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  1. Hello , i am looking for tutorials for making or editing mods .. How can i make mode with vip and screenshot and custom menu with custom mods like no scope only , knife only , Jumpslowdown enable/disable , Jumper mod , Spawn , bounce etc , is there any tutorial over it ? or any can teach me ? ... There are kids in our community making such mods but not telling how they are making them and no one can use those mods as they put some license keys in them ! Need Help in this.
  2. in which file i have to thread this _menu.gsc ?
  3. Thanks its working fine now , now i need help how can i make game panel where i can start or off server !
  4. yes i have made one by adding parameter +set fs_homepath "D:\Games\Call of Duty Modern Warfare - server\test" it made new files in "test" folder. adding ss. but when i run server use getss ss is not even saving in screenshot folder in directory and home directory both.
  5. Sorry i am totally beginner in this ! i have added fs_homepath "(my new directory)" , It made new folder containg mod files etc but when i use getss screenhot is not even saving my old directory and new directory path.
  6. how can i change screenshot path ? if i want to host multiple servers and want to change path of every server ! ANY HELP ?
  7. I am hosting cod4x server on my pc , already typed auth token in cfg , But server isn't showing in list ( Cod4x , Internet ATVI) But my friends can connect through IP address , And server is showing on codx master list and showing location of US , While i am in Pakistan.
  8. its showing in server conslole when i run b3 that ...Bad rcon requested from *my ip* !