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  1. if ( ( isDefined( self.spawn_protected ) && self.spawn_protected ) && (sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_FALLING") ) return; Watch out for that one. No real need for MOD_FALLING in player damage checks. Players should still receive damage from falling, spawn protected or not, to keep them from using it to their advantage to get into areas they should not be. Its a pain in the ass but every line of code you write you must ask yourself: "How can I use this to exploit or cheat? Because if I can, I will."
  2. You dont need a separate function. As T-Max posted, in the player damage callback, in global logic, you can add a line to it that checks for this condition along with all the rest such as team kills and juggy. For testing, somewhere near the top will work best. Then you can look for odd scenarios where it shouldnt prevent damage. A simplified version to get you started. if ( sWeapon == "mp44_mp" && iDFlags & level.iDFLAGS_PENETRATION ) { if( isPlayer( eAttacker) ) //For testing. eAttacker iprintln("PD callback. idFlags penetration check for mp_44. No Damage done to victim." ); return; } As posted above, the drawback is that you wont get multikills from a single round because going through a player body registers as a penetration flag no different than passing through a wall. If you are using an open warfare based mod, with their framework, in global logic look for these lines that do the same kind thing. If you turn off damage through walls then do nothing. if ( level.scr_bullet_penetration_enabled == 0 && iDFlags & level.iDFLAGS_PENETRATION ) return;
  3. #4, too many settext calls with unique strings will easily cause it. If for example you have a busy server, with a lot of people coming and going, and do settext calls that include player names that can add up quick. Like xmodels, you can do set text on "Hello" 1000 times but its still only one string. But "HelloTom" and "HelloDick" are two. Local strings used only in menus and not precached in the game dont count towards that limit. The error itself is telling you that you have reached the end of allowable string slots (640) and its throwing out stock local strings that havent been precached in order to make room. Eventually that will run out and the server will crash. The dump log will tell you where excessive use of strings are in your mod. Actually it would be very cool if that limit could be overcome. Would make some things much easier and allow more things to be done. That and max allowable hud elements + more than 16 minimap goal icons.
  4. Thanks. Yes looks like it uses an earlier build of mingw.
  5. I guess it does. Thanks for that and your file. Going to start making use of it today and see how it goes. Curious tho. I changed those two lines and it compiled here... sorta... but the change didnt take. Never compiled my own server but thought I would give it a try. A lot of DWORD errors that it sounds like from what I read in a thread that it has to do with the mingw/gcc version probably being too recent, if I understood correctly. So I added the flag the console said to use in order to ignore the warnings, just to experiment and get it to compile and see what happens. Started up and loaded properly then quit with the asset limit error. Can I ask, what versions did you use to get a properly working server? Or maybe there were other additions/changes elsewhere?
  6. I just saw this. So this will reliably allow up to 150 unique weapon files up from 128 without crashes? I can really really use that extra 22. Actually a bit more than 22 would be even better. Yes more than 22.
  7. Its saying the recentkillcount variable to self probably doesnt exist. Might want to examine 'level.splashcard' since if that is set to 0 the player doesnt initialize the recentkillcount variable in the playerconnect functions. However since you are calling a function that needs recentkillcount ( updateRecentKills() )you need to go through the logic and figure out which one is incorrect. Is splashcard wrong and not allowing the setting of the proper vars? Or is splashcard right, therefore not setting unneeded vars, but you are calling the function when you shouldnt be?
  8. Sheryl


    That error often comes up if you are calling too many unique 'settext' strings in your scripts so might want to look into that. The game can handle only a certain amount before it crashes. Move whatever you can to the iprint or bold lines.
  9. Ok. I tried to run marketcenter... the one after killhouse on your rotation... and it wont run here either because of a missing loadscreen. My guess is that your script is fine.
  10. What I did was, just the basic word search on the lower left that we all use to search through a big webpage. It worked for "mp_ki" on the rotation itself but not "mp_kil" at that one spot (it did at others). I checked again and this time it worked. Go figure. Funny things can happen. ;-) Yea killhouse doesnt look to be in the function and just something to check. Never hurts. edit: I assume in this case using tolower() wont work for map voting and stock maps. Never bothered with map voting myself. currentMap = toLower( getDvar( "mapname" ) );
  11. Check out your map rotation above and rewrite mp_killhouse not just copypaste For some reason doing a simple word search on the page it fails when it gets to the letter 'l'. 'mp_ki' is found. 'mp_kil' is not at that spot. Only here in the reply.
  12. Late reply, but the problem with the 128 weapons problem is the map since it has the 'm4_grunt' SP weapon file in it.