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  1. Klauser

    B3 v1.9.2 vs v1.12 Problems

    both things gotta be configured in the b3.xml the (B3) before each message is <set name="bot_prefix">^0(^2B3^0)</set> "Just remove the prefix" and for the longer message you have to add <set name="max_line_length">130</set> "I use 130 but im not sure whats the lenght used in 1.9.2 so anytime the longer message could be cut" Regards
  2. Well, weapons file may broke the mod... Just override scripts like crazy did with rs promod (I'm not sure if crazy did that) and as I have tried sMv mod has a few bugs... Your server will crash any time with that mod.
  3. Klauser

    server down

    check this
  4. Klauser

    server down

    was it working before? or is its first startup?
  5. Klauser

    How to add a kniferound in PromodX ?

    what's promodX bc I only know default promod and that option is in custom_public.gsc setDvar( "promod_kniferound", 0 ); // [0-1] (sd only)
  6. Ohhh I understand... Yes, its a weird bug and it only happens with fps and fov not with other commands... anyways thanks.
  7. Klauser

    where i can apply for ADMIN

    You can't apply for admin here... bc THIS IS A COD4 Patch Community. Not a clan community. Apply directly with server owners.
  8. Thanks, @leiizko I had already added the rcon support based in your CoD4 NE but I have found a "bug" (it's present in your NE scripts too) I want to create more commands but I just put fps,fov,promod with 0 (rcon only) but after a map change fps and fov appear again as script commands even when I set them as rcon only. My question is will this happen with new commands that I want to add? bc I want some of them as "rcon only" for b3 levels. Thanks.
  9. Klauser

    cod4x server

    Yes, You're using 3XP-HC scripts... You just need to add "menu = seta menu <PLAYER:PID>" in your plugin_customcommands.ini (B3 Plugin). The script is already created in that scripts you just need that line in your b3 plugin. Regards
  10. Klauser

    cod4x server

    I think, He's using 3XP Hardcore scripts and he wants to use !menu to open the menu. For that you need customcommands plugin "B3 or Mam" and this is the thing to use !menu menu = seta menu <PLAYER:PID>
  11. Klauser

    FPS and FOV commands

    You can use leiizko scripts they also save the stats in players config to not use the commands everytime u join the server. The problem when u kill someone is a thing that leiizko forgot to remove in _globallogic.gsx Line 4980 "if ( isDefined( level.hardpointItems ) && isAlive( attacker ) && level.dvar["old_hardpoints"] )" Just remove "&& level.dvar["old_hardpoints"]" and ur fine. if ( isDefined( level.hardpointItems ) && isAlive( attacker ) )
  12. Hey @leiizko I wanna use this for cmd manager but I wanna use some of them as rcon, it says "0 will make it rcon only." but doesnt work how can I add that rcon_interface u used in NE? Thanks
  13. Klauser

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    I have RS promod 220 in its first version. Im gonna remake it bc I want to remove unused shit, fix bugs and improve mod reg... The mod is the same as CCS and zG promod servers in USA.
  14. Klauser

    assets extractor

    https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-windows_17.7.2.zip https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-windows_17.6.zip https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-windows_17.5.zip <-- 2055 https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-windows_16.zip https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-linux_17.6.zip https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-linux_17.5.zip <-- 2055 https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-linux_16.zip
  15. Klauser

    assets extractor

    It does but I think not in all versions... It works for me with 2055 build.