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  1. Hi guys, somebody can give me this files for server cod4x 1.7a win_mingw-x86-testing build 2474 may 15 24 or version cod4x 1.7 ?
  2. I not understand your answer...if you not want help me, not answer ...
  3. Hi guys, i would like to install on my server a mod called doti_90x, this mod is a mod style black ops 2, and has the crossbow whit arrows. But if i install it on my server, i try to put kill cam, but whitout success..also if i add command allowkillcam 1 into server.cfg..nothing and i not activeted hardcore modality but normal.. How can halp me?
  4. I have the file xbase_00.iwd in main folder, but banlist.dat there isnt...i search in all folders, but there isnt...thk you for your help Kind regards
  5. I've hidden them for obvious reasons,also if correct position loadplugin simplebanlist not work..not created file banlist.dat and not work ban...
  6. I have add comand loadplugin simplebanlist in the bottom of my configuration file see down this is my configuration file //************************************************** **************************** // Call of Duty 4 //************************************************** **************************** //************************************************** **************************** // Public Information //************************************************** **************************** sets sv_hostname "" sets _Admin "" sets _Email "" sets _Website "" sets _Location "France server" sets _Irc "" sets _Mod "" sets _ModVer "" sets _ModUpdate "" sets _Maps "customs" set scr_motd "Welcome to the brothers in arms COD4 Server - We are recruiting" //************************************************** **************************** // Common Server Settings //************************************************** **************************** // Log Settings set g_logsync "2" // 0=no log, 1=buffered, 2=continuous, 3=append set logfile "1" // 0 = NO log, 1 = log file enabled set g_log "games_mp.log" // Name of log file, default is games_mp.log set sv_log_damage "1" // Network options set net_ip "" // Set your servers IP address set net_port "29960" // Set your port number set com_hunkMegs "512" set net_noipx "1" // Allow ONLY tcp/ip protocol, player/server communications // Server Network Mode set dedicated "2" // 0 = Listen, 1 = LAN, 2 = Internet // Master servers set sv_master1 "" set sv_master2 "" set sv_master3 "" set sv_master4 "" set sv_master5 "" set sv_master6 "" set sv_master7 "" set sv_master8 "" set sv_gamespy "1" // Password Settings set rcon_password "" // RCON must supply pw to use set sv_privatePassword "" // Private slots, non-public slots // The following can be used to lock out the server so that only those // players that have been provide the password can connect. Good for // matches, practices, etc. set g_password "" // Player slots setup set sv_maxclients "18" // MAX server player slots, this is TOTAL player slots set sv_privateclients "" // Number of private player slots, maxclients - privateclients = public slots // Ping set sv_minPing "0" // MIN player ping on CONNECT, any lower and player isnt allowed to connect set sv_maxping "250" // MAX player ping on CONNECT, any higher and player isnt allowed to connect // Client Download Settings. (0=off/1=on) Used for MODs and custom maps // See included Quick Setup Guide for instructions. set sv_allowdownload "1" seta sv_wwwDownload "1" //seta sv_wwwBaseURL "" seta sv_wwwBaseURL "" seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" // Rate set sv_maxRate "25000" // Drop inactive players set sv_timeout "300" set sv_zombietime "1" set g_inactivity "0" set g_inactivityspectator "0" // AntiFlooding Settings set sv_floodProtect "1" set sv_reconnectlimit "3" // Anti Cheat Settings pb_sv_enable wait 5 set sv_punkbuster "0" set sv_disableClientConsole "0" set cl_autocmd "0" set sv_cheats "0" set sv_pure "1" set g_banIPs "" set g_no_script_spam "1" // Temporary Ban duration, in seconds set sv_kickBanTime "60" // In-game voice communication system set sv_voice "0" set sv_voiceQuality "4" set voice_deadChat "0" set voice_global "0" set voice_localEcho "0" set winvoice_mic_mute "1" //************************************************** **************************** // Misc //************************************************** **************************** set sv_allowAnonymous "0" set g_antilag "0" set g_compassShowEnemies "1" set scr_hardcore "1" set g_allowvote "0" set scr_allow_vote "0" set scr_teambalance "1" set ui_hud_hardcore "1" //What is this? set scr_game_allowkillcam "0" set scr_game_onlyheadshots "0" set scr_game_deathpointloss "0" set scr_game_suicidepointloss "0" set scr_team_teamkillpointloss "1" set scr_game_spectatetype "2" // [0-2] 0=none, 1= team only, 2=spectate all set scr_team_fftype "1" // 0=off 1=on 2=reflect damage 3=shared //================================================== =============================== // Gametype Settings //================================================== =============================== // First gametype to load // "dm" - free for all deathmatch // "dom" - domination // "koth" - headquarters // "sab" - sabotage // "sd" - search & destroy // "war" - team deathmatch // Deathmatch set scr_dm_scorelimit 1000 set scr_dm_timelimit 10 set scr_dm_roundlimit 1 set scr_dm_numlives 0 set scr_dm_playerrespawndelay -1 set scr_dm_waverespawndelay 0 set g_allowvote "0" // player set scr_player_maxhealth 5 set scr_player_suicidespawndelay 0 set scr_player_healthregentime 5 set scr_player_forcerespawn 1 set scr_player_sprinttime 6 //****************************************************************************** //MAP ROTATION SETTINGS - Uncomment the map line for the gametype you wish to play. // //****************************************************************************** // DM -- FREE FOR ALL DEATHMATCH //****************************************************************************** set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_kamakura gametype dm map mp_carent gametype dm map mp_bjwifi_port gametype dm map mp_ndame gametype dm map mp_ncc_1701 gametype dm map mp_82ab_villa gametype dm map mp_hillside gametype dm map mp_rats_sansa_room gametype dm map mp_armshotel gametype dm map mp_balarda gametype dm map mp_bo2drone gametype dm map mp_convoyassault_v1 gametype dm map mp_docks_n gametype dm map mp_carpark gametype dm map mp_krezny gametype dm map mp_rooftops gametype dm map mp_doomed gametype dm map mp_psycho gametype dm map mp_garena gametype dm map mp_blue_skyscrapers gametype dm map mp_agroprom gametype dm map mp_desert_dock_2 gametype dm map mp_whatif gametype dm map mp_sps_bismarck gametype dm map mp_city gametype dm map mp_cdi_mision_bunker gametype dm map mp_almeria gametype dm map mp_dam gametype dm map mp_burg gametype dm map mp_cc" loadplugin simplebanlist
  7. This comand i will write into console rcon? Or in the programlist rcon tool,?
  8. But i can create a file banlist.dat? And i add in same folder, where is the xbase_00.iwd?
  9. Thk u for your help, but I not have sever linux, i have server whit cod4x 1.8...Windows
  10. I try i have put the loadplugin simplebanlist but not work... Here tell me: simplebanlist -> Works like the old banlist but stores playerids which is the new format and replaces GUIDs -> Can be used with legacybanlist together -> Each server needs its own banlist. Symlinking can broke it sooner or later. How to use? Make sure banlist.dat is in cod4 root directory. Put into your server.cfg file the line: loadplugin simplebanlist -> It will create a file called banlist_v2.dat But i have not the file banlist.dat..maybe for thi reason not work?
  11. Thk u, but i m a very newbee, what i write in my cobfiguretion file this thing: loadplugin simplebanlist ?it s correct?
  12. Hi guys, i can to do the downgrade from cod4x1.8 version of my server, to 1.7 for fix problem of rcon tool that from version server 1.8 not bann ?you know as to do?
  13. Hi guys, i can to do the downgrade from cod4x1.8 version of my server, to 1.7 for fix problem of rcon tool that from version server 1.8 not bann ?you know as to do?
  14. so from what I understand I can not use more rconn tools in real time, but doing those bann procedures only those who have previously been banned?