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  1. andrzej

    FPS in wine

    Thanks for the idea of forcing vsync by driver! Found the solution. Looks like native games could disable vsync without problems but game on wine couldn't. About the game's performance: I get ~4 times lower number of FPS than on windows (I can get around 230-240 on linux, while >900 on windows) network seems to be less reliable than on windows (the lagometer isn't straight green line; attached)
  2. andrzej

    FPS in wine

    Hi, I've just tried to run CoD4 with 1.8 using wine. Worked OOTB. The only issue I experience is fps limit that I cannot lift. It's not related to CoD4x so I post it in this section. It happens when I run vanilla 1.7 as well. My fps are locked on 60 no matter what. PC Specs: i5 4690k @ 4GHz Radeon r9 280x 8GB ram Ubuntu 16.04 wine-1.6.2 radeon Xorg driver What I've already tried: running game in window / fullscreen doesn't change anything r_vsync is set to 0 googling wine related topic about locked fps checked reports on winehq, noone reported similar issue @PureTryOut I know that you run the game on linux. Any hints?
  3. Hello, I have created quick example welcome menu for you. You can find whole source code in the attachment. Most likely that you will want to adjust the menu spawning logic (it's located inside welcome_menu/welcome_menu.gsx, it's being called from the init of _globallogic.gsx). Right now it shows after first spawn of the player per level load. Cheers
  4. andrzej

    b3 and codx

    The code is in the git repository. Feel free to compile it yourself, I don't have a windows machine to do it for you.
  5. I agree with Fraggy in this matter. It would be pointless effort. Just tell them to run a command without giving arguments to receive it's help text. :-) For example $banuser will return:
  6. I can share the solution I use -- not exactly what you've asked for. I don't really see a point in moving screenshots at all so I use sshfs to mount screenshot directories from the game servers on the other server I use to host web stuff. It's really easy to set up and it works just like a physical directory on the target server. It doesn't really matter which way you mount it (you either store screenshots on the same machine as the game server or the web hosting one). If you really want to have all your screenshots copied then look into rsync.
  7. Why not just use wine? I believe that @PureTryOut posted complete tutorial on that somewhere on the forum, please try that first. EDIT: I am blind, he lined it in this thread
  8. andrzej

    b3 and codx

    @kecdpt: Well, it took longer than expected (I was mad busy recently) but the update finally here: It adds 2 commands: screentell screensay
  9. Not yet (it's just a version number increase to force client updates)
  10. @amjad1371: XP has been unsupported by Microsoft since April 2014. It means that XP can't be considered to be a stable platform anymore. If you want to sill run XP it's your choice but you can't expect to get support from cod4x devs when you use an old system. @OP: No problems here, could you please run some network diagnostics and attach the result here (traceroute or ping should suffice)?
  11. It's because you don't have to worry if you get stab or slash. The main difference is that when you get the stab you're basically unprotected, you go with the flow (except small sideways movement) -- that's the moment when you can just get slashed by your opponent. People who play knives only a lot know how to control the stabs (ie. know when they want to use it and when they don't).
  12. Never tried but here are two first results from google search that seem legit: Have you tried to search for it before writing here?