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  1. @leiizko @T-Max you completely confused me guys! I used the latest build with github for several weeks and it did not work. Maybe I misunderstood something. What exactly is the reason for poor hitreg and what can be done about it? After all, there is the same problem with servers on version 1.0, 1.2 and 1.7 (without additional scripts). And it started a few years ago, and before that, everything was okay.
  2. Maybe rewrite Callback_PlayerDamage in lua? leiizko claims that the functions on the lua work 10 times faster.
  3. I was able to run xlrstats without problems only on version 1.9.2.
  4. @ZOMBIE @Rampage did someone find a solution?
  5. @T-Max Will the situation improve if give the server process a higher priority for execution?
  6. Now everything works. What was the reason for the unknown.
  7. Hey. One player has no Steam ID. Steam clients and cod4x were reinstalled but without result. Steam does not see the game as "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Dedicated Server" but simply as third-party games. What could be the reason ?
  8. This was a response to the Viking comment. Thank. I understood you.
  9. Finding is a point inside the polygon is not difficult. I use the function of intersection of straight lines and in the cycle I check every line of the polygon. lineTest(ax1, ay1, ax2, ay2, bx1, by1, bx2, by2) { v1=(bx2-bx1)*(ay1-by1)-(by2-by1)*(ax1-bx1); v2=(bx2-bx1)*(ay2-by1)-(by2-by1)*(ax2-bx1); v3=(ax2-ax1)*(by1-ay1)-(ay2-ay1)*(bx1-ax1); v4=(ax2-ax1)*(by2-ay1)-(ay2-ay1)*(bx2-ax1); if(((v1*v2<=0) && (v3*v4<=0))) return 1; else return 0; }
  10. Hey. Can I get a list of all the players in a certain area on the map? Suppose this area has the shape of a prism or other shape.
  11. There was no time yet. I will check later.
  12. Removing the object does not help. Now I use shorter sounds. The result is not ideal but acceptable.
  13. When fulfills a entity stopLoopSound("my_sound"); sound file loses to the end and only then stops. How to stop playing forcefully? for(;;){ self waittill ("events_one"); entity = spawn("script_model", self.origin); entity linkto(self); entity playLoopSound("my_sound"); self waittill ("events_two"); entity stopLoopSound("my_sound"); entity delete(); }
  14. @sheep_wizard2 Not active link to the site that you specified. p.s. My English is poor )