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  1. What ={FMJ}=Smiley said... I.M.O. your sv_authtoken is better in the command line for example; +sv_pure "1" +set sv_authtoken "big-ass_token_number" Just my 2-bits...
  2. Thanks DAD, Cyruz. I work on the KISS Principle... Keep it Simple, Stupid.
  3. It's NOT the server that gets flagged, it's the latest release of "cod4x18_dedrun.exe" that's the high security risk trojan. But no worries, the previous release 1071 works 100% [bugs created by others.]?? that release was created by someone else?
  4. I'm using NFO Windows Server 2019, no malware programs except Windows stock antivirus. I know that it's a false positive , Windows Server quarantined all my server from the latest CoD4x "cod4x18_dedrun.exe" For me to solve this issue, I had to rollback to cod4x build 1071, December 17 2020. The servers are 100% now.
  5. I believe the checkmark is a "Pure" server
  6. Was there ever code written for GeoIPCity.dat?
  7. Thanks Kingwolf Since I got back to NFO Servers, I can't get the game to show up on cod4x master server... thought that Steam registered to the witelist or something... still not seeing my server on internet CoD4x I'm using cod4x v17.5 Build 2055
  8. I switched to a new CoD4 G.S.P. Now when I click Get a Token, at Steam login game it shows "Sign into using your Steam account" I'm no longer with that G.S.P. My question is, how do I change the IP to the new one?
  9. What I'm looking for is version CoD4 X 1.8 win_mingw-x86 build 2055 May 2 2017 Version: 1.8 Subversion: 17.5 This one works really good for me. Is there any chance that I can get the GitHub link for this? with 17.7, I had to use [set sv_authtoken "tokenremoved"] anyway... took me a while to figure that out as to why the server was not showing up in And besides, for me the new version is flawed I.M.O, really messes up my server. All the players are complaining.
  10. Yeah, that's happening to my server as well, you connect, get on the loading screen then after 30 seconds the server shuts down and restarts. That's why I commented on my post that version 17.7 is just not rite, there is something very wrong with it.
  11. oops... that what I meant to type.. v17.7 is what's on the server now and it's just not rite... Is there a link for 17.5 or 17.6? I'm using (win_mingw-x86 build 916 Sept 15 2018) The server is suffering terrible lag constant CI (connection interrupt). Seems like the older build worked just fine for me. Also... I'm seeing the old Steam GUID now asteamid\[U:1:164078004]\playerid\[U:32:3216568805]
  12. For some reason v7.7.7 is causing lag and lots of CIs Is there a way to get v7.7.5 or 7.7.6? wants the GitHub link
  13. That's a very Professional response for modding support...