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  1. world

    Lua Plugin

    @leiizko Is it possible for the plugin to work with mysql ? I am getting the error: ****************** Lua Error: ****************** error loading module 'luasql.mysql' from file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/luasql/': /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/luasql/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 stack traceback: [C]: at 0xdf8d2260 [C]: in function 'require' ....cod4x_logs/server_2/lua_scripts/test.lua:8: in function <....cod4x_logs/server_2/lua_scripts/test.lua:3> ************************************************ test.lua: Plugin_ScrAddFunction( "mysqltest" ) function mysqltest () mysql = require "luasql.mysql" local env = mysql.mysql() local conn = env:connect('dbName','user','password') print(env,conn) status,errorString = conn:execute([[CREATE TABLE sample3 (id INTEGER, name TEXT)]]) print(status,errorString ) status,errorString = conn:execute([[INSERT INTO sample3 values('12','Raj')]]) print(status,errorString ) cursor,errorString = conn:execute([[select * from sample3]]) print(cursor,errorString) row = cursor:fetch ({}, "a") file ="/home/admin/cod4x_logs/server_2/lua_scripts/test.txt", "a") io.output(file) while row do io.write("\n" .. string.format("Id: %s, Name: %s",, row = cursor:fetch (row, "a") end -- close everything cursor:close() conn:close() env:close() file:close() end
  2. world

    Lua Plugin

    It worked after I specified the absolute path to test.lua lua_loadscript "/home/admin/cod4x_logs/server_2/lua_scripts/test.lua"
  3. world

    Lua Plugin

    Everything I found about lua in logfile. Checking if the plugin is not already loaded... Checking if the plugin file exists and is of correct format... Parsing plugin function names... Done parsing plugin function names. Loading the plugin .so... Plugin OK! Loading... Fetching plugin information... Executing plugin's OnInit... Adding a plugin command for plugin 0, command name: lua_loadscript. Command added. Adding a plugin command for plugin 0, command name: lua_debug. Command added. Plugin lua loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins. Error: Waited 196 msec for missing asset "codescripts/delete.gsx". Error: Error: ******* script compile error ******* Error: unknown function: (file 'code/lua_test.gsx', line 4) print( "Square root of " + num + " is " + mysqrt( num ) + "\n" ); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error unknown function print( "Square root of " + num + " is " + mysqrt( num ) + "\n" ); (see console for details) qconsole.log
  4. world

    Lua Plugin

    Does the plugin work with the latest server version? I get an error unknown function print( "Square root of " + num + " is " + mysqrt( num ) + "\n" ); plugin was loaded fine Plugin lua loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins.
  5. It seems that the rcon protocol has some limitations and is not intended to receive such a volume of data. I was unable to receive more than 24 packets with a total size of up to 79k bytes.
  6. Thank. I will try to implement this via TCP
  7. Hey. There are 1700 lines in my banlist. When I try to request the dumpbanlist command via rcon (rcon Protocol), the complete list does not come to me. What could be the problem? Is there a limit on the number of bytes or packets received? The count of bytes and packs received is always different.
  8. sv_authtoken is invalid! Abandoning master server registration Checked two tokens. To no avail.
  9. @LaRoxxx How ? If use DNSBL for filtering, a lot of ordinary players will suffer.
  10. @leiizko @T-Max you completely confused me guys! I used the latest build with github for several weeks and it did not work. Maybe I misunderstood something. What exactly is the reason for poor hitreg and what can be done about it? After all, there is the same problem with servers on version 1.0, 1.2 and 1.7 (without additional scripts). And it started a few years ago, and before that, everything was okay.
  11. Maybe rewrite Callback_PlayerDamage in lua? leiizko claims that the functions on the lua work 10 times faster.
  12. I was able to run xlrstats without problems only on version 1.9.2.