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  1. Hey guys, can you tell me where in the source i can find the little lamp you get above your head while typing a message? It's some kind of a headicon but is not written to player.headicon. Thanks in advance.
  2. To be honest i did never really pay attention to the different terms but now... Did i get that right? "Set" defines a server sided dvar which can be modified at any time "Seta" defines a server sided dvar that can not be modified, a change requires a server reboot "Sets" defines a dvar which can be modified at any time and that is also send to the client
  3. Does the "original" cod4 crash too, or cod4x only? Or uninstall cod4x for the moment. Also try to start the game in window mode and play around with the graphics settings. Does it crash when it refresh the screen to apply the new settings? Does the game crash when you start a map without joining a server? Just /map mp_crash in console with/without a mod launched.
  4. This is already included with the modtools, isnt it?
  5. Start a bullettrace when the attacker is pressing the attack button and check if it hits a player. If true then damage the victim. Not 100 percent working (like wallbangs wont work), but a pretty easy solution.
  6. Maybe in the adminactions log file in the root of the mod or Server folder.
  7. Damn, my hope was an available source. But reversing is nothing I can do. Respect to everyone who can.
  8. You might take a look at this In case your play area is a square you could simply grab the corner points and compare them with the origin of the player. I should have a script for that somewhere, will check when i am home.
  9. Hey guys, I noticed a function in your code and was wondering where you got the source from. It's about the clonebrushtoscriptmodel function which was added to mw2 but did not exist in earlier games. Can you tell me how you got access to that source code and if it's possible to get other functions from mw2 (or even newer games) ported to cod4. Thanks and best regards.
  10. Adding/creating a bot Script
  11. I am finally done with all the mantles and the lags disappeared. Looks like the missing connections between the different "height" levels were causing lags because the path could not be calculated. One more question, more about the bots than waypointing... My bots do not sprint and idk how to get it working. After the AStar i catch the next waypoint and let the move there self botMoveTo(level.waypoints[self.nextWp].origin); self botAction("+sprint"); Any idea why the bot does not sprint?
  12. Damn you are right, i did not create the mantle parts yet. For every (longer) path a mantle is required, that's why the calculations fail. I'll add them and upload the file once i am done. Thanks so far
  13. File attached mp_minecraft_new_waypoints.gsc
  14. I have made waypoints for mp_minecraft_new which are about 750. I will upload it when i get home
  15. Interesting. Did you test it with a big map yet?