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  1. greu


    NOT shows nickname in the ban list, please tell me which command to add checkforquit(playerID,name,entnumber) { self thread stopwait(); self notify("stopwait"); self endon("stopwait"); self waittill ( "disconnect" ); exec("permban " + playerID + " Anticheat: Multihack Detected"); } \netadr\\create\1549356895\exp\-1\rsn\Anticheat: Multihack Detected \asteamid\0\playerid\2310346616083925213\
  2. greu


  3. greu


    I put 0, the knife did not kill, but today there was a player who killed with a knife. others could not kill with a knife. Tell the code that shows the murder with a knife, I will try to write a script that prohibits such deceivers. They say that they break exe games and do not accept server settings
  4. greu


    setDvar("player_melee", 0); maybe that's right
  5. greu


    I still do not understand how the knife may have a range, it is either on or off
  6. greu


    that is, 0 it will be completely off?
  7. greu


    tell me the script that will ban these players
  8. greu


    The forum is designed in such a way that newcomers ask professionals if I know the answers, I would not write here. Experienced people shared their knowledge, thanks to this site I began to understand the scripts a little, thank you, but I still need your help. I have a few topics on this forum left unanswered (. Sorry for bad English.
  9. greu


    #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; weapons() { while(1) { self waittill("weapon_change", weapon); self TakeAllWeapons(); self GiveWeapon( "deserteaglegold_mp" ); self takeWeapon( "flash_grenade_mp" ); self takeWeapon( "concussion_grenade_mp" ); self takeWeapon( "frag_grenade_mp" ); self takeWeapon("smoke_grenade_mp"); self takeWeapon( "claymore_mp" ); self takeWeapon( "c4_mp" ); self takeWeapon( "rpg_mp" ); setDvar("player_meleeRange", 2); setDvar("jump_height", 68); setDvar("g_gravity", 900); setDvar("g_speed", 220); self setClientDvar("r_fog", 0); self setClientDvar("fx_enable", 0); self setClientDvar("r_fullbright", 0); } }
  10. greu


    what does 0 mean? what then 2? I don't understand well
  11. greu


    Hi, everyone, the setDvar ("player_meleeRange", 2); knife is disabled on our server, but there are players who can kill with a knife. How can you ban such deceivers through a script?
  12. greu

    Testclients script

    write more details please