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  1. this command not exist in B3 what i know
  2. no steam not checking game files untill you dont check files integrity
  3. to @Morpheus we need to know what is in the critical error so post here last lines of your console log or post your console.log to pastebin and send here link to this
  4. i think its not about weapon limit but xmodel limit and xmodel limit is possible to increase by +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" add this to run script
  5. i think minimal price is 5€ for one game
  6. OMG stop crying here you dont pay anything to developers and if you dont like their rules so just stop using cod4x and com back to cod4 1.7 patch
  7. how many you pay for game on steam ?
  8. OMG you dont pay anything to cod4x developers this control is because spamming masterserver so they make this you must have bought game on your steam atleast for 5€ to get token for your servers
  9. you dont pay anything to developers of cod4x just use your steam where you have some games for get token its easy. And if you have problem with this control so just use original cod4 server instead of cod4x
  10. its easy its because anyone will be able to create new steam account but buy game to new account is worse its because possible problems with your servers in future and when they will ban your server its not easy to create new token
  11. i think by clean is mean this steam account dont have any vac ban and by unlimited so you must buy atleast one game from steam to be unlimited so with fresh steam account without any bought game your steam acc is limited
  12. and now i tried to get token and without any problem so its something wrong with your steam account