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  1. That would be in your raw files if you have all the string tables. You would then need to change the relevant defaults and compile it into your mod.
  2. I have a solution that will solve the problem immediately with no work required. Dont use the hack. Oh and this isnt world of warcraft.
  3. It was a good idea. However I kinda figured, like some other things modders have tried that I read about, that while many feeders are there most of them are not implemented in cod4.
  4. That looks like a good place to start. Thanks.
  5. My guess is the answer is no, or at the very least I have never seen it done, however is it possible to retrieve and display all player names for a team in a menu file without resorting to setting a lot of dvars in scripts? Straightforward enough to make that kind of thing work that way but the goal is to avoid setting dvars whenever I can to help keep down client commands.
  6. Just a bump, in case anyone has tried it. Otherwise, when other things are done, I will just try adding a lot of custom map strings to it and see what happens.
  7. Sheryl

    server hang

    Its happening to everybody. Windows logs say its DNS issue.
  8. Sheryl


    Hi guys. Has anyone noticed any strangeness using missile_settarget? Using it in the stock mp executable works fine but not in cod4x. edit: Example, if you are in the air and fire it straight ahead and level, using lookat to create a target in the distance, it goes up and down towards it like a sin wave.
  9. Hi just curious how far anyone has pushed the entries in the mod.arena file for map longnames. I dont really know how the game treats all those local strings for asset counts.
  10. Not exactly an answer, since I never use them. Only the one that converts iwi to dds for editing. Stuff like that, best to use the tools asset manager with a temp2d material. Or anything material/image related. Use a tga as the source file. That way it guarantees everything is right and it will work with proper MIPs and all the rest.
  11. Then it looks like yours is only meant to work once on player connect. Otherwise, you can do a loop within a loop. The first continuously, the second for seven times. And then, when that one is over, run the loop again maybe 5 minutes later after resetting the checks back to zero. playerWatchFPS() { self endon( "disconnect" ); wait 5; while(1) { violations = 0; for(i=0; i<7; i++) { if( self GetCountedFPS() > level.maxAllowedFPS ) violations++; if( violations > 5 ) self giveMeTheBoot(); wait 5; } //Player passed this loop check. Wait 5 minutes then reset and run it again. wait 300; } }
  12. Simplified from above. Not tested init() { level.maxAllowedFPS = 399; for(;;) { level waittill("connected", player); player thread playerWatchFPS(); } } playerWatchFPS() { self endon( "disconnect" ); wait 5; violations = 0; while(1) { if( self GetCountedFPS() > level.maxAllowedFPS ) violations++; if( violations > 5 ) self giveMeTheBoot(); wait 5; } } giveMeTheBoot() { iprintln( + " FPS is 333+! Kicking! ); exec( "kick " + self getEntityNumber() + " 333 FPS is not allowed" ); }
  13. That happens with cut and paste. level.players is something set in global logic during game init. So going from the information available there are likely two possibilities. You are somehow accessing it before it is, so its undefined. Or, in the mod you are using, things were changed and the variable isnt used at all. All you can do is, first, make sure the array is set and populated with players and second compare that with when modwarfare::init is called. It is best that you figure those possibilities out because it might be a symptom of other things. However, if you want to just see what happens add this and use players instead of level.players. players = getEntArray( "player", "classname"); However because of the above problem using this might easily introduce its own problems. As always, use at your own risk.
  14. Sheryl


    Hmm. Might want to check them again. Its not supposed to be.
  15. Sheryl


    Its not empty and right in the mod tools. For example, this is the relevant function referred to in the link above. I recommend you get an original copy of the 'maps' folder from the downloaded tools archive and copy them to your local raw folder renamed as mapsOriginal. That way you will always have them to refer back to. Do the same for ui/ui_up and anything else you edit. playerSpawned() { self.brinkOfDeathKillStreak = 0; self.healthRegenerationStreak = 0; self.pers["MGStreak"] = 0; }