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  1. CoD4X fixes this since forever. Unless someone more informative can reproduce this issue, we can't help.
  2. If you really don't overheat, everything seems to be fine from hardware side. The problem is that we could keep guessing for weeks until we successfully find out what's the actual issue here. Anyways, I will give you a 2 tips to check what type of crash it is, you can keep googling from there. Please download BlueScreenView and check if there are any dumps. If there is any, post a screenshot here and we're able to provide some help. If there are no dumps here, you're most likely facing "Kernel Power 41 63" (link, look at scenario 3), and we're unable provide any help in this case.
  3. What's the name of your PSU? These random reboots are most likely caused by insufficient power or cooling.
  4. You're looking for con_minicon 0 I guess... Fovscale setting depends on the servers if they allow you to set it or not.
  5. Less fall damage, difference between sounds that the player makes when moving in certain directions, probably fire rate is also affected a bit. It also allows you to access some roofs that you can't with only 250 FPS. It's blocked for many reasons, and if it's blocked then people shouldn't bypass it (= cheat). Same goes for fullbright and the rest of the commands - they were originally blocked for a reason.
  6. They're not bots. Someone joined with multiple clients - knowing their past the reason was obvious.
  7. Seems to be fixed for me with that file.
  8. Theseus

    server problems?

    If a cosmetic bug that has no real impact on the gameplay bothers you just delete the whole game do cg_drawlagometer 0 instead.
  9. Let me make this simple for you. You have 2 choices: 1. Use 1.7a, it still contains everything you need. 2. Make your own "melee charge" or whatever it's called.
  10. I think the part where it happens is deleted or commented out. Can't confirm, can't remember.
  11. Theseus

    Players CFG

    No support for anything black hat here, this includes reading player configs. Sometimes I use the word "PunkBuster" instead of garbage. It's all the same.
  12. It was super easy to find where you stole it from. Copy and paste your code into your preferred Notepad program, then check line 23. No wonder there is an extra line, because there was stuff removed. The code was from here: Gtfo.
  13. Please understand that if you run a server you need to adapt to CoD4X with your mod and the plugins you use, and not the other way around.
  14. Confirming that I wrote that post. Just opened the site and I was logged in to his account.