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  1. Same error with xbase17_00.iwd in main folder. Looks like program couldn't see it
  2. Hello, Im using 1.7a server from source code (ik its not supported anymore). When Im trying to run the server, I got that error below: --- Common Initialization Complete --- --- Game binary initialization --- Error: Failed to load the CoD4 Game. Can not startup the game --- Game Binary Initialization Failed --- Hitch warning: 732 msec frame time I tried to compile even raw source code, without any changes - same error + about update. After I disabled autoupdating still got that error. That error text exist in sys_cod4loader.c qboolean Sys_LoadImage( ){ byte *fileimage; int len; char hash[128]; long unsigned sizeofhash; /* Is this file here ? */ len = FS_FOpenFileRead(BIN_FILENAME, NULL); if(len != DLLMOD_FILESIZE) {/* Nope !*/ Sec_Update( qtrue ); len = FS_FOpenFileRead(BIN_FILENAME, NULL); if(len != DLLMOD_FILESIZE) {/* Nope !*/ Com_PrintError("Failed to load the CoD4 Game. Can not startup the game\n"); return qfalse; } } Any ideas? //edit - I used cod4x17a_dedrun.exe with command line and w/o it. - Same problem in game folder, either in /bin folder of source files.
  3. Ehm dunno how but problem has disappeared.
  4. Hey, When Im trying to run my local server I got this error below: --- Game binary initialization --- Error: cod4_lnxded-bin has an invalid length! CoD4 can not startup. --- Game Binary Initialization Failed --- I tried to put xbase17_00 with cod4_lnxded-bin inside to /main folder; raw file there; home folder - and nothing. Server is compiled to 1.2 patch version of game. Does that file is necessary to run the server? Server is compiled from source code. That source code have inside lines about cod4_lnxded-bin. Files: src_cod4loader.h; sys_mach.c; sys_win32.c; filesystem.c Any ideas?
  5. And it's worked. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I have to disable autoupdating cod4x on my server becouse I want to stay on 1.7a. Know it't not support anymore, but still. Im trying to make cod4x on 1.2 patch version. I have 2 files - sec_update.h and sec_update.c Trying to change something there but Im getting errors in compiling. sec_update.c sec_update.h Any ideas?
  7. Hmm, thought they are an errors cus I have problem with running that server on hosting and thought it's that file's fault. Ok then, maybe it's something wrong with rest of files there. Im gonna check it. I changed protocols for 1.2 patch version. I did it 1y ago but forgot about backups so have to do it again. C? Nah, but it's good idea for learn it cus it's cool stuff and I enjoyed editing those files Could be useful in future. Anyway, compiling problem is solved
  8. Oh, ok. It's compiling but it's something wrong. Exe file has created but still.
  9. mingw64 was a solution, thank you :) Problem solved
  10. Can't edit under that code in post above. I fixed NASM - had to add in path (lol). NASM error dissapered, but still no .exe file after compiling.
  11. Hey dpj, thanks for answer. I tried to compile that source code from your link either. Got same problem, .exe file doesnt appear after compiling. Using for sure NASM and mingw32 - tried latest version (here I had others errors, and after that I used older version of mingw). So I think it can be problem about Mingw/ I forgot to compile something else before it. I tried to compile edited source code and had that problem either. So thought I screwedup something in code but raw source code give me the same problem - no dedrun.exe in bin folder. // Compiling log below // It's a NASM problem I think. Gonna look for some solutions
  12. Hello, I want to compile source code of cod4x by running build_cod4x17a_win32. Sorce code is raw and I still have problems with compiling at the end. I got errors below in Code and ofc. dedrun.exe doesn't appear. C:\MinGW\bin\..\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5\..\..\..\..\mingw32\bin\ld.exe: use the -- help option for usage information collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Cleaning up... Creating plugin export lib... stat: No such file or directory pexports: cod4x17a_dedrun.exe: could not load PE image The system cannot find the file specified. dlltool: Syntax error in def file cod4x17a_dedrun.def:0 The system cannot find the file specified. Done! Press any key to continue . . . Before Im running that builder I have to compile something else at first? Ik 1.7a is not supported anymore but I still working on it. Thanks
  13. in server cfg set set sv_authorizemode "0"
  14. Change protocols to "1" in files from source codes of game server, and compile it.
  15. Ok, problem solved. cfg's fault