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    cant load mysql plugin

    Im trying to use CoD4 NE and I cant load the plugin. rcon loadplugin libcod4x_mysql ^1Error: This plugin might not be compatible with this server version! Requested plugin handler version: 3.100, server's plugin handler version: 4.0. Unloading the plugin...
  2. Klauser

    cant load mysql plugin

    it worked when compiling from master but im using dev_newarch and it gives me this g++ MySQLPlugin.cpp -> obj/MySQLPlugin.o In file included from MySQLPlugin.hpp:2:0, from MySQLPlugin.cpp:4: ../pinc.h:84:119: note: #pragma message: Compiling a plugin using CoD4X Plugin API. Your compiler is GCC / G++, you are using C++. #define msg "Compiling a plugin using CoD4X Plugin API. Your compiler is " COMPILER_NAME ", you are using " LANG_NAME "." ^ ../pinc.h:86:17: note: in expansion of macro ‘msg’ #pragma message msg ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp: In member function ‘int CMySQLPlugin::OnInit()’: MySQLPlugin.cpp:44:73: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_real_connect", Scr_MySQL_Real_Connect_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:45:59: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_close", Scr_MySQL_Close_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:46:75: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_affected_rows", Scr_MySQL_Affected_Rows_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:47:59: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_query", Scr_MySQL_Query_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:48:65: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_num_rows", Scr_MySQL_Num_Rows_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:49:69: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_num_fields", Scr_MySQL_Num_Fields_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:50:67: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_fetch_row", Scr_MySQL_Fetch_Row_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp:52:69: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings] Plugin_ScrAddFunction("mysql_fetch_rows", Scr_MySQL_Fetch_Rows_f); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp: In member function ‘void CMySQLPlugin::OnScript_Fetch_Row()’: MySQLPlugin.cpp:384:71: error: ‘Plugin_Scr_AddArrayKey’ was not declared in this scope Plugin_Scr_AddArrayKey(Plugin_Scr_AllocString(field->name)); ^ MySQLPlugin.cpp: In member function ‘void CMySQLPlugin::OnScript_Fetch_Rows()’: MySQLPlugin.cpp:440:52: error: ‘Plugin_Scr_AddArrayKey’ was not declared in this scope Plugin_Scr_AddArrayKey(keyArrayIndex[i]); ^ makefile:59: recipe for target 'obj/MySQLPlugin.o' failed make: *** [obj/MySQLPlugin.o] Error 1 Any idea?
  3. Im lost. did you run cod4x server first? "I run the b3_run.exe after that i check my servers but i dont know what is the name of my server or my server is not online"
  4. Klauser

    GUIDs all zero

    I think you need simplebanlist plugin for that... Im not sure!
  5. Klauser

    my server does not appear in cod4master.cod4x.me

    You have to update to latest version and use a token. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/2814-new-requirement-for-cod4-x-servers-to-get-listed-on-masterserver/&
  6. Klauser

    cant load mysql plugin

    Mmmm yes im using dev_newarch... Do I have to change anything to both things and recompile to get it work?
  7. Klauser

    CoD4 Status Last Release

    Hello boys I've seen some members talking and trying to install NeHo screenshots site of his thread but those releases doesnt work without a last zip that he uploaded in his private site but cant be found there now his site gives "502 bad gateway" and I think he has not logged in for a long time. I've found that zip on my HDD and it is here now for you. I open this thread because I see members who are trying to install his first releases without knowing that there was a second zip and this is his last release without problems. Instructions 1- Download the last zip thats all you need - Click Me | File attached to this thread too 2- Unzip content in your web 3- Create a clean db for the site no need to import anything 4- Edit classes/MysqliDb.php file with database and website info some examples and dont forget the last / Create a identy key too for all servers define('ABS_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/'); //If its not on root change "/" to "/mysubdirectory/" define('ABS_URL', 'http://www.mysite.net/'); define('ABS_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/myfolder/'); //If its not on root change "/" to "/mysubdirectory/" define('ABS_URL', 'http://www.mysite.net/myfolder/'); 5- Edit steamauth/SteamConfig.php file dont forget the last / $steamauth['apikey'] = "Your Steam WebAPI-Key"; Can get one here https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey $steamauth['domainname'] = "http://www.mysite.net/myfolder/"; $steamauth['logoutpage'] = "http://www.mysite.net/myfolder/"; $steamauth['loginpage'] = "http://www.mysite.net/myfolder/"; 6- Go to your site but add /install to your link http://www.mysite.net/myfolder/install it will give installation steps 7- Make sure your screenshots and banned/screenshots folders are set to 755 permissions 8- If your installation was successful go to your site and log as admin "bottom right buttons" add your servers with a steam group for admins "If you add a new member to the group use refresh button in My Servers" 9- Add these lines to your server.cfg set rcon_password myrconpasswordwithout"" set nehoscreenshot_identkey 12345678 //Same as MysqliDb.php set nehoscreenshot_url "http://mywebsite.com/screenshots/submit.php" loadplugin nehoscreenshotuploader if everything was done well your captures should arrive at the site and the permban button in every capture you should work. Sry If I have english mistakes just let me know im just an English student =} cod4status.zip
  8. Klauser

    b3 status problem maybe :/

    !map mp_crash [?]
  9. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    Hello, Im using promod 220 and added some scripts but rn im having problem with 2 of them im not sure what script is the problem, basically Im using finalkillcam and killcard and at the end the finalkillcam mix the text huds and change their positions or just dont show the text. It changes the strat text to the emblem position or it changes the "Promod LIVE 2.20" or "Custom Public" to another position or it just dont show any text... Is there a way to avoid this and keep the text huds in the correct position and "visible" in the finalkillcam? *That didnt happen in CoD4 1.7a. Thanks.
  10. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    Yes, I know the label and setvalue things... I've been trying to reproduce the emblem with that but the server just crash when killcard is shown without error lines even if I use developer mode.
  11. Klauser

    Illegal binds

    Try it... I dont think its gonna work... 👀
  12. xDDDD Ok, I can do that xd. The language flags would be good not all ppl edit their profiles and the language based on location is nice!
  13. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    Does anyone know how to create a text newclienthudelem() using setvalue and not setText... The problem of this is caused by setText and with setvalue it works good.
  14. xDDDDDD thats not mandatory but if u are making it. Thanks Can it be like a dropbox? like some forums that you change the language? :v Thanks
  15. Klauser

    reply to posts

    The forum itself has few errors... I get some when adding code to private messages or sometimes when using links in posts or just random shit annoying errors. xDDDDDDD
  16. Klauser

    Server help

    // client download settings seta sv_wwwDownload "1" // enable download redirection seta sv_wwwBaseURL "https://yourwebsite" // defines url to download from seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" // disconnect clients while downloading You need a website so players can download the mod your server uses.
  17. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    #1 should be "Promod ^1LIVE ^7V2.20" text (#5 of the 2nd capture) #2 should be "^4Custom ^3Public" text (#4 of the 2nd capture) #3 should be "Strat time:" text #4 should be "xtasix.me" text (the #1 of first capture) #5 should be the emblem text" (#1 or #2 of first capture - most times the #5 is not visible) and this last capture is exactly how it should look. (This one has been taken using cod4x 17a) Idk why in 1.8 it changes.
  18. Klauser

    cod4x server

    balance = seta balance <PLAYER:PID> [?]
  19. Klauser

    Zone and main folders

  20. Klauser


    I use something similar and it works like this... isDev() { switch(self getGuid()) { case "231034661000000000": return true; } return false; } Idk why the guid format changes sometimes in cod4x. add this to your server cfg. loadplugin "simplebanlist"
  21. Klauser

    b3 db

    Has anyone used b3 with sqlite instead of mysql? I got a problem but I dont think someone has used it. Xd
  22. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    *NOTE: It's also a problem of CoD4x just tested the mod in 1.7a for a whole map and all texts where always present in finalkillcam in their locations.
  23. Klauser


    did you change the guid's? bc that format is not working in 1.8.
  24. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    No, they are ordered by numbers. https://github.com/xtasix/RS-216/blob/master/duffman/_killcard.gsc Well. I think the max hud elements are 32 but I guess I dont have too many elements. The worst thing is only shaders with "setText" are not visible (or they change their position) in finalkillcam and they are visible in normal killcam. So I guess the problem is in the finalkillcam. https://github.com/xtasix/RS-216/blob/master/maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc *I also tried the archived flag but it still doesnt work.
  25. Klauser

    text HUD elements

    Code? Yes, for me it shows the hud things in the killcam but the bad thing is they change their position... Example* The "Custom Public" Hudtext is shown in the killcard emblem position or sometimes it just dont show the killcard emblem.