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    I think i found a way to handle the upload to a fastdl that is running on a different server and/or ip. Please try the new scripts, don't forget to update your config as well. I forgot to upload the material sources to allow others to add it to their mod projects. I am sorry about that and will upload the missing files in a minute, as well as an updated readme that tells you how to add it to your mod.
  2. Viking


    The vote is rebuilding the iwd after every vote, that's the core of it. How else should the loadscreen images change? Tbh i did not test it with a second server for fastdl but i will do that and update the repro as soon as possible. Adding your curl here might already fix your issue
  3. Viking


    Q: Players get a download loop when downloading the mapvote.iwd A: The mod generates a new mapvote.iwd on every map end therefor the file continously changes. To avoid a download loop create a softlink instead. Make sure your fastdl has a softlink to the iwd which is located in your server mods folder. Works fine for me. What's your console log saying? I guess the map you voted for is not in your usermaps folder (if its a custom map)
  4. Viking

    MAM Stats

    Isnt there a mysql plugin for cod4x? maybe you can use it to get the stats from Mam/b3 database and print your own welcome message in gsc
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    I am finally done with the menu coding. You can download the source to use it in your modding project at Have fun.
  6. What you are looking for is in the _healthregen.gsc Maybe you are lucky and increasing self. health and self.maxhealth already fix your issue
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    Found the correct commands again First /rcon host <address> where address is your server ip and port Second /rcon login <password> And that's it, then you can use the rcon commands just like you would do when you joined the server to play.
  8. Viking


    btw, you dont have to be on the server to execute rcon commands. you can login to rcon with the ip. iirc the syntax is /rcon login <password> <ip>
  9. Viking

    knife stabbing

    Hey guys, I am wondering if it would be possible to bring back the knife stabbing of cod4. (Don't judge yet - let me explain) As far as i remember it was removed because it's the core of most auto knife hacks. To clear this up, i really like that my soldier is not "teleporting forward" and auto rotating to the victim, so i am not talking about this part of knife stabbing. What I am about is the fact that it has it's own animation which is now lost. Maybe you could bring it back so one of the two animations is randomly played when the player is knifing "normaly". Would that be possible?
  10. Should be this hud element definition
  12. Viking


    Hello, i am working on a menubased mapvote with dynamic content. The final result is a mapvote with just a few assets an iwd that changes at the end of every map. Clients will redownload the iwd on every new map - what should not be a problem because the iwd is very small. As you can imagine the voteable maps will constantly change and the modder is not forced to add tons of map preview assets to his mod. However, to tell the server to rebuild the iwd i created a little plugin that just makes use of system(). Now I would like to know if there is any security risk using this plugin or sharing it. The whole thing is nearly done and ready for the first test on a live server. :-) Code example from gsc: system("mkdir -p " + serverAndModPath + newFolderName);
  13. Viking

    Lua Plugin

    from log i would say the plugin does not load at all. do you have the loadplugin in server config? We have one server that does not accept it in config and we had to add it to the start script. No idea why, but maybe that works for you too.
  14. Confirmed. for me the screenshots are not saved in mods/mymod/screenshots anymore too. they are now in main/screenshots
  15. The latest ktk mod requires cod4x because I have added lots of new assets and little gametypes. The latest files were not released yet, simply because of the missing players & Feedback. The development server is: I will set up a github repro soon and release the latest files so maybe some more servers will show up. Last mod release Was in 2017 but i constantly worked on it until early 2021
  16. Never heard of sv_steamserverlogintoken, I have sv_authtoken in config. Do we have to change that or is it fine?
  17. I can not help much tbh, but maybe the lagometer is a start and can point you into the right direction. atleast it will show if it's Hardware or connection lags cg_drawlagometer
  18. Viking

    Lua Plugin

    The folder with the lua scripts has to be in the root folder of your server. So when your cod4x binary is in /home/cod4x/ then your lua script folder should be /home/cod4x/lua/ At least i never got it working outside the root folder
  19. Sadly i am not skilled enough to change the source in a way to achieve what you suggested. Is there anybody who could give this a try? Thanks in advance
  20. what's wrong with the teambalance of stock cod4?
  21. player setWeaponAmmoClip( "colt45_mp", 0 ); player setWeaponAmmoStock( "colt45_mp", 0 );
  22. use that localized string in your mod and you will see.
  23. First of, why do you define the variables in unit()? When init runs then self is level, not a player. second, to stop it from running on every round restart add at check if its defined and return when it is. On first connection the variable is undefined
  24. in the german Version of the game (not sure about others) the translation for "spanish" is "best"