file below, and compile it in your mod. Should do the trick
  8. Remove main_shared from your promod server directory. You can't have /mods/yourmod and /main_shared in the same time if I am correct. Use a different directory for a different server, you can't have two servers on one directory just like that. If you have only 1 directory from a host, just rename main_shared once you are running promod (that is if you are switching from hc to pm ?, you didn't explain that well). If you are running multiple servers from 1 basefile path, you need to exclude main_shared, and for each server that loads the same .iwds and .ffs from same directory, you overwrite the files in its "local" directory, without the big folders, that's how you run multiple servers. Just change the startup command line for different base path for core game files, the rest is local.
  9. Kreator

    Antiban ?

    If that was only true, its not hard to change ip either
  10. Yes, apologies.This was a mistake on my side, as the update rolled in the same time as we had ddos attacks, closed off some ports, didn't know that 20810 port was tcp as well for heartbeats. Had everything except that port.
  11. Experiencing the same, multiple servers are updated with the latest commit, ports are open, its showing up on cod4activison but not on cod4master, although it sends heartbeats. New token has been applied, double checked for any restrictions but not much success. Is there a way to verify the connection to masterserver ? I can ping both domains and there are no lost packets. I did notice comparing to the above, and previous log that I am not getting this message. But I am not getting any other either, no errors.
  12. That's not really the same thing, but it could've got the inspiration from sure, I think sr was ported from one of the newer cods, the dogtag fx is the same as well. What I meant up there is that you can base SR on KC that is available online for cod4, without starting from scratch.
  13. SR was based on KC, its publicly available but you will need changes. You can have it on any mod, but you need to compile in the stuff that is required.
  15. In regards of eBc, we don't rely on the ss feature at all tbh, as its a fact that there are ss cleaners, at least for private cheats for now which is good, mostly Its still manual labor, but you have to also understand if you were to ban everyone who is odd, the server would get empty real quick. Demo and spectating is still the best method but yeah it takes time, if we can't decide even after demo review we assign moss anticheat, although probably it can be bypassed as well but it still helps out, you can also clearly see the difference for some players the moment they have something monitoring them constantly and giving out attached processes to the game and overall. As for the damage part, you can always report that to admins if you notice something odd, on eBc the damage is increased by 2 exactly to prevent most scope tags, as for ak, aku that shouldn't be possible normally, if you noticed something like that on eBc, please give me return info as it will defo help to be aware of it and possibly add some checks code wise.