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  1. There are still losers that will pay money for hacks for this game. Even bigger losers that will write new ones to sell. I suppose that means its not quite going dead.
  2. Nothing is sadder than wanting to play with hacks in a 20+ year old game. No better than the guy that got the world record for the longest single game of playing a particular arcade game only to later be found out that he secretly used MAME with hacks.
  3. Typically this is done in the giveloadout function either in class or class unranked. Depending on your mod. No file is needed and the above is all you should need to do. giveweapon, the ammo, setspawnweapon and then spawn normally. Switching to the weapon shouldnt be needed. Unless I suppose the idea is to start with something other than the primary. However if you have a custom gametype, such as gungame, that overrides the standard giveloadout then you also need to check that gametype gsc giveloadout (orwhatever the file called it) to see what is done there.
  4. I assume you actually gave the player the weapon first before setting it as the spawn weapon.
  5. Needs to be a multiplayer weapon. e.g. ak47_mp or ak47_acog_mp
  6. Heli support is not added to the map. No helipaths.
  7. Sheryl


    Yea that will work if the process itself quits one way or another. However there may be times when the server simply stops and the process itself continues. Say with a script error for example or some other assert failure. Typically I think in such cases its only handled by manual restarts via whichever control panel of choice. Maybe that means its not really possible to look for this kind of thing unless done by the program itself. If nothing goes wrong this is never needed, But I have been around long enough to know that anything can happen no matter how careful or attentive you are.
  8. Sheryl


    Hi all Did some searching this morning but didnt really find an answer, if one exists. Its a simple addition to add some kind of program monitoring in windows to restart a server that has hard crashed. Or one to start a server if windows itself is rebooted. The kind of thing all the various game providers do when polling intervals fail. Some rename existing game/console_mp files with the time/date so it doesnt overwrite it and others can try and track down the problem itself, which is very nice. However is it possible to do the same thing for a server that has simply stopped but not crashed? Nobody is perfect and things get missed or some obscure issue never seen before pops up either with the mod or a map.
  9. Sheryl


    Hmm, dont think I have ever seen that one in dome. But then again maybe it depends on how long a round lasts. Even so thank you for showing the problem.
  10. Look for the isSubStr() function. It checks to see if one string is part of another. Is 'player' part of 'playerone' for example. It will pass. However the other way around, is 'playerone' part of 'player', will fail.
  11. There is no level.pers array first of all. Just do level.yourcustomvariablename = something. I suspect your customroundname function is designed to be called only once at the start of the round. However you also need to call the weapon functions... for the specific joining player... when joining a team. You should probably do it that way all the time for every player during the round. That way it will also take care of people going to spectate and rejoining.
  12. Of course you could also simply replace the USMC textures with something else. A lot of them around.
  13. Sheryl

    guid changer

    From Evenbalance.... In general, GUID is an acronym that stands for "Globally Unique Identifier". The GUID inside PunkBuster is used to identify players with something more solid than their playing name or IP address. Your guid is loosely based on the CD key that was used to install the game on your computer. When Server Admins kick or ban a player from their server(s), PunkBuster uses the player's guid to enforce the kick/ban. Since it is based on the game installation, it is a better way to identify individual players than by looking at their IP address or playing name. For those concerned about privacy, PunkBuster uses a 128-bit one-way hash (a mathematical function) to generate the guid from the cdkey so that no one can figure out or compute your cdkey by knowing your guid.
  14. The first thing I notice, I think, is that you are setting and calling these level threads on every player. Which in turn call their own child threads. Instead of using onPlayerConnected they should be started, once, as a level thread in init() and not as an openwarfare event. Later, when setting dvars, loop through all available players and set the clientdvars on each. In the threads, local vars are unique to each function and add up. Also, it also looks like none of the threads are being terminated on client disconnects anyway. Levels do not disconnect so as players join and leave, and more threads are started the vars keep piling up. Its just quick read of your scripts but they are the first places I would work through. init() { level endon("disconnect"); level.clock = true; level thread addNewEvent( "onPlayerConnected", ::onPlayerConnected ); } onPlayerConnected() { while(level.clock) { level thread ClockHour(); level thread ClockMinute(); level thread ClockSecundum(); self setRealtime(); wait 1; } self thread setRealtime(); } The log event for friendicons is likely just where the number of available vars hits the limit, not the cause.
  15. Sucks that this happens with Steam but I suppose they also dont like it being used by third parties.