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  1. This function adds to the assist. Line 362. self maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::incPersStat( "assists", 1 ); You need to modify things to check for different teams. For the heli, you likely have the common setting for player damage turned off. scr_enable_hiticon The last part, check in global logic in the player killed function. Inside of it there is a switch/list that checks for weaponfile types and whether or not to ignore them when giving a streak. ffar_hind etc. Since your heli seems to use barrett_acog_mp for its weapon you need to add it to that list.
  2. The problem is more than likely too many unique settext calls. Common if you add things like player names to strings. "PlayerOne killed by PlayerTwo" etc. This doesnt apply to iprintln. Just the settext calls used in notifies or hud elements. There is a developer function that is supposed to clear the list that holds them. I think. But it wouldnt work in a normal environment. Unless cod4x added something custom to do the same kind of thing? From what I remember the upper string limit... 640 I think... couldnt be increased.
  3. For the log entries, K = killed. D = damaged. First entry is the current game time (1093.35). After that, victim guid, victim player number, victim team, victim player name, attacker player guid, attacker player number, attacker team, attacker player name, weapon name, damage done, means of death, hit location. Note that bots or test clients dont have guids. The specific print statements are made in the player damage and player killed functions in global logic. self = victim. logPrint( "K;" + lpselfguid + ";" + lpselfnum + ";" + lpselfteam + ";" + lpselfname + ";" + lpattackguid + ";" + lpattacknum + ";" + lpattackerteam + ";" + lpattackname + ";" + sWeapon + ";" + iDamage + ";" + sMeansOfDeath + ";" + sHitLoc + "\n" );
  4. Did you perhaps change that file at some point? I am pretty sure it was updated in one of the patches.
  5. Put exec server after setting the mod and before map rotate. So as to set the relative path before trying to find the file. See if that helps. Be sure server.cfg is in the top level openwarfare mod folder (with the ff and iwds). Sub folders and files are relative to its location and it where it looks for the config folder and openwarefare.cfg. Openwarefare.cfg looks for all other configs relative to that. Just a note, change your mod name to something unique so it doesnt potentially conflict with another server. Its quite possible that a particular player visited a different server that didnt change the basic name ("openwarfare") and already has a mod named that. "Jezzys_OW2" or something like that. Also perhaps the version. 1.43 or 1.45 etc. Some people dont like the earlier one or later one. Recommend you also change server.cfg to a random string of characters. Just for a minor bit of extra security.
  6. I dont know the mod but under the standard game level.chopper is not an array. It is an entity. Unless the mod made it as an array with two entries, one per team.
  7. IIRC, a OW modder made cod4 versions of several gametypes from later cod games. Including Infection etc.
  8. Buy the game. Dont use a cracked steam client. Easy peasy. If those two things are not acceptable, perhaps you shouldnt be playing games.
  9. Sheryl

    xbox 360 controller

    cod4 wouldnt use aimbots for gamepads anyway, unlike the console version, so its pointless to try. Keyboard/mouse would beat you every time. So you would be better off to learn how to use them. I have my DS4 to use with mame and retro stuff but thats about it.
  10. The streaming setting is not needed and it is not advisable to do player weapon sounds that way. Otherwise sound cutoffs can happen with faster firing ones like the deagle causing jerkiness. Best practice is to give your new sound a custom name, also a custom alias name, and be sure the new name is in the weapon file. Streamed sounds are primarily for single-shot or looping world sfx and music/dialogs. Looking through the common.csv file gives good examples of which types are used for each. Doing it this way also means the original sound is still there if you want to reuse it for some other specialty weapon. Might make for an interesting .50 high-powered full-auto rifle.
  11. Couple things. The sound aliases you posted are for NPC sounds, meaning the world ones everybody else hears not the shooter. The player hears the ones that end in _PLR. Also, weapon fire sounds are compiled into the mod.ff and there is no need to include them in an iwd since they would be ignored. Only if an alias sets it to 'streaming' would it need to be there. For mp3s or unusually big wavs.
  12. For the heli, set it to high. You dont need to add anything to the hitbox model line.
  13. I assume so you can shoot at the ac130. If so, after you spawn the script model set candamage to true. Then you can shoot it. Be sure, when compiling the model in assman, that collision LOD is set to 0. I assume the helicopter is custom. If so, also set collision LOD. However spawning a helicopter, like usual, you dont need to set candamage. Just when spawning a script model. You can experiment with higher LOD collision if you dont need it to be exact.
  14. Since I hijacked a thread elsewhere... shame on me.... It seems the custom names for the five player classes... kept in the player cfg file... come built in when autogenerated. While new ones can be added via server configs, and the strings changed like normal in the class loadout menu, the next time the player joins they are overwritten with the default strings as set by the server. Which is normal. Something I am missing? Maybe the wrong approach?
  15. Heh. Ok I will start a new one. And thanks for the link. Misunderstood what it meant.