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  1. this is code inside crazy/cmd.gsc case "killcammusic": player = getPlayer( arg1, pickingType ); if( isDefined( player ) ) { if(player.pers["killCamMusic"] == 0) { player setstat(1602,1); player.pers["killCamMusic"] = 1; player quickNotify("^5Kill Cam Music","^2OFF"); } else if (player.pers["killCamMusic"] == 1) { player setstat(1602,0); player.pers["killCamMusic"] = 0; player quickNotify("^5Kill Cam Music","^3ON"); } } break; this is code i want to use inside map/mp/gametype/endroundmusic.gsc for(i=0;i<level.players.size;i++) { player=level.players; if(player.pers["killCamMusic"] == 0){ player playLocalSound( soundAlias ); }else if (player.pers["killCamMusic"] == 1){ player iPrintln( "You ^1Muted^7 Kill-Cam Music, ^7Type ^1!kmusic ^7to enable." ); notifyData = spawnstruct(); notifyData.notifyText = "You ^1Muted^7 Kill-Cam Music, ^7Type ^1!kmusic ^7to un-Mute."; //Title notifyData.glowColor = (1, 0, 0); //RGB Color array divided by 100 notifyData.duration = 6.0; player thread maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_message::notifyMessage( notifyData ); } }
  2. How to fix this ** script runtime error *** cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'crazy/cmd.gsc', line 159) if(player.pers["killCamMusic"] == 0) * called from: (file 'crazy/cmd.gsc', line 21) adminCommands( cmd, "number" ); * I have try with putting !isDefined(player.pers["killCamMusic"] ) inside if then script won't work as expected plz tell me how can i fix this same way i have fullbright and fov they works fine without error but this killcammusic one gives runtime errors
  3. i have b3 on my server and it give reply as "Please try your command after you have been authenticated" in cod4 server how to fix this, this happen yeaterday earliar it's run for years fine
  4. how to include party mode to killcam
  5. hey bro i'm not asking for that i need that party mode to run in finalkillcam like smv
  6. i want party to run in final killcam if u know how to do that plz tell me
  7. Join worldwide e-Sports server connect server ip = connect
  8. if you have one plz give me bro
  9. earlier i use screen -uhr ./ then i change it to screen -dmS ./
  10. earlier i use screen -uhr ./ then i change it to screen -dmS ./
  11. all done successfully thank you for your kind support. good forum and recomanded to all. again thank you all who help in this case. how i resolve : just change my server startting command.
  12. i add but nothing happen. heart beat also not sending bro
  13. is there is a time to wait for adding server to list or is it appear as soon as i start server