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  1. Hello everyone, is it possible to issue a motherboard ID ban or a hard drive ID ban? Any ban that can't be easily evaded unlike the normal ban which uses guids and if players changed cdkey it's done, guid changed and they can rejoin Maybe MAC ADDRESSES.. can they get banned by it? It can be spoofed but most hackers are technically dumb so they won't even think about it, IPbans aren't effective since most people use dynamic IPs so.. any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hmm, is that a client side or a server side command? Like in gsc, what to put? setclientdvar or setdvar?
  3. I do know about this dvar but technically I would like to only "disallow" binds but not modifying the actual switch time cause some of the players likes to do this "bind" manually, So it's not possible at all to retrieve a client command? not even with a custom menu like clientcmd but written differently? There's not a single way? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to do something like: self GetUserinfo("bindlist"); I think that it might be possible but the "bindlist" dvar is not a single string it's a list so somehow I should convert list to array then make a script to convert array to single lines and grep from it, But how to do it? and if someone could do it, I would like to do something like "grep" (in Linux) in gsx Like after getting the list I would like to grep a pattern (a fast-fire bind, eg. "weapnext´╗┐; wait 2; weapnext"´╗┐ ) and if the player has a matching pattern I would kick/ban him whatever so Simply, I've 2 problems 1. How to grep the pattern 2. How to check if pattern matches especially the pattern has a ; which might confuse the gsx script a bit Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  5. $.W.@.T

    Hardware ID

    Thanks for that, And I understood, Thanks everyone!
  6. $.W.@.T

    Hardware ID

    What about this? And thanks for answering. But it doesn't use HWID ban in a 1.7a server, Right? Cause I mostly need it for 1.7a (and 1.8 as well) And again, Thanks in advance. ^^
  7. $.W.@.T

    Hardware ID

    Hello everyone, is it possible to issue a Hardware ID ban? Or even retrieve the HWID via .gs(c/x) files? Or anything equivalent to this, something that can't be easily changed like (g)uid or IP? Thanks in advance and sorry for my weak English
  8. Okay thanks everyone. I understood now
  9. So do you think that only way to do this is by writing a plugin? And I think root isn't needed unless you need to run high privileges commands (like chattr etc..)
  10. No, I'm just curious since I couldn't find an answer somewhere else. I do know how to exec such commands in b3 or manu admin but the server itself (via rcon)? It makes me feel curious.
  11. Hello everyone, As I know it's possible to exec shell commands (Linux shell) in C source language which GSC and GSX files are, But is it possible to do it in CoD4? and if so, Any idea how (example to exec "pwd" or "ls")? That question is running in my head from long time. So you may help me out? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ye I see, if( level.teambased && level.dvar[ "doubleHeli" ] ) { level.chopper[ heli_team ] = chopper; } else { level.chopper = chopper; } Thanks everyone!
  13. I saw that before but never knew from where to do that, do you've any idea?
  14. Well, yes. I could add the 8 helicopters via heli_think but I've no idea how to make the kill streak button allows more than a single helicopter. It's about level.chopper I guess but I don't know what to do there
  15. Hello everyone, do you have any idea on how to increase the max helicopter numbers? Like max number of spawned helicopters can be 1, is it possible to make it 2? one for each team or something? Thanks in advance.