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  1. Chewii

    Error 817

    Do you know what is causing the issue then?
  2. Chewii

    Error 817

    So, at the start of the year I posted a thread with this issue ( ) yet with the current updates I still get this issue? I have done a clean install of the game from Steam, and how got it down to the version below 1.8 through the "downgrade" (image attached) I have done a clean install of Cod4x, yet still get Error 817 when I join ANY server... Does anyone know a fix to this, as I have been getting it for around a year now...
  3. Chewii

    Cod4x - Error 817

    That's the thing, I can't connect to any server with the current Cod4x installed.
  4. Chewii

    Cod4x - Error 817

    Even though Cod4 is from Steam and not the disc copy of the game?
  5. Chewii

    Cod4x - Error 817

    I have Cod4 through Steam, so all patches should be automatic upon installation of the game? I used to have Cod4x running fine about a year ago, but then out of the blue it kept giving me this error, and I have no idea why...
  6. Without Cod4x installed, I am able to join and play on servers that do not require Cod4x installed. I have Cod4x installed correctly, as far as I am aware. I load up the game. Go to join any server, whether it requires Cod4x or not. Then this happens... I do not know why. I have never found a solution & I have been looking for the past year. No results on Google. No results when I had a quick look on here. Nothing... Can any of you help? : (