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  1. Hey guys! Im trying to make a rank system which puts the player's rank infront of the player's name . Now, as cod4x handles the names its impossible since you need to reconnect to apply the changes in the name. Is there any way to set it back to the default cod4 name system ?
  2. Hello guys, i wanted to ask if the GetGuid() is removed from codx, because seems like we cant get the guids from the players. If so, is there any replacement for it ?
  3. These are the functions we are currently using for our CodJumper server Scr_AddFunction("round", GScr_round, 0); Scr_AddFunction("strstr", GScr_strstr, 0); Scr_AddFunction("float", GScr_float, 0); Scr_AddFunction("toupper", GScr_toUpper, 0); MYSQL Scr_AddFunction("mysql_start", GScr_mysql_start, 0); Scr_AddFunction("mysql_check", GScr_mysql_check, 0); Scr_AddFunction("mysql_getvalue", GScr_mysql_getvalue, 0); Scr_AddFunction("mysql_getarrayvalue", GScr_mysql_getarrayvalue, 0); Scr_AddFunction("mysql_setvalue", GScr_mysql_setvalue, 0); Scr_AddFunction("mysql_rows", GScr_mysql_rows, 0); Scr_AddMethod("forwardbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_ForwardButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("backbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_BackButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("leftbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_LeftButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("rightbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_RightButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("jumpbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_JumpButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("leanleftbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_LeanLeftButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("leanrightbuttonpressed", PlayerCmd_LeanRightButtonPressed, 0); Scr_AddMethod("spectatorclient", PlayerCmd_SpectatorClient, 0); Scr_AddMethod("getvelocity", PlayerCmd_GetVelocity, 0); Scr_AddMethod("setvelocity", PlayerCmd_SetVelocity, 0); Hide . (dot) prefixed messages in chat
  4. Mainly it would be mysql related
  5. Hey ! We are thinking about switching to 1.8x in the very near future, but i have a crucial question before doing so. Are we allowed to modify the files inside scr folder? because we have already made custom functions that we want to use.