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  1. sorry lol u guys misunderstood the question, this isn't my server its modded servers that i can't modify script for and am not admin on. but thats okay i found a god mode method for some servers anyway thanks!
  2. is there a non external method of obtaining god mode in modded cod4 servers? please comment below your methods of doing this
  3. can't the spam server owner just not update to 17.6 which would keep them on the masterlist and fine, a lot of people wont even update to 17.6 since they already run their server fine, is this going to be enforced in anyway?
  4. Easy

    cod4x devmap.bat

    Sup, cd ..\..\ iw3mp.exe +set fs_game "mods\deathrun_dev" +set g_gametype "deathrun" +set sv_cheats "1" +devmap mp_dr_race +exec deathrun.cfg ^^^ that is my runMod.bat currently cd ..\..\ cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set fs_game "mods\deathrun_dev" +set dedicated 1 +exec server.cfg +set net_port 28960 +set g_gametype "deathrun" +map mp_dr_race ^^ that is my runDedi.bat wondering if it is possible to make a runMod with cod4x since my scripts rely on cod4x functions, it is annoying to run a server everytime i change a small menu etc.
  5. Easy

    $extract problems

    thx worked
  6. Easy

    $extract problems

    Hey everyone, i'm having some trouble when i execute $extract it says you do not have the sufficient permissions. it is being run on a local server with +set developer 2 anyone know how to help? thanks in advance.