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  1. Hello, I am trying to connect _predator.gsc to my server. I ran into a problem when calling this script. In most cases, my server freezes and restarts. But sometimes it sags and I can control the rocket. In the console, I get a huge number of error messages, they all swear at the duffman / _common.gsc file. I did not write these scripts, I'm just trying to get different scripts to work on the same server. Please help me please) _predator.gsc _common.gsc
  2. And again I need a little help ( On my WAR server, I want to enable an additional card in DM mode. Tell the team that will allow me to disable killstreak only on DM.
  3. Paying someone would be too easy. I'm just starting to learn scripting. Therefore, for self-development, I wanted to figure it out myself. Someone still engaged in this .. I saw several servers where this was done using scripts. But I still realized that it is much better to implement this with the help of GSManager. In any case, thank you all for your attention)
  4. Could you tell me a tutorial, or an example of how to do this? I am not a C developer. I only understand the code a little, and I can redo it. But I can't write something from scratch.
  5. How can I make a welcome message on the server with the country and city? I have a similar script, but it only shows the country. country = self getGeoLocation( 2 ); if( !isSubStr( country, "N/" ) || !isDefined( country ) ) { if( !isDefined( self.pers[ "vip" ] ) ) exec( "say ^7Helo^3 " + + " ^7, ^1" + country ); else iprintlnbold( "^4Helo ^3VIP^5 " + + " ^3, ^1" + country ); } else { if( !isDefined( self.pers[ "vip" ] ) ) exec( "say ^4Hi^5 " + ); else iprintlnbold( "^4Hi ^3VIP^5 " + ); } I understand that you need to use the extended database GeoIP City.bat I found a similar file, how can I hook it into my code? Sorry, but I am not a C developer. I do not understand how to do this .. Help please.
  6. I set up my _antiafk_camp.GSC when a player is in one position for a long time, I first take away his weapon, and then send him to the room for "AFK" Blend() { self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self.pers["team"] = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); self notify("sdfsdfdsf"); self thread AFK(); } then I call the "AFK" function to notify the player where he is AFK() { self iPrintLnBold( "^3" + + "^5AFK ^2!" ); wait 8; self thread AFK(); } How can I cancel this function after exiting the "AFK" room?
  7. I'm probably blind, or crazy, while trying to figure it out. Could you show me where it is. I want to use this sound file :
  8. I'm trying to play a sound command while calling a helicopter. self playLocalSound(game["voice"][self.pers["team"]]+"new_positions"); And it works. But only with voice chat commands. How can I use other game sounds?