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  1. killbill88


    hey everyone, I got some big lags with my bots when they are kicked automatically. I use cod4x NE and PRCOD4X bots. Do someone get same issue? Thanks; KB
  2. My gravity.gsx file is now in cod4x/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes directory and my thread is in callbacksetup.gsx =>thread maps\mp\gametypes\gravity::init(); I did this error to put my gravity.gsx file in main_shared directory and not in main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes directory . Now it works fine , thanks a lot Wkuzma KB
  3. problem solved ^^^ Thanks
  4. killbill88

    map voting

    Hey all, i use COD4xNew Experience and i'd like to know how the map voting works , cause it seems that map voting always suggest the same maps, i mean some maps of my mapcycle are never suggested? Thanks for your help, kb
  5. Thanks for your replies Wkuzma., but i still have issues about that. I created a gravity.gsx file and i filled it with ur dvar and setted my callbacksetup.gsx like this: // Callback Setup // This script provides the hooks from code into script for the gametype callback functions. //============================================================================= // Code Callback functions /*================ Called by code after the level's main script function has run. ================*/ CodeCallback_StartGameType() { // If the gametype has not beed started, run the startup if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted) { [[level.callbackStartGameType]](); level.gametypestarted = true; // so we know that the gametype has been started up thread welcome::init(); // Initializes the welcome script. thread gravity::init(); //gravity and speed settings. } } /*================ Called when a player begins connecting to the server. Called again for every map change or tournement restart. Return undefined if the client should be allowed, otherwise return a string with the reason for denial. Otherwise, the client will be sent the current gamestate and will eventually get to ClientBegin. firstTime will be qtrue the very first time a client connects to the server machine, but qfalse on map changes and tournement restarts. ================*/ CodeCallback_PlayerConnect() { self endon("disconnect"); [[level.callbackPlayerConnect]](); } ===> Result: Speed and gravity are still the same :(. I think these two values are setted somewhere in COD4x New Experience folder, but never found where?! Kb
  6. Can someone please show me an example of dvar, i'm not sure about the line to change. if(getDvar("bots_manage_add ") == "0") =>is it that line to modify? setDvar("bots_manage_add ", 0);//amount of bots to add to the game=> Or this one? if(getDvar("bots_manage_fill") == "0") setDvar("bots_manage_fill ", 0);//amount of bots to maintain if(getDvar("bots_manage_fill_spec") == "") setDvar("bots_manage_fill_spec", true);//to count for fill if player is on spec team if(getDvar("bots_manage_fill_mode") == "") setDvar("bots_manage_fill_mode ", 0);//fill mode, 0 adds everyone, 1 just bots, 2 maintains at maps, 3 is 2 with 1 if(getDvar("bots_manage_fill_kick") == "") setDvar("bots_manage_fill_kick", false);//kick bots if too many Thanks , Kb
  7. does it work like this: init(){  setDvar("g_gravity","550"); } } and for speed: init(){  setDvar("g_speed","220"); } }
  8. thanks a lot , i ll have try and tell u:) But if i only want to set one setting about gravity and speed do i need to make 2 dvars?Cause it seems to be setted in config.file but never found where. So what do you recommend you to me? KB
  9. Sorry for my noob question, but how do i save a text file as a gsx extension file? I use notepad++ Thanks, Kb
  10. Is it in config.cfg file? If yes, where to place the line? Thanks, kb
  11. Hey guys , i can announce you that Badboyz Server is back again! Come and have fun with us .( Friendly server). Name: BBZ|HC|FFA Ip: Cu, kill3ill.
  12. I tried in server.cfg and config.cfg files but noway ...
  13. Hi everyone, I'm noob sorry, but how can i change speed and gravity in config file? Thanks for ur help, Kill3ill
  14. Hi all, I tried to uninstall cod4x with uninstall.cmd it says: update folder not placed in cod4 directory? Can you help me please? Thanks
  15. btw, how did u do it manually? Sorry,i'm not an expert of that, a friend of mine manages it. Kb