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  1. Is it ok,? if I try to build an ARM binary and make pull request for that?
  2. Hi devs, Recently I have deployed an armv71 architecture based docker node, into my swarm cluster. I was wondering if it is possible to run the cod4x latest linux server binary on this ARM based node? Has anyone tested this before? If not, do you guys have any plan for implementing ARM support in the near future?
  3. @dpj thanks for letting me know. Well, as much as I would love to show you our team's work on softwares, I simply cannot do that due to agreements we have with the companies we provided software for. I can just mention the works I did but it wouldn't be possible for me to break any agreements and show you hands on demo. And I have already mentioned some of our works previously in this forum post. Anyways, I respect your decision and I might ask you some questions regarding rendering and stuff when the development process begins. By the way, I won't be able to guarantee any position, if you want to enter the team at a later or mid stage of development. I will let fraggy decide about that matter only if he himself is participating(he didn't make sure anything about that). Otherwise, once again a good game idea will die in the forums eventually. Me and my team asked for CoD4X Team's help only because we might not be able to complete this kind of games with all the different rendering challenges, optimization, security etc. which are crucial. But if none of them is willing to participate then it might be a difficult job for us to complete or even proceed with this game dev in the first place.
  4. @leiizko We are porting the game but not the assets of any CoD games. All the assets will be new. We will only be just following the game mechanics, movement and also assets of CoD4. Activision has no rights on game mechanics and an AK47 that is newly created on a different engine. Understood @T-Max
  5. I agree with you @Kingwolf. Waiting for confirmation from Fraggy and other CoD4X Team Members like @dpj @T-Max. If I get the confirmation then I might create all the organization repos needed for the proceed and start developing on UE4. We can even ship our first release with a shipment like map and free for all mode to attract the community first. Also, I might fire up a small forum for the discussions.
  6. It seems like GoDot was a very bad choice. I tested a 3D demo in my machine using GoDot and I was able to squeeze out only 13FPS from that demo under low graphics settings. Then I talked with the contributors of GoDot engine and they told me that, though godot v3 was marketed with 3D support but the 3D support inside the engine is still very immature and also they think that it will be usable after a year of works on the engine. So, we cannot use godot for this project. Our remaining option is to use UE4 or make our own core engine from scratch. Just now while tinkering with CoD4 files I was still again able to shrink down the multiplayer game to around 113MB with one map mp_crash without the textures into consideration. A snapshot has been attached below. I was still considering the cut down cod4 to be a good approach but fraggy is against this approach due to the iw3mp.exe reverse engineering will take a lot of work.
  7. Guys, me and fraggy has been discussing about the game engine for a while now. Unfortunately he is still busy which is making our pace of communication slower. There's been two idea for the game engine that is not options currently from our discussion. One is the GoDot engine. We took out UE4 from our option because of the license and considering other games which came out from UE4 performing not that good. Actually UE4 is made for high end graphics rendering which we don't really need for our remake. We want this game to be playable by some old machine users too, the same way they played CoD4 but with better performance than CoD4. And we also don't need those full blow UE4 features for our use case. On the other hand GoDot engine being a 2D focused engine shows good promise for 3D rendering and designs. It's a very lightweight engine compared to UE4 and can still do more things than whatever we need. Me and my team is currently looking into this engine to see what are the possibilities. Another idea me and fraggy was discussing is to create a core game engine from scratch. Suppose, we take blender as our rendering engine, Miles Sound as our 3D sound engine, then some other open source sub engines and use them inside our own made core engine. And on top of that core engine make our game. This will allow us to cut down everything that we don't need and efficiently use all the hardware resources for our game. Also, when the development of the game is done, we can simply continue to create our own sub engines to squeeze out every bit of performance from the hardware and replace those sub engines one by one. The core engine will allow us to do so without modifying any game code whatsoever. Only the core engine itself will get updated but the API of engine which the game is using will remain intact. Please let me know which of the two options seems reasonable to you guys. Please CoD4X Dev team and other people out there in the forum do share your opinion. Thank You.
  8. I also thought about the multiple account problem and I think I have a solution for that as well. Cannot share everything here on public discussion because not all the people needs to know about the internal mechanisms and stuff. I have some prior experience with both UE4 and cod4's current engine. I am just waiting for fraggy's reply whether he thinks the idea about completely reverse engineering the iw3mp.exe is feasible or not. If not then we move to another engine like UE4. But to remind again, reverse engineering the whole iw3mp.exe file has many benefits which we can get at the very beginning of our new game release compared to doing it in a new engine like UE4. I have mentioned some of the benefits throughout this discussion. So, the question still remains which engine idea fraggy and the cod4x team thinks is feasible to move on with. Thank you.
  9. I keep on talking about completely reverse engineering the iw3mp.exe and start from that source because if we go on a new engine there will be a lot of work needed to be done. I totally agree that the amount of work will totally worth it on a new engine but to me both the ideas seems feasible at this moment. And another good thing about the UE4 engine that all the latest popular multiplayer games like PUBG, Squad, Fortnite, UT are made with this engine and seems to be gaining popularity among online players day by day. So, I am really assured of the quality output we can get out of UE4 for our new game. But still I would say both re-writing iw3mp.exe or creating a new game on UE4 seems feasible to me at this moment.
  10. I totally agree with @Kingwolf on the CS:GO like game opinion. We already have CS:GO and I tried playing it for a while, not really my type of a game. You don't have the flexibility of free movement like cod in cs. I know a lot of people who moved from cod4 to CS:GO due to different issues related to cod4 and they are waiting to get back on a game like cod4 with no hackers and stuff. I am totally down for getting some feature ideas from CS:GO obviously but not the movement to be exact. When I play cs:go it seems like I myself am a bot. Also @Kingwolf mentioned about UE4 licensing. Seems reasonable to me too. If our game evaluates in a category where we need to pay royalty to UE4 then we can simply do that through in-game weapon and character skin sells? And I was planning for a server system of pay as you play. We will provide some official servers of-course but if a user want's his own server, they can simply rent it our through us. We will be hosting the server so ultimately the binary remains to us, and they will just pay based on the set cost. And also a open artwork market would be good to have so that people can buy and sell their skins while giving a small percentage of that to us so that we can pay the royalty to UE4 and make a funding for further development. Now the first thing we have to decide is whether we are going to fully reverse engineer the iw3mp.exe and re-compile it with out own re-written code and compiling definition or we are gonna make the game on a new engine like UE4 or something. If new engine then what engine we are gonna use? And, I really liked the simple slick interface design of pubg. Simple black, white and transparent combination. Looks awesome and very much player friendly. If we agree on this simple interface design then I think we can reduce down the size of current cod4 to an extent that people might be thinking they are downloading a mobile game of 300Megs to 400Megs (considering if we re-write the current cod4). Also a performance boost on the FPS will be there for these kind of light skin interfaces. @Kingwolf I agree what you said about the planning of the game and a demo. But before we do that, we have to be on the same ground or decision about which engine to use, or is it possible to completely reverse the iw3mp.exe and thus compile it through some process that activision can't claim the rights on that binary and so on. If we can come to an agreement on this first deciding factor, then I and my team will proceed on making the first demo. Thanks.
  11. Hello @Fraggy I am glad that you remembered me. And I am also really glad that you accepted my apology regarding that name steal. But I was really asking for the CoD4X Client Source Code because of education purposes only and as far as I can remember you did gave me some bits and pieces. Anyways, about the disassembling part, Is there any possible way to completely disassemble the complete iw3mp.exe file? So, that we can see how it's done, I mean all the logics for movements and gameplay then re-write the whole thing from scratch and do it properly and securely on every step for future implementations. If we re-write the source code completely, as if rename every functions every methods n all then activision can never claim the copyright for that particular source code. All the other assets can be also decompiled and re-written. We don't need everything at once. I think I can cut down the whole game size to 700MB fully working with three or five popular maps. Then if we can re-write the iw3mp.exe then we can cut down the size more and also we can fix all the known issues from the ground up. If still you think this idea is not feasible then we will go about making it under new engine. If not UE4 or Unity what engine do you prefer? I also need to make sure my developers have worked on your preferred engine before. The other day I was talking with a person who reverse engineered some part of cod4 mw2 and according to him if we proceed to make a new game then the best engine would be UE4. He also told me UE4 can squeeze out more FPS out of the currently available cod4 skins. Also some good things about the UE4 netcode designs. So, please clear this confusion regarding the engine so that we can proceed accordingly. I am also busy for next one week or two. So, I will hit you up with a PM afterwards. Meanwhile if possible let some discussion for deciding factors like engine and etc carry on under this topic.
  12. ow btw one of the menu designs from our 14 year old graphics designer is attached in this post. Feel free to check it out.
  13. @T-Max The bad thing I mentioned I did, when I was 14 years old. I don't really think you guys should judge my trustworthiness and intellect based on that. And I don't want you guys to open up your closed source projects to me or my team or something. I want you guys to help develop a new game from your intellectual expertise which you guys got through the development of cod4x_server. And I am sorry me and my team won't be able to contribute to your current cod4x projects because as far as I know it is solely based on C and assembly. We don't have people in our team who are expert in either C or assembly. I have some knowledge on those two languages so, I might give it a try, but still it's not sure and I think you guys should judge us based on that either. @dpj I think you are wrong on that point where you said the people loose interest on the cod4comeback project due to MWR announcement. It is totally wrong. People didn't loose interest on that project because of MWR. The reason was Dan bear himself went out of reach for almost a year without any notice. And the forum was flooded with spam. I was closely discussing different topics with dan bear for development. So, I was on the forum for a while to keep up the crowd. But then later dan bear also didn't even renewed the hosting for that forum. That's how it died. I have a rather small team. 13 people to be exact. We usually worked on a lot of web based projects and nodejs applications. Some of the projects and expertise are in REST API, eCommerce website, AngularJS, NodeJS movie collaboration and subscription, Authserver license validator, docker, cloud architecture designs, Automate DevOps, Logo and Interface designing, UE4 Blueprint programming, JS, C#, C++, PHP, VB.NET, Java etc. We are developers all around the age of 18-23. One of our deisgner is 14 years old. I am a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Most of our developers are graduate of Computer Science and Engineering. If you guys agree with our proposal then we can discuss on how to proceed with the making of launcher, anti-cheat and other stuffs. After discussion from our team we will provide alpha releases to you guys for checking and if you guys are satisfied then only start working on the game core. I will be also helping you guys with coding inside the game core. Thank You.
  14. @Theseus I am really not sure about why you have so negative feelings on CoD4 Remake. I know there was a petition which went down sooner than everyone expected but that doesn't mean it's not possible. And I wasn't talking about promod only for the remake. I just gave an example because promod was the most played game mode on CoD4 according to what I have seen in my 5 years of professional CoD4 playing. It will be a game for the community by the community. So, all the user requests will be attended to accordingly. Nobody wants to become Activision. And the plan was not to let the users individually host their own servers. It will be something like dota 2 or cs:go where the real match server logic remains to valve only. The user doesn't know much of the logics that has been done on the servers thus giving them less space to duplicate injections. @dpj When the name was stolen the team name was MNX Devs. Later couple of years ago we changed it to uG! Dev Team with some new developers and new visions. At that time our clan name was already changed to uG! Clan. Anyways, regarding contribution to your repos, we might not be able to do that because not much of our developers including myself are expert in C and Assembly. So, it would be very hard for us to contribute on the cod4x repos. But still I will try to see if I can contribute some. I can understand the time concern but if you guys can help with the game coding then my team can help with the rest. We can provide Game Launcher, Anti-Cheat, Servers, Designs, Official League website, API works, game logics etc. You guys can just work on the game coding and maps. If there is a possibility that the iw3mp.exe can be totally reverse engineered, then we can easily provide a 700MB CoD4 remake with optimized performance and couple of maps as an early access. Otherwise we have to work on UE4 to get the gameplay and feel of CoD4 on a new engine from scratch. I am not trying to change whatever the goal of cod4x's project. I am just giving my own opinion on some of the features I can think of. And the first thing that comes into my mind is a clean promod gameplay. Additional modes will be added gradually as we progress considering public demands. We need to change the whole state of the game to implement everything according to our requirements such as the anti-cheat. Why still depend on activision for messing up with the game whenever they want? It will be a totally new game, modified enough to protect us from legal crap of activision. Publicity for big user base can be done through our community network. I am thinking of it as a big scale game which will be compared to dota 2 or cs:go in the near future.
  15. Hello CoD4X Developers, Hope you guys can remember me. The guy who once stole the name CoD4X from you guys. I am here today for apologizing to you guys for the mistake I did three years ago. Actually the main culprit was freaker from Bangladesh but still I am apologizing on behalf of him and myself because I helped him to do whatever he wanted to do. I apologize again for that. I hope you guys will be able to forgive me for that I have done in the past. I am here to put forward a hand of friendship between the CoD4X developers and our MNX Developers again. At that time back then I wasn't that knowledgeable about licenses and other intellectual property management. And that's why I though it was ok to steal the name. But I am now fully aware of all the ups and downs and other issues regarding this matter. Please, I request you guys to forget the matter of the past and let's join our hands to build something greater for the future. I will happily provide the ownership of the CoD4X github organization to IceNinjaman or Fraggy if you want that domain under github. freaker even wanted to steal the intellectual property which is the cod4x server code from you guys but then I felt it might be wrong to do that and I never did stole any code from you guys. Just the name. I really hope you guys will be able to forgive me and my team for that. By the way, freaker is not a part of this team anymore. I also have an proposal for you guys. Recently I saw activision released a useless patch. They just don't want to give up the authority on breaking the game more. For almost a year I was hoping and planning for a remake of this legendary cod4 game. CoD4 remastered is as useless as other games they released after cod4. If you guys can forget the past and want to join hands with us we can remake this game with it's very own promod flavor, anti-cheat, regional servers, league, matchmaking, ranking etc. If you guys agree to this proposal please let me know so that we can discuss this idea in detail. I am here with a team of some developers who can contribute to the new project on various sections. I would really like to get an opinion from Fraggy who is the CoD4X team lead at this moment what it seems and also the opinion of other CoD4X developers. If you guys want to use the current CoD4 game and modify it hardly for the new remake me and my team is with that. Or if you guys want to re-create the game on UE4 or something also we are willing to help on that. Just let us join hands for making this game legendary again. Thank You. It would be really grateful if our apology is accepted.