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  1. icekobrin

    Function line, print3d
  2. icekobrin

    Function line, print3d

    Function line, print3d working on patch 1.8? these functions do not work on the dedicated server + client. Am I doing something wrong? cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set fs_game mods/test +set sv_cheats 1 +set developer 1 +set developer_script 1 +devmap mp_killhouse
  3. icekobrin


    Dvar didn't help. I'll think.
  4. icekobrin


    ok. but still you can get rid of it? what in General influences it? speed? gravity?
  5. icekobrin


    Bots do not stop at the end point. Run across it. Bug or my mistake? bot botMoveTo((613, 2479, 0)); wait 6; self iprintln(self.origin);
  6. icekobrin

    games_mp "Weapon;" logging

    What else is needed to understand where is the challenge and fix it?
  7. icekobrin

    games_mp "Weapon;" logging

    gdb to the rescue. The function is called from the address 0x80 ***** -> cod4_lnxded-bin. it has the string Weapon;% s;% d;% s;% s
  8. icekobrin

    games_mp "Weapon;" logging

    Standard server, the new scripts are not. Confirmed, too. This line appears when a player picks up a weapon
  9. icekobrin

    player IP in screenshot meta

    PCL void OnScreenshotArrived(client_t* client, const char* path); с помощью плагина, решается ваш вопрос.
  10. icekobrin

    CoD4 map extraction

  11. icekobrin


    21:01:24 loadplugin simplebanlist 21:01:24 ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: ^1Error: 134 lines parsed from banlist_v2.dat, 0 errors occured Plugin simplebanlist loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins. When you lock the player, the server hangs for 7 minutes...... Because of what can be errors?
  12. icekobrin

    Yellow dots on screenshots

    is this normal. waypointdrawdebug 1 responsible for these points.
  13. icekobrin

    Highxp color vs
  14. icekobrin

    sniper only