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  1. Thanks, but how do i start the timer...?
  2. Is it possible to add a timer to itemDef element? Can a menu be on a hud, while a player is playing...? ty for answers
  3. I'v solved the problem by editing https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled/blob/master/raw-promodUntitled/ui/choices_setup_common.menu The result:
  4. I want to change their style, add a shader behind it and so on
  5. Thanks but i'm specifically looking for toggle functionality(on/off).
  6. I cant seem to create a custom button like "CHOICE_DVARSTRINGLIST" Basically i'm trying to create a button that looks like this with dvarlist functionality. If anyone knows more about menu coding, please help me out For normal buttons i used code from surf mod:
  7. For fastreload add this at player spawn: self setPerk("specialty_fastreload");
  8. I actually tried that, but didn't manage to get it working
  9. https://dev.tincxd.com/CoD_Dev/Documents/Linux Dedicated Server.pdf
  10. ¸Yes i know about those, but iv heard here that there is a source for the whole scoreboard menu somewhere... idk
  11. Do you maybe know, if they released the source code of the scoreboard yet? I'v wanted to modify it for a long time now :(.
  12. Im sorry but i don't know anything about bots or waypoints :(, u'll have to ask someone else.
  13. Sorry i don't know what you mean by waypoints.
  14. I call it from ../maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsc What do you mean by "welcome legend"? You can add me on discord and i can help Marjeta#7234. (PS.: i will post the solution if we find it...)