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  1. I know the code is garbage, but at the moment i don't have time to do this stuff. You do it
  2. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4516-rotating-strattime/&tab=comments#comment-21189 If you mean this strattime, the answer is yes, it is possible. https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled It is done so here. If you need additional help feel free to ask.
  3. player OpenMenuNoMouse("loadoutinfo"); Mouse is still active, is there anything in the .menu, that has to be set so that the mouse is disabled.
  4. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=cod4+server+hosting
  5. I didn't encounter any issues
  6. Renamed cod4x_patchv2.ff -> cod4x_patch.ff And it connected and worked as it should. Got this, if it means anything to you. EDIT: On map change i got this:
  7. I'v installed v18 on top of the old version and got cod4x_patch.ff is different from server.
  8. Thanks for help I will solve it with menus then.
  9. Well the thing in question here is this script i'v made Which shows loadout to player at strattime, and it takes 4 hudelements per item which is too much. Code: https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled/blob/master/raw-promodUntitled/misc_scripts/strat/loadoutInfo.gsc If i were to convert this to a .menu, at which point would a overflow occur? What info do i have to send?
  10. offtopic question... Elements (shown in-game) like map, ammo counter, website text, weapon name... are hud elements? Hypothetically, you could use a menu to create more elements for a player (in-game), since there's no limit to them? Would that be doable?
  11. Yep they dissapear, but that is't really the desired effect :P. If you saw the strattime script i made, it takes around 10 elements, and in the first round 20... Do you maybe know if adding too much elements badly effects the server or mod....performance? Have you ever seen or heard of a way to increase the engine limits?
  12. So how many hud elements out of 32 are taken by default for a player?
  13. Thank you, this helped Whatever = newClientHudElem(Player) Another question tho, how does the number of added hud elements impact the mod/server? Can the max cap be increased?
  14. I cant really find any good reference to the hud elements and so i'v been struggling a lot with adding additional hud elements to the mod, my question is, what is he best way to write such scripts. Example: The goal of this script is to create a couple of elements, that are visible only at strattime and then destroyed. player thread exampleInit(); exampleInit(){ self endon ("disconnect"); self endon ("death"); self waittill("spawned_player"); /*Should loadoutInfoHudElem be thread? also should they have "self" */ loadoutInfoHudElem("Primary weapon", "m40a3", "weapon_remington700", "gun", -80, 120, "cutbox_bg_hud", 170, 140, 0.5, true); loadoutInfoHudElem("Primary weapon", "m40a3", "weapon_remington700", "gun", -80, 120, "cutbox_bg_hud", 170, 140, 0.5, true); } loadoutInfoHudElem(header, itemname, item, itemtype, x, y, shader, shaderw, shaderh, alpha, him){ /*should elements have "self"? If they dont i get a error: "not an entity", is there a way around that?*/ self.bck = newHudElem(); /*elem code*/ self.item = newHudElem(); /*elem code*/ self.itemName = newHudElem(); /*elem code*/ /*if i try to destroy them here i get an error saying "removed entity is not an entity"*/ } If anyone has time to answer, thank you
  15. Awesome :), where can i find the code?
  16. Oh, thats unfortunate, thanks for the info though
  17. I cant find the code that creates the scoreboard when you press tab, does someone know which it is?
  18. Idk what u mean....waht abut cod4x extract?
  19. https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled/blob/Experimental/raw-promodUntitled-EXP/misc_scripts/music.gsc https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled/blob/Experimental/raw-promodUntitled-EXP/misc_scripts/togglebinds.gsc This is "my" code for this feature, check it out maybe it will help you....
  20. Its exactly what i wanted :), thank you very, very much.
  21. Do you have modtools? I'v never run a server without a mod and run scripts on it so i dont know, but the easyiest way for you to get that mapvote in would be to download modtools, compile a mod and add mapvote to globballogic, i can do that for u if u wish...