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  1. by script i know but by modify server so i think yes but i still dont understand why is these weapons in weapons array when script say could not load weapon
  2. its must be disabled loading before go to script because we have curently in mod 126 weapons and these entities are loaded and in map has like mp_eerie has 3 sp weapon pickups ak47 uzi and fraggrenade so this will cause hit weapons asset limit here is log from another map its same issue https://pastebin.com/bZaaNCCq
  3. this is not my problem my problem is in latest github build when i try to load map like mp_eerie this map has weapon pickups in map file but these pickups are for sp weapons in console log i see this ^1Error: Could not load weapon "ak47". and this weapon is loaded to weapon list even if not loaded weapon file
  4. i think its something new in newarch i using latest build from github so its maybe something in new load map bsp system
  5. i dont mean by script i mean by exe or plugin to server
  6. Hello please its will be possible to disable load map entites by key/value like this "classname" "weapon_ak47" and value make as contains substring in string? its because many maps have in map file weapons from sp and this is ignored by db_nobspweapon thanks in advance for your answer
  7. K4r3l01


    its because i dont know where he add this code so when he add this on event onplayerconnect there is waittill("connected",player) in this case he use player but if he have code with events like in openwarfare so there is not player but self so where you see problem in this post???
  8. K4r3l01


    xver = float(player getuserinfo("xver")); if(xver<17.9) kick(player getEntityNumber(),"reason"); i mean you need something like that and check if player entity is player of self if self edit this code from player to self
  9. K4r3l01


    and from client_t to gclient_t go like this Client_->gentity->client->ps
  10. K4r3l01


    i think no one helps because easiest solution to your problem is update your server and its will be possible in old arch server what you using is this not possible
  11. its problem because your log is not complete my log contains lines like this CoD4 X - linux-i386-custom_debug build 0 Feb 26 2019 --- Crypto Initializing --- Testing sha1 hash function - positive. Testing sha256 hash function - positive. Testing tiger hash function - positive. --- Crypto Initialization Complete --- IP: IP: IP6: ::1 IP6: fe80::20c:29ff:fea7:abdc%ens160 Opening IP6 socket: [::]:33333 UDP Opening IP6 socket: [::]:33333 TCP Opening IP socket: UDP Opening IP socket: TCP ----------------------------- CoD4X Auto Update Current version: 1.8 Current subversion: 17.7 Current build: 0 ----------------------------- New subversion 17.5 Update rejected because it is not required. Steam: Server connected successfully GameServer is not VAC Secure!
  12. i think you have steamclient.so and steam_api.so from old cod4x version you must you new one
  13. or show us b3 log to identify what is problem
  14. maybe wrong if this not working