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  1. hawk

    Scripts leiizko

    sorry buddy but i am away .i will share them when i will be back.
  2. hawk

    b3 db

    i have used it. cause it is pretty simple to use
  3. hawk

    Help with b3 and cod4x

    b3/parsers directory is in b3 source type b3 not in of b3.exe type
  4. hawk


    just go and disable spam plugin or remove it
  5. hawk


  6. hawk

    Scripts leiizko

    well i'll give yea a hint. Use perks script (you can find that with google pretty easily) and link it to shop directly keeping stuff compatible or just edit most of those scripts adding your codes to proper places
  7. hawk

    Scripts leiizko

    your words make no sense and if u want to add those perks its gonna little tricky because even if i give you scripts you wont be able to make it work properly on your server.
  8. hawk

    Testclients script

    i have one which i xtended specaily for my promodx based server it is little buggy but it works. i had (and still have ) no time to remove bugs.hope that people here will help you to complete that.
  9. hawk

    Help with b3 and cod4x

    about your first question: use b3hide plugin to make it run on your mod !!! for cod4x
  10. hawk


    seriously!!!! try using google brother or atleast use search on this forum!!!
  11. i guess its because Leiizko's Vip.gsx uses cod4 gameranger id to make vip just go and change that to steamid or new guid. make sure to add other this change on other files as well
  12. #don give me your server ip and port. i will give you a good mod and licence for it
  13. hawk

    Custom menu

    can i add animated object using moverover? i have not tried it yet.
  14. hawk

    Custom menu

    Hi guyz. i was making a vip menu and almost finished it. can some one guide me how can i add animated elements in that menu ?
  15. hawk

    B3 plugin

    it good to have plugin for game password. i had to use the script to make it do so.