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  1. I don't know if this was solution...i have added in cfg and command line to so..,
  2. It's working now, i think there needs to wait little to be working ... don't know how but now it's listened server
  3. Yeah this is problem in rotu mod ..missing some weapons..but this is nothing.. all works fine i can join ad others too.. and play normal ... i only don't know why my server don't want to be listed on Cod4X list of server's i have in command line and in server cfg my token in... steam account i have unlimited too.. i downloaded the update and replace it with older files..all but nothing.
  4. I think this is what you ned console log cod4server-console-2019-02-13-16_04_54.log
  5. i install fresh server via LGSM then i download linux files from cod4x.me and replace it with olders. now when i run command ./cod4server start i got error cod4server@vmi231958:~$ ./cod4server start [ INFO ] Starting cod4server: Check IP: no server running on /tmp/tmux-1000/default [ FAIL ] Starting cod4server: Unable to start LinuxGSM cod4server@vmi231958:~$ script log is: Feb 13 15:05:50.464 cod4server: START: FATAL: Unable to start LinuxGSM Feb 13 15:05:50.969 cod4server: START: FATAL: command_start.sh exiting with code: 1 Feb 13 15:06:48.128 cod4server: CHECK: INFO: IP automatically set as: Feb 13 15:06:48.498 cod4server: START: INFO: Rotating log files
  6. I have downloaded files and copy to serverfiles dir. now it's all crached
  7. How can i update? only download Linux server files and replace it ? then run server?
  8. Hi, run server normal and i setup token in cfg and in command line... using CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 2055 May 2 2017. But don't work for me.. i got messege : Steam: Server connected successfully GameServer is not VAC Secure! GameServer SteamID: [A:1:730319874] Resolving cod4master.activision.com cod4master.activision.com resolved to Hitch warning: 2146 msec frame time Invalid or empty response from masterserver Resolving cod4master.activision.com cod4master.activision.com resolved to Invalid or empty response from masterserver Invalid or empty response from masterserver Invalid or empty response from masterserver And i don't have limited steam..because i have many of game's on account.
  9. Hi, I have installed RoZo 0.5.021 Mod on my server... and i got some bug on it.. All start fine but some of Zombies you can kill normal but one of it yu can't kill.. you can shoot in it but nothing happend. I use Linux Ubuntu 16 for server. Problem on server: eurobits.si:28960
  10. Why don't show my server in Join game? as Source:Internet Cod4X ?
  11. Server Name: EuroBiTs.si# Rotu 2 Beta Server # Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare State: Online Players: 30/64 Address: Location: Germany Game Mode: surv