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  1. You create maps in radiant (*.map). During the compiling the Compiler creates the *.bsp and *.d3bsp files. I am not 100 percent sure but i think one of them contains the geometry and the other the light informations. In the final step they are compressed into the *.ff You can easily follow the procedure when you keep an eye on the cmd window during the compile process. when you take a look into cod2 mapping you will notice that there was no *.ff, the game used the *.d3bsp to load the map. (please correct me when i am wrong, it's quite a while that i mapped and took a look into the single steps, eapecially cod2)
  2. why not removing the grenades from the player loadout straight after spawn?
  3. Change the Buttons so they send a menuresponse to the server. in gsc catch the Response and set a stat. Whenever the client connects to the server read the stat and overwrite the dvar.
  4. ok fine, but why do you post that here? this side is not related to c4s in any way.
  5. Current fs_basepath: . Current fs_homepath: /home/cod4x/.callofduty4 I would say your basepath is wrong and the server looks for mod/scripts/etc in the hidden folder ".callofduty4"
  6. to show messages in chat like b3 you don't need a hud, that's just wasting ressources. all you need is to add a loop that executes the say command on the server. something like init() { messages = []; messages[0] = "hello"; messages[1] = "world"; curMessage = 0; delay = 30; while(1) { if(curMessage >= messages.size) curMessage = 0; exec("say " + messages[curMessage]); curMessage++; wait delay; } } edit: you can use dvars instead of plain strings, that way you can change the messages easier.
  7. I thought it would be possible with a plugin, just like replacing a gsc with gsx to tell cod4x to use the function in the plugin instead the function from source. my goal is pretty simple, i want to remove the scoreboard when the player sends the +score command to the server and the game is not in intermission.
  8. Hmm, no idea how to do something like that.
  9. I would say that's a problem of the map, which has a bad helicopter flypath. You could loop through the fly path entites and check which one has a missing target and define it manually. Best you do that local and draw the fly path, then you should see pretty fast what's wrong and what target you have to define.
  10. I came across this when checking some existing plugins and noticed it in b3hide. But i think this is not what i am looking for. The function of cod4 i would like to modify is not called by gsc or server cmd directly. (not sure how to name it, i am not a programmer) As a short example: imagine i would like to add a debug print when this function finished. But to be able to use it on any Server i would like to compile a plugin with that modification instead of compiling a custom cod4x server Binary.
  11. Hey guys, I would like to change a function of cod4 which is public in the cod4x source. What do i have to do to make the server use my modified function instead the one in the cod4x binaries? Thanks in advance
  12. Viking


    yes you are right. mp_dome has a custom script of exploding barrels and the function "oil_spill_burn" is spawning a test entity but never deletes it. since the function is called in a loop you get that crash when the max amount of entities is reached. the entity is never used again so i have commented it out. i recommend you add that script to the mp_dome.iwd because throwing it into your mod/main_shared folder could break other maps that use a script with the same name. i did not look further but i guess this should fix your crash. maps.rar
  13. Viking


    You have a code that spawns entities. Either to much in total (bad loop?) or they don't get deleted after usage.
  14. Hey guys, i have a server with bots that starts to lag when there are 10+ bots alive. the bot script is my own and i think there is a fault somewhere that produces the lags - because other bot mods work fine. the console does not throw out any errors that's why i would like to know if there is some kind of performance monitoring that shows all running threads and the ram/cpu they waste. or do you know any other way to backtrace the root of all evil? thanks
  15. I guess this is a result of the new sv_pure policity of cod4x.
  16. why do you add ranks instead of a 'real' prestige system? It's pretty much the same to add but looks a lot better ingame.
  17. Menus are Client side only, so the dvarInt/dvarString will display the dvar of the client, not the one you have in script of the server. (except you run the mod with dedicated 0) To share the server dvars you have to send the value to the client with SetclientDvar(), or for mmultiple dvars use SetclientDvars(). However, i suggest to keep the clock as a hud because sending to much stuff to the client in short period of time could kick him with a command ooverflow this is especially a problem when the player has a high ping and already other unprogressed stuff in the queue. To be honest i have no idea if it's possible to create a clock in menu that updates itself. Maybe you can get a clock with exp text (secondsAsCountdown(milliseconds() *10)) milliseconds starts counting up when the menu is opened, but i am not sure if secondsAsCountdown allows a changing value. it could be that it takes the input and counts down, no matter if the input is dynamic. Good luck. Would be cool if you could give a feedback.
  18. Do you mind sharing your solutin? never heard of this eror before, but your solution might help others.
  19. is that a steam game? You could try to let steam repair the files.
  20. Viking

    Star Wars Mod

    I don't know the scripts of this mod but i guess you set a dvar for the amount of bots in config or through rcon. As soon as the bots connected this dvar is reset to not continue connecting bots. Bots are disconnecting on map changes by default, so to let them reconnect you have to set the dvar at beginning of the new map again. Like it is done at server start. Therefor you can either add a forced dvar change to a script setDvar("xxx_bots", 10); or execute the config again (this is what i suggest, because it's faster to change later) exec("your_bot_cfg");
  21. I would say your attacker is undefined or not a player (= eInflictor?)
  22. Hey, is it possible to change the build in function "linkTo" to make the link sync in realtime? By default it is synced every frame which makes linked entities hovering behind the parent entity if that moves. Would be really cool. Thanks in advance.
  23. Viking

    Bots mantle

    your gsc solution works. i have to admit that my solution would have contained some traces to go crouch when there is something blocking only. but i tested your solution and the animation is the same - so no need for further traces and investigations of the mantle. thanks