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  1. There are quite a few profile function calls: prof_begin( "pks1" ) etc. afaik they not something we could even use anywhere. Does it tell the game engine internally to do something required to work? If they are useless then I see no reason not to simply get rid of them as clutter that might actually impact performance. Thoughts?
  2. Its handled in weapons.gsc in watchC4AltDetonate().
  3. If you do end up having to go the route of compiling in all these stock player models you might as well just use all custom ones instead. The custom ones usually have a larger number of associated materials and images and dont have any LODs. Either way its a lot of player models to compile in. Might as well check out the old Openwarfare player model picker that allows you to choose which one you want.
  4. I assume you are compiling all these models into your mod otherwise it likely wont work anyway. Also that the maptable is being compiled in. In the csv dont use // for comments. Use #. Cant say for sure whether or not that matters. Just something I have always done.
  5. hudfade (weapon). Will have to try that one. Been using (dpad) for various elements on the bottom of the screen and wonder how this one will be different. Thanks. 👍
  6. Hi all Just curious if anyone knows other keywords that work with the player() function call used in UI menus. The only two I know of are player(score) and (teamname.) Tried some others that would maybe be common, like player(health), but none of them were recognized. I figure there should be more than two of them.
  7. Yea that one, iirc, happens if you have too many strings and are overwriting a stock one that has not been precached. Often challenges etc if all the rank stuff isnt being used. Otherwise I am pretty sure it would just crash. with a string overflow.
  8. Ok interesting. Seems its not preaching strings that does it. In this case I narrowed it down to the functions that sets the hint/score objective string calls. Sab has twice as many as other gametypes due to a tiebreaker option. maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER" ); maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveScoreText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_SCORE" ); maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveHintText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); Copy the three functions from global logic to one of the util includes instead of a direct callback and all seems to be good. maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::setObjectiveHintText( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); becomes setObjectiveHintText2( game["attackers"], &"OBJECTIVES_SAB_ATTACKER_HINT" ); //In maps/mp/_utility Learn new things every day and I suppose its a new error to watch out for.
  9. To sab/sd, no. However if there were too many precached strings I am pretty sure it would throw a different error. Just to see what would happen I didnt precache anything in those gametypes and no difference.
  10. Strange.I assume you mean the #include lines. In both cases there are only three for utility functions, like all the rest of the gametypes.
  11. Anyone know what this one is? Havent seen it before today and I am at a loss since it only happens on sd & sab. Mod currently has stock gametypes + ctf. Turning off precaching multiple types of items in those gametypes and many other places doesnt help. Thx. edit: just to rule it out, its not just killhouse. There are a lot of models compiled in for weapons, entities, and such. But since it doesnt happen in dm/war/dom/ctf/koth I dont know. Also to rule things out, it happens in vanilla so its not cod4x related. Only two things that come up in google searchings, and nothing here, refer to a Steam install, and clearing the ceche. Also cod5.
  12. Never seen this happen afaik and the function is killed on death... if the player is shot within that 2 seconds... to eliminate that possibility. Nor should any kind of wait statement to allow for certain things to process before killing the player interfere with the player killed callback. That kind of thing is done all the time and do it myself (calling the thread after spawn() within the gametype ) to test things before checking whether or not to call radiusdamage. Maybe try that instead of suicide, with a matching fx call, to make it look good. Your not just killing the player you are punishing him with a grenade. And add some kind of condition where if this happens the death ragdoll goes flying through the air. Funny as hell.
  13. Sorry knee deep in my own project with its own little headaches. 😁
  14. You need to change the score limit in the war.gsc script so the max is more than 5000.
  15. Based on the code I saw in the other post, for your hud elements you might want want to use a single common localized string label for use in all of them then set the appropriate value for each one. Like it does for player scores for kills and such. That way only one will count towards the string limits not 12 or however long the timer will be.