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  1. Buy a cheap game on Steam for yourself and its done. I assume the issue he raised... hard to tell honestly... is the possibility that after buying this cheap Steam game he is still subject to other things that might get him delisted from cod4x. Then again, that is what all developers do. You buy their games but you can still get banned based on their own decisions.
  2. throwing script exception: pair 'undefined' and 'undefined' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'undefined' ^1******* script runtime error ******* pair 'undefined' and 'undefined' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'undefined': (file 'scripts/gamemodes/_hud.gsc', line 266) self setclientdvars("ui_wavetext", level.waveHUD_Killed + "/" + level.waveHUD_Total, "ui_waveprogress", level.waveHUD_Killed / level.waveHUD_Total); ^1called from: (file 'scripts/clients/_clients.gsc', line 129) self thread scripts\gamemodes\_hud::onPlayerConnect(); For crashes, best to start at or near the top and fix those first. This error is telling you that there are no defined values for level.waveHUD_Killed and level.waveHUD_Total. As for why, you need to go through your code to find where those two values are supposed to be defined and set, and from where. Also verify that they are, in fact, being set every time.
  3. If using OW, check out level.strategyPeriodTimer in the _strategyperiod.gsc file to get an idea.
  4. You need to do a lot more than that of course and alter/add many other files not just compile in the gametypes. However I recommend getting the original Open Warfare source and see how they do it. Script work. Menu work. Lots of stuff. Best way to learn how to add or create new gametypes.
  5. Or use the modtools asset manager with a tga and a temp 2d material. Extra steps in the process to be sure but you know it will work the first time.
  6. The screen is in the connect menu. But the text item itself is built into the game as far as I remember. edit: ooops, beat me to it.
  7. Very simple. Do you enjoy occasionally playing the game, or do you not. Once in awhile I pull out a few MAME games even though many if not most of the ones I play are probably older than you are. Also CoD4 players these days tend to be older and wiser without all the obnoxious kiddies others like MW2019 are full of. Oh, and do you listen for example to Dark Side of Moon? Released in 1973? Something that after all this time is still better than most anything else around? Or is that album much too old and we should all move on to Britney Spears? Yuk. One is great music to enjoy. The other is noise. That said, when my mod is finally done to the point where its stable I will be focusing more on unreal.
  8. There are quite a few profile function calls: prof_begin( "pks1" ) etc. afaik they not something we could even use anywhere. Does it tell the game engine internally to do something required to work? If they are useless then I see no reason not to simply get rid of them as clutter that might actually impact performance. Thoughts?
  9. Its handled in weapons.gsc in watchC4AltDetonate().
  10. If you do end up having to go the route of compiling in all these stock player models you might as well just use all custom ones instead. The custom ones usually have a larger number of associated materials and images and dont have any LODs. Either way its a lot of player models to compile in. Might as well check out the old Openwarfare player model picker that allows you to choose which one you want.
  11. I assume you are compiling all these models into your mod otherwise it likely wont work anyway. Also that the maptable is being compiled in. In the csv dont use // for comments. Use #. Cant say for sure whether or not that matters. Just something I have always done.
  12. hudfade (weapon). Will have to try that one. Been using (dpad) for various elements on the bottom of the screen and wonder how this one will be different. Thanks. 👍
  13. Hi all Just curious if anyone knows other keywords that work with the player() function call used in UI menus. The only two I know of are player(score) and (teamname.) Tried some others that would maybe be common, like player(health), but none of them were recognized. I figure there should be more than two of them.
  14. Yea that one, iirc, happens if you have too many strings and are overwriting a stock one that has not been precached. Often challenges etc if all the rank stuff isnt being used. Otherwise I am pretty sure it would just crash. with a string overflow.
  15. Ok interesting. Seems its not preaching strings that does it. In this case I narrowed it down to the functions that sets the hint/score objective string calls. Sab has twice as many as other gametypes due to a tiebreaker option. maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER" ); maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveScoreText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_SCORE" ); maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveHintText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); Copy the three functions from global logic to one of the util includes instead of a direct callback and all seems to be good. maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveHintText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); becomes setObjectiveHintText2( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); //In maps/mp/_utility Learn new things every day and I suppose its a new error to watch out for.