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  1. i78700k I can get 1000fps fine and constant when I host my own LAN servers. The problem is connecting to public servers. Is it a server side problem?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm running a RTX 2080 and I can get 1000fps fine and constant when I host my own LAN servers and play on them. I even host a server another international server but if I join it, I cant get more than probably 500fps. Is this a server end configuration? And what can I do (both client and server) to achieve the max fps possible? I dont need a fps config because my game can run fine without it and I can get 1000fps locked on LAN servers, just not public ones.
  3. winter


    Does anyone have a working and stable version of echelon? Most of the versions I got on github gives installation errors and some are old versions etc Would be greatly appreciated if someone can share!
  4. So by doing this, the +set fs_homepath would be the same for all the servers? And I can get b3hide and simplebanlist cod4x plugins to load?
  5. Quick question, I have a few mods with b3 running which require the b3hide and simplebanlist cod4x plugins . But I have the servers in multple locations because I cant get the cod4x plugins to load if the mod is loaded from the same cod4x18_dedrun.exe For eg Gun game mod, kill the king and promod is hosted in: COD4Server1\Mods\gun_game COD4Server2\Mods\ktk_server COD4Server3\Mods\promod_server Reason being when I try to load the mods from the same server, eg server 1, I cant get the plugins b3hide and simplebanlist to work on all 3 servers if all the mods are loaded under COD4Server1\cod4x18_dedrun.exe So typing plugins in the console in Server1 Returns: Loaded plugins: *----------------------------------------------------------------------------------* | ID | name | enabled? | memory allocations | total all. mem. in B | | 0 | b3hide | yes | 1 | 96 | | 1 | simplebanlist | yes | 0 | 0 | *----------------------------------------------------------------------------------* But if run all 3 mods under COD4Server1\cod4x18_dedrun.exe The other 2 servers don't load the b3hide and simplebanlist. What Im trying to accomplish is to get these mods under the same +set fs_homepath so that screenshots etc can store in one location so that my !getss for all 3 servers would store in one location. Preferably in COD4Server1\screenshots. Ive even tried setting the homepath on COD4Server2\Mods\ktk_server to +set fs_homepath COD4Server1 on the startup command but that still doesn't load the cod4x plugins, which won't allow my b3 to work witout these 2 cod4x plugins. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  6. Hmmmmm, try adding this in ur startup command: +set sv_legacyguidmode 0
  7. When you find it, let us know the script or the file to the string or w/e related so others can learn too
  8. Wow thanks dpj. That's very generous of you. Quick question, let's say I want to make that RS 216 sniper only with quick reload, how can I achieve that? If it's gsc scripts, i don't have knowledge about coding etc so I would be glad if it can be explained or shared took.
  9. The server I run, we don't have a steam group and I've set steam names to be disabled via sv_nosteamnames Because sometimes I prefer to change my name in game without changing my steam name and having steam online etc. I have a b3 clan tag protection plugin but likewise I would like a way possible to allow admins to only have access to their commands providing that they have the clan tag within the server. Any ideas how can I achieve this?
  10. !getss on b3 wont work with cod4x unless you modify ur custom commands.ini like Alex mentioned or you use getss with rcon or in the game console itself. Also you can install a b3 plugin that would take care of that for you. Search for cod4xcommands plugin for b3
  11. I think I saw a script somewhere but could not find it again. Im using a custom mod like this Is there a way to display the name of the song during the killcam?
  12. If youre thinking something let me know, I don't know much about this territory lol
  13. Is this possible? Like is there a way to configure b3 so that admin commands only work if a client is wearing a clan tag?