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  1. Its saying the recentkillcount variable to self probably doesnt exist. Might want to examine 'level.splashcard' since if that is set to 0 the player doesnt initialize the recentkillcount variable in the playerconnect functions. However since you are calling a function that needs recentkillcount ( updateRecentKills() )you need to go through the logic and figure out which one is incorrect. Is splashcard wrong and not allowing the setting of the proper vars? Or is splashcard right, therefore not setting unneeded vars, but you are calling the function when you shouldnt be?
  2. Sheryl


    That error often comes up if you are calling too many unique 'settext' strings in your scripts so might want to look into that. The game can handle only a certain amount before it crashes. Move whatever you can to the iprint or bold lines.
  3. Ok. I tried to run marketcenter... the one after killhouse on your rotation... and it wont run here either because of a missing loadscreen. My guess is that your script is fine.
  4. What I did was, just the basic word search on the lower left that we all use to search through a big webpage. It worked for "mp_ki" on the rotation itself but not "mp_kil" at that one spot (it did at others). I checked again and this time it worked. Go figure. Funny things can happen. ;-) Yea killhouse doesnt look to be in the function and just something to check. Never hurts. edit: I assume in this case using tolower() wont work for map voting and stock maps. Never bothered with map voting myself. currentMap = toLower( getDvar( "mapname" ) );
  5. Check out your map rotation above and rewrite mp_killhouse not just copypaste For some reason doing a simple word search on the page it fails when it gets to the letter 'l'. 'mp_ki' is found. 'mp_kil' is not at that spot. Only here in the reply.
  6. Late reply, but the problem with the 128 weapons problem is the map since it has the 'm4_grunt' SP weapon file in it.