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  1. I think your admins are useless. I play on your server everyday at least 1 hour. There you will find cheaters all the time the kiddos discovered the free cheat and thats what they use, I see admins like killgrave,sniper and others online and they just ignore them when you can easily detect their cheats, the aimlock, walls and the noscopes side to side thinking they are pros.
  2. Klauser

    CoD5 Server

    Sry, I couldn't get it working. Can't help you with this.
  3. Anyone have tried to compile new build? I get errors...
  4. Yep, also tried g_antilag 0 and the reg is still bad...
  5. I thought it was my machine problem had to upgrade it... Im using NE too and hitreg with scope is so weird.
  6. Klauser

    CoD5 Server

    Please, thanks!
  7. Klauser

    CoD5 Server

    Do you know where could I get it? I've been surfing google about that but cant find results for "cod waw linux cracked"
  8. Klauser

    CoD5 Server

    Hello, I created a cod 5 (waw) server I got it work but I wanna allow cracked users to play on there. The problem is I cant find a solution like "sv_authorizemode 0" for cod5 linux server. Does anyone here have run a cracked server in that game? Thanks
  9. Base = https://github.com/xtasix/3xP-HC/blob/master/duffman/_kdratio.gsc
  10. Klauser


    Not at all as there are 2 and 1 of them works all the time and the other not but the one that works 100% crashes if is not used in 17.7 client. Thats why im trying to force clients to update to latest version then they cant inject it without crashing and the other one is buggy.
  11. Klauser


    Thanks I was using almost the same but getting value of "cl_updateversion". This is my code idk why its giving me problem in other scripts onPlayerConnect() { for(;;) { level waittill( "connected", player ); player setClientDvars( "ui_connectScreenTextGlowColor", "1 0 0 1" ); if(!isDefined(player.pers["hudelem"])) player.pers["hudelem"] = player getstat(3165); xver = float(player getuserinfo("xver")); if(xver<17.9) kick(player getEntityNumber(),"reason"); } } ******* script runtime error ******* removed entity is not an entity: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_persistence.gsc', line 19) player setClientDvar("ui_xpText", "1"); * started from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_persistence.gsc', line 17) level waittill( "connected", player ); * ************************************
  12. Klauser


    Yes I know its present in ministatus but I wanna obtain the client version in a script to kick the player with reason update your client version XD
  13. Klauser


    Is there a way to get client version info on non-modded servers? I read about "getuserinfo" but it needs setu before.
  14. Klauser


    I've been testing that. And its not 100% accurate when you get multiple getss attempts cheat cant handle it... Just got banned on a server 1 capture of 5 was clear... And cheat crashes sometimes when using CoD4x 1.9... I just need a method to force the player to update the CoD4x client...