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  1. Viking

    Bots mantle

    your gsc solution works. i have to admit that my solution would have contained some traces to go crouch when there is something blocking only. but i tested your solution and the animation is the same - so no need for further traces and investigations of the mantle. thanks
  2. Viking

    draw debug lines

    this works, thanks.
  3. What Script rumtime error do you receive? To disable the damage either set it to 0 in the weaponfile or add a check for the weapon in the damage callback and quit the function when it's an rpg. since Codjumper has no damage by default i guess your server is crashing with a different reason (what does not mean that it's not related to the rpg)
  4. self.cj["hud"]["advert"] is not defined. so one of the variables does not exist (anymore) add some if clauses to identify which one and then check why it's not defined. if(!isDefined(self)) logPrint("self" + " is undefined /n"); else if(!isDefined(self.cj)) logPrint("self.cj" + " is undefined /n"); else if(!isDefined(self.cj["hud"])) logPrint("self.cj[hud]" + " is undefined /n"); else if(!isDefined(self.cj["hud"]["advert"])) logPrint("self.cj[hud][advert]" + " is undefined /n");
  5. Viking


    ingame that's done with /rcon tell <player ID> <message>
  6. Viking

    Bots mantle

    Okay, thanks. I'll play around a bit, maybe i find a solution in gsc.
  7. Viking

    Bots mantle

    Hey, I am not sure if bots are a modding or server thing, so i post it here. (Please move it when I am wrong) Real players go crouch automatically when there is no space to mantle in stand. I noticed that for mantling bots the stance is always "stand", no matter where they try to mantle at. This makes them stuck where real players just go crouch and continue their movement. Here is an example of a window in my custom map. You can easily reproduce that behaviour on overgrown at the half destroyed building next to the bridge. Is that an issue of the bots (cod4x source) or something i have to fix manually in my bot.gsc?
  8. Viking

    draw debug lines

    Can you provide me a working example? No matter what duration it does not show up for me when the duration parameter is defined.
  9. Viking

    draw debug lines

    Okay i can not get it working. When i remove the loop and use a duration, then i can not see it.
  10. Viking

    draw debug lines

    Wow, all the years i used it wrong 😏
  11. Viking

    draw debug lines

    How can I draw lines for a longer time? I thought they are visible for a frame. Or did that change with cod4x? Thanks for your help
  12. Would a guid check fix that issue? As far as i remember are the cod4x guids like hardware ids, so even with multiple PCs (that maybe share a CD Key) the players have different cod4x guids. One IP but different guids -> don't reject One IP and same guids -> reject That way you make sure that a PC can only connect once. Atleast i think so
  13. Maybe i miss something because i am not an expert at security or network in general, but... does an anti ddos feature make sense when running a lan server only? I mean, the commands sent to the server are all from inside the local network..
  14. Viking

    draw debug lines

    I have it in a loop and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When it works this happens: Example Video (link to my dropbox) My code: drawDebugPath(path, color) { if(!isDefined(color)) color = (1,0,0); level notify("debug_navmesh_path" + color); level endon("debug_navmesh_path" + color); if(!isDefined(path)) { iPrintLnBold("path undefined - nothing to draw"); return; } iPrintLnBold("path size: " + path.size); while(path.size > 1) { for(i=0;i<path.size-1;i++) { line(path[i], path[i] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); line(path[i], path[i+1], color); if(i == path.size - 2) line(path[i+1], path[i+1] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); } wait .05; } while(path.size == 1) { line(path[0], path[0] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); wait .05; } I get the screenprint of the path size only once, so the function is not executed multiple times. This means that it is not killing itself (due to the notify) There is no lag visible in the server console, but after some time the client is kicked with the timeout message and the server crashs.
  15. You have to edit the menu and recompile the mod.ff for that