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  1. I started to have this problem as well a few days ago and i came to this website, but i didn't notice any posts about this. initially thought that it was something with my servercachce file so i deleted it, but it still didn't work. I tried uninstalling cod4x completely and then deleting the call of duty mw after in app data after first making backups of my profiles. Then after installing the cod4x client back, i ran cod4 once so a new call of duty mw folder can be generated. After copying over my profile and stats i noticed that the favorites was saving again, so i thought maybe something got corrupted in the call of duty mw folder. It worked fine till today. So after reading Mr. Dpj posts, i have come to the conclusion that the favorites only disappear when you add a server to favorites from the cod master list. It was abit tedious to add all my favorites again and i learnt this the hard way, but i'm not touching any server in the master list to add to my favorites until this bug gets sorted out.