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  1. I met players with aimbot on 1.8. So what?)
  2. this is very sad, because the creators of patch 1.8, probably no one played on the knife servers, where the integral part was just a long and short knife. If the ping is big then the knife will be long, if the ping is smaller, then it is easier to kill the player with a knife, everyone had equal conditions. In fact, I see no reason to disconnect a long knife, since it does not give any advantage in ordinary publics. I think that a lot of players are not against the fact that with a subsequent update they include a normal knife. I still want to create a good knife server for 1.8, but only a short knife kills the whole point of it. Other versions of COD do not fit at all under the knives. I hope for an answer. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJkn166UmYo
  3. I can not find this command, could you tell her? Or I try to set the blade server to 1.8 and can not turn on a long knife in any way.
  4. Hello everyone, I appeal to the creators of fashion 1.8. Could you return a long knife for 1.8, it kills a whole server branch, where the battle takes place only with knives. I played before on 1.1,1.2,1.7 and LONG KNIFE works fine there.
  5. Why in patch 1.8 does not work LONG knife and the other versions works fine