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    IWI Extractor opens IWI and IWD files which are common files for images and archives in Call of Duty games. IWI Extrator currently supports IWI version 5, 6 and 8. You can open any IWI image, export it to the DDS, PNG, BMP or JPEG formats or convert it to other IWI versions. IWI Extractor automatically detects installed Call of Duty games and allows you to open all of the IWD files at once, giving you the option to search through the images directly inside the application and then export these images to a folder or a ZIP file. IWI is a common texture type in Call of Duty games. It consists of a header and one or more images, optionally mipmapped. An image can be stored using both compressed (DXTn) and uncompressed pixel formats. IWI Extractor uses squish to compress/decompress DXT image pixels. To see my specification of IWI version 8, please download this PDF file. IWI Extractor comes with module Texture.dll which is a .Net assmebly for working with IWI images. You can freely include this library in your project. There is a bug in the tree view, when you open an IWD archive and start typing into the filter without first expanding the IWD archive, you won't see any results. It is caused by the tree view which does not cache child items until the parent item is expanded. Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0