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  1. Running pip install feedparser solved the error. Thanks for the help.
  2. Neither worked. Requirement already up to date for python-dateutil, for pytz, it installed, same error.
  3. Due to the overwhelming response I got here, I was able to figure it out! Thank you for the amazing support this forum has to offer!
  4. Does anyone know how to force default fps and fov when a player joins the server? I want the options to change fov, fps, etc to be there so the player can change it if they want, but I would prefer the default settings on join. Thanks
  5. I was able to get the issues resolved by adding a simple parameter to the server config: It would make sense now seeing the errors about GUIDs.
  6. Hello, I am currently looking for someone with knowledge of server scripting. Basically I want to use our existing 1.7a server scripts and implement them into 1.8. Currently the 1.7a server scripts were added in the common_mp. ff file and when that file is copied over, the server will not start. I have tried to pull the scripts and change them from .gsc to .gsx and place them into the main_shared folder, but then a domino effect starts. The scripts were added in a few years back, and they are placed in various locations, but I know the core scripts that I would like to use. I am willing to pay for this task, if its reasonable, but only you can set the price if you are willing to take the task on. If the common_mp.ff is needed, I will share it direct. Thank you, =AG= Rampage (Alliance Gamerz clan owner)