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  1. yes i have made one by adding parameter +set fs_homepath "D:\Games\Call of Duty Modern Warfare - server\test" it made new files in "test" folder. adding ss. but when i run server use getss ss is not even saving in screenshot folder in directory and home directory both.
  2. Sorry i am totally beginner in this ! i have added fs_homepath "(my new directory)" , It made new folder containg mod files etc but when i use getss screenhot is not even saving my old directory and new directory path.
  3. how can i change screenshot path ? if i want to host multiple servers and want to change path of every server ! ANY HELP ?
  4. I am hosting cod4x server on my pc , already typed auth token in cfg , But server isn't showing in list ( Cod4x , Internet ATVI) But my friends can connect through IP address , And server is showing on codx master list and showing location of US , While i am in Pakistan.
  5. its showing in server conslole when i run b3 that ...Bad rcon requested from *my ip* !