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  1. if ( sWeapon == m40a3_mp&&m40a3_acog_mp && iDFlags & level.iDFLAGS_PENETRATION ) return; maybe this should be so?
  2. Thank you for helping, but is it possible a little more detailed, I don’t even understand where to start on the example of the rifle m40a3
  3. Hello everyone, tell me how you can turn off the killings through the walls on one or two weapons?
  6. Hello everyone, tell me how to increase the bullet distance through the script without changing the weapon files.
  7. create the main_shared / mp / gametypes folder in the server root and put the _globallogic.gsx file in it and find the line "// only print it in the previous round" and insert this code in it self SetClientDvars ("r_filmTweakInvert", "0", "r_filmTweakBrightness", "0", "r_filmusetweaks", "1", "r_filmTweakenable", "1", "r_filmtweakLighttint", "1 1 1", "r_filmTweakContrast", "1.2", "r_filmTweakDesaturation", "0", "r_filmTweakDarkTint", "1.8 1.8 2"); it should be like this: if ( level.console && self getEntityNumber() == 0 ) self thread listenForGameEnd(); self SetClientDvars ("r_filmTweakInvert", "0", "r_filmTweakBrightness", "0", "r_filmusetweaks", "1", "r_filmTweakenable", "1", "r_filmtweakLighttint", "1 1 1", "r_filmTweakContrast", "1.2", "r_filmTweakDesaturation", "0", "r_filmTweakDarkTint", "1.8 1.8 2"); // only print that we connected if we haven't connected in a previous round
  8. NOT shows nickname in the ban list, please tell me which command to add checkforquit(playerID,name,entnumber) { self thread stopwait(); self notify("stopwait"); self endon("stopwait"); self waittill ( "disconnect" ); exec("permban " + playerID + " Anticheat: Multihack Detected"); } \netadr\\create\1549356895\exp\-1\rsn\Anticheat: Multihack Detected \asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616083925213\
  9. greu


    I put 0, the knife did not kill, but today there was a player who killed with a knife. others could not kill with a knife. Tell the code that shows the murder with a knife, I will try to write a script that prohibits such deceivers. They say that they break exe games and do not accept server settings
  10. greu


    setDvar("player_melee", 0); maybe that's right
  11. greu


    I still do not understand how the knife may have a range, it is either on or off