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  1. Yes 16 compass icons per side in team games. In one of the gscs, I think game objects, it checks for the current number of icons in use and returns false if all are taken. Whether or not that can be increased in cod4x, that would be useful indeed. 16 is a lot for a typical game but when you include games like freezetag an increased number of compass icons could come in handy.
  2. For vanilla, on choosing your class loadout the player model is generally set based on the weapon. In giveloadout in the standard class gsc this is set by 'playerModelForWeapon()'. If this VIP is given only one particular model, instead being offered a a range of choices, bypass that function and set the model manually.
  3. The first question to ask is what purpose does this serve? I get the 'what' but not the 'why'. It forces the players to do something and they generally dont like that. Freezing on prematch is also limiting and forcing players but they are used to that for all games and its normal. It is generally preferable not to interfere with basic player movements unless there is a good reason for it. If you dont need it for the game, dont do it. Otherwise it could be nothing more than an annoying gimmick. However if you insist on it, since its done on prematch only performance probably shouldnt be an issue since nothing else is going on at the time except the countdown. And yes, freeze controls does everything.
  4. Just to clarify, the usual test bots work fine in OW2 for vanilla installs. Meaning not cod4x. Of course they do not rejoin on map rotation, like other mods.
  5. Did you put the images in an iwd? Stock image replacements for menu items, like CAC images, will not work if placed in an images folder only. At least that has been my experience.
  6. The only bots that would work with it are the standard test clients. Since cod4x handles bots differently, AFAIK OW2 wont spawn them but I could be wrong.
  7. Those materials are from cod5. The last rotu source code I had, from their online public release, compiled just fine with everything included in the package. My guess is that there is some other additional fx in what you have that references those above. Looks like some kind of blood splatter explosion.
  8. That would be in your raw files if you have all the string tables. You would then need to change the relevant defaults and compile it into your mod.
  9. I have a solution that will solve the problem immediately with no work required. Dont use the hack. Oh and this isnt world of warcraft.
  10. It was a good idea. However I kinda figured, like some other things modders have tried that I read about, that while many feeders are there most of them are not implemented in cod4.
  11. That looks like a good place to start. Thanks.
  12. My guess is the answer is no, or at the very least I have never seen it done, however is it possible to retrieve and display all player names for a team in a menu file without resorting to setting a lot of dvars in scripts? Straightforward enough to make that kind of thing work that way but the goal is to avoid setting dvars whenever I can to help keep down client commands.
  13. Just a bump, in case anyone has tried it. Otherwise, when other things are done, I will just try adding a lot of custom map strings to it and see what happens.
  14. Sheryl

    server hang

    Its happening to everybody. Windows logs say its DNS issue.