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  1. You need a valid install before installing patches. You won't find how to get it for free here.
  2. Short of running your own server, no. There are many populated servers that have active admins. Where are you located that you're not finding servers in your region?
  3. "I have an idea but I don't have an idea so I want your idea" Confusion aside, go look at Openwarfare, has a bunch of gametypes.
  4. That legitimately looks like a typing error in the "guide" on that website. Even your screenshot literally says, hey that looks wrong, try !map instead Try following these guys advice.
  5. Honestly, we ran two VPS, exactly the same builds, only difference was 18.04LTS and 18.10 18.10 caused issues with claymores and RPGs, and also random not recreateable moments where guns couldn't kill. 18.04, no issues occurring. Can only put it down to Ubuntu 18.10 tool chain updates? But this is way over my head. I would be interested if someone else could recreate our test and see if they have similar results.
  6. I just went into a couple of servers running the same version and it's fine. However, we installed it on a different VPS and we're getting the same issue. Here's the issue - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SP0TLq68VA Everything is reporting fine in the console log - https://pastebin.com/ZRXyx0pm Server Info - Distro: Ubuntu 18.10 Arch: x86_64 Kernel: 4.18.0-13-generic Hostname: ubuntu tmux: tmux 2.7 Avg Load: 0.28, 0.58, 0.65 Free Memory: 29GB Free Disk: 1.6T glibc required: 2.3 Any ideas or how thought's on where to start to diagnose this? **EDIT** seems to be an 18.10 issue, installed on another VPS running 18.04 and exact same builds, works perfectly.
  7. Running the latest build from github. Installed with LGSM. No modification to server files. Players seem to randomly become immune to damage from RPG. Claymores often get placed with no "red beams", and do not detect players. I know this is highly vague, but where on earth do I start to debug this to gather more information. console logs show nothing relating to this.