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  1. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    Were you able to fix anything related to the bots yet? If wanted i share my full server files with the cod4x devs to help to reproduce the lags.
  2. Viking

    god mode public server

    Spawnprotection for example.
  3. Viking

    god mode public server

    Add a variable to the player and an if Statement to the damage callback (globallogic.gsc). Then cancel the damage execution for the player when the variable matches the requirement of the if Statement. But Yea, requires scripting.
  4. Viking


    Hey guys, i just booted the server with the cod4x18_dedrun executable located in cod4x18_dedrun_DEBUG. well.. i can't see any difference in the log, so am i anything missing? what's the difference to the regular cod4x18_dedrun executable? Thanks.
  5. Viking

    please tell me

    the openwarefare project was released ages ago
  6. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    Bots worked fine for me until i switched to the new_arch version. Latest version i can confirm working bots is 17.5.2. I used 17.5.6 for a few days only but if i remember correctly the bots did work there too. So yea, i can confirm what Hajas is saying.
  7. Did my script not work? As i said, you mixed functions for an admin menu with the menuresponse of the player. You dont have to use getPlayer if you already know the player (which is obviously self because he called the function)
  8. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    Just checked my script, i never use botLookAtPlayer(), what i do is botLookAt(target getTagOrigin("pelvis"), time);
  9. Try this You mixed an admin menu, which is searching for the correct player by admin input, with a player menu where the player is already defined. _menus.gsc
  10. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    The A* function is from pezbots, everything else was done by myself. On the old server (root with cod4x 17.5) there were no lags but since we switched to the new server (vps with cod4x new_arch) we can not use the bots anymore.
  11. Viking

    Lan Server

    I already tried with dedicated 1 and 2 but the server does not detect my connection attempts. Howevery i can ping the vm by it's local ip, that's why i think it's the cod4 server and not the vm edit: ok fixed. i switched the connection type of the vm from nat to bridged
  12. Viking

    Lan Server

    How do we setup a LAN server with the latest build? I would like to run a local server to work on mod updates - but somehow i can not connect to it. My guess is the missing auth token.
  13. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    Not sure if it helps but i wanna share my experience with the bot lags since i switched from 17.5 (may 2017) to the latest new_arch build. The server is running multi threaded on 4 CPU Kernels. When bots join and start to play the CPU of Kernel 1 is increasing to 100% and the server starts to lag badly. Removing the bots fixes the lags. The new Server is a vps only but it's weird that only CPU 1 maxes out. Maybe the bot functions are not multi threading, if that's even possible.
  14. Viking

    Names in cod4x

    are your running s&d? maybe this helps, it's in the gsc of the gametype setClientNameMode(mode);
  15. Had the same problem and this fixed it for me: @dpj I know i was posting my question/problem in an existing topic yesterday and got warned for that. but you should not delete the posts which are pointing out a solution ... just saying