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  1. From my experiences: 1. The command will be send to the client, so all players are affected, they do not have to add it to the command line of their game. 2. I was not able to get it working from cfg or gsc, however this could have changed over the time but I dont think so. 3/4. This are the limits: ASSET_TYPE_MENU, ASSET_TYPE_WEAPON and ASSET_TYPE_STRINGTABLE can not be changed. The maximum count for any of the assets is 65535
  2. Not sure if i got you right... You want to check if a bot can see an opponent player? And your problem with the bullettracepassed is that it returns true even when it should return false? Uhm, why dont you use SightConeTrace? This function is used by claymores and grenades and returns how much of an entity is visible from a given point of view. At least that's how i did it in my bot script and it is doing pretty good.
  3. I am not sure about the teams, but take a look at the menu part where you can mute players.
  4. Okay... Any chance to include the assembly source to the plugin then? Calling the assembly function from the plugin function might work too.
  5. Hey guys, i need your help with a short project. I would like to write a plugin to spawn a permanent player clone because the clone created for the corpses disappears after some time. Spawning a new (permanent) entity with the correct model finally works but I have no idea how to assign an animation to it. After digging into the asm code of the clonePlayer() function i found an interesting part. Is there any chance that you (dev team) or anybody else reverses this function and its releated subfunctions for me? :) Greetings Viking
  6. Check your log for the command executions and you will see how he did it.
  7. Disable this if statement.
  8. Modded or unmodded server?
  9. Check your b3 log for the command execution. You will see the rcon command b3 is sending to the server.
  10. Hey guys, can you tell me where in the source i can find the little lamp you get above your head while typing a message? It's some kind of a headicon but is not written to player.headicon. Thanks in advance.
  11. To be honest i did never really pay attention to the different terms but now... Did i get that right? "Set" defines a server sided dvar which can be modified at any time "Seta" defines a server sided dvar that can not be modified, a change requires a server reboot "Sets" defines a dvar which can be modified at any time and that is also send to the client
  12. Does the "original" cod4 crash too, or cod4x only? Or uninstall cod4x for the moment. Also try to start the game in window mode and play around with the graphics settings. Does it crash when it refresh the screen to apply the new settings? Does the game crash when you start a map without joining a server? Just /map mp_crash in console with/without a mod launched.
  13. This is already included with the modtools, isnt it?
  14. Start a bullettrace when the attacker is pressing the attack button and check if it hits a player. If true then damage the victim. Not 100 percent working (like wallbangs wont work), but a pretty easy solution.