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  1. Sounds like you joined a server that fucked up your stats data. Can you make a Screenshot of the rank & Challenges menu please. Just to confirm it before i tell you to delete your stats data.
  2. You can close this topic, it's a false report. I compiled a small test mod that runs on non cod4x servers... The result is the same.
  3. Hey guys, i am not sure if this is the right place of the forums, but since it worked before i guess it is a bug. Placeholders for buttons are not replaced anymore when they are inside a custom localized file. VERSION "1" CONFIG "C:\trees\cod3\cod3\bin\StringEd.cfg" FILENOTES "" REFERENCE HOLD_BREATH_ENG LANG_ENGLISH "Press ^3[{+activate}] ^7to switch to thermal vision." ENDMARKER // Hold breath hint menuDef { name "HoldBreathHint" rect 0 -130 0 0 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_CENTER VERTICAL_ALIGN_CENTER fullScreen 0 visible when ( !adsjavelin() && dvarInt( ui_hud_hardcore ) == 0 && !inkillcam() && NOT_SPECTATING ); itemDef { name "chRect" rect 0 0 0 0 textscale TEXTSIZE_SMALL textstyle ITEM_TEXTSTYLE_SHADOWED exp text (locString("@KTK_HOLD_BREATH_ENG")); textalign ITEM_ALIGN_CENTER //ownerdraw CG_HOLD_BREATH_HINT visible when(scoped()) //1 decoration } } Can you confirm it's a bug, or did i break anything?
  4. try this one welcome.gsc
  5. Not line 96. Line 105, 107 and so on. I am not around a PC until Monday, but i'll give it a go when i am back home.
  6. Because any of your used variables in that line is not defined. Add screen or log prints to find out which one. Like If(!isDefined(pos)) iPrintLnBold("pos not defined);
  7. What if you change the thread showmessage to self thread showmessage
  8. Could this be a fault of a geoip Script/plugin?
  9. First of all your Hud Elements are global, that's why every player can see them. And about your second point with the tutorial i am not sure if i get you right. Your Code is executed whenever a player connects, no matter if it's a real connectipm or just a restarting round of snd. To avoid that add a check if the player score is already defined. Edit: give this one a try. I made the changes from phone so i hope I have no bad syntax. welcome.gsc
  10. switchToWeapon never worked with the bots. You always have to use setSpawnWeapon for them.
  11. You can edit the player damage in the globallogic, there is an id flag for wallbangs.
  13. It's a dvar which is set in the onOpen and onClose of the menu. cl_bypassMouseInput For an example you can check the Quickmessage menus
  14. Are ye right, btd are just moving xmodels. However, i have to correct myself. Dead bots are visible on scoreboard, what i did now is to kick em all once the map ends.