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  1. Hello, Where can I find the extractor Dedrun which can extract assets. Give Me the Link if any one have.
  2. Hi , I am using FInalKillcam script that display's song names during killcam. But It does not display song names in correct order what should i do? I'm using this script. I shall be very grateful if anyone can help me..!!!! _finalkillcam.gsc
  3. CYB3r


    It Depends on your vip script. Cuz Some vip scripts use last 8 digits of guid some use full.
  4. Ok, Thanks For Your help. I made it auto
  5. Yesterday i added Vip 1,2 and 3 In admin menu.That Worked But When I reconnect or disconnect the Vip is Gone. Why? I am using Leiizko's Vip.gsx Can SomeOne Help me?