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  1. Hi, it only happens on 1 server, when i enter this server, it shows : Thermal Vision Enabled. I guess that it is one of function of Cod4x, do you know how to turn it off ? Thx a lot.
  2. could you tell me witch config or witch sentence if pls ?
  3. Hi there, my screen suddently change to black and White, Does anyone know how to change it back to the original visión ???? Thanks alot.
  4. well, after i delete and reinstall cod4x. the bug is fixed
  5. Hi, thx for the work on this old game. I have a question, i dont know if i could post it here or not. After the update to 17.8/17.9, it does NOT show red dots anymore on the full-size map, which presents on ESC menú. But it still shows red dots on mini map in the corner of the screen, when your team has UAV. I dont know if it is a change or it is a bug......
  6. Ehhh, thx for helping me again. I have checked my pc. the disc has space suficente......
  7. This is a log of one crash...... abad5394-c3ab-4f94-a868-1de68b9574f7.zip
  8. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <CrashRpt version="1403"> <CrashGUID>abad5394-c3ab-4f94-a868-1de68b9574f7</CrashGUID> <AppName>Call of Duty 4 - ModernWarfare X18</AppName> <AppVersion>1.8 17.5</AppVersion> <ImageName>D:\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare V1.7\iw3mp.exe</ImageName> <OperatingSystem>Windows 10 Home Build 15063</OperatingSystem> <OSIs64Bit>1</OSIs64Bit> <GeoLocation>zh-cn</GeoLocation> <SystemTimeUTC>2017-08-18T17:00:49Z</SystemTimeUTC> <ExceptionAddress>0x106b0cf5</ExceptionAddress> <ExceptionModule>C:\Users\choyn\AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW\bin\cod4x_017\cod4x_017.dll</ExceptionModule> <ExceptionModuleBase>0x10630000</ExceptionModuleBase> <ExceptionModuleVersion></ExceptionModuleVersion> <ExceptionType>0</ExceptionType> <ExceptionCode>0</ExceptionCode> <GUIResourceCount>28</GUIResourceCount> <OpenHandleCount>644</OpenHandleCount> <MemoryUsageKbytes>750580</MemoryUsageKbytes> <CustomProps /> <FileList> <FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump" /> <FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML" /> </FileList> <UserEmail></UserEmail> <ProblemDescription></ProblemDescription> </CrashRpt>
  9. Hi there. My 4x crashs a lot after i updated 4x and the device of video card(Nv Geforce). Im not sure where is the bug..... It shows a Little window that tells "WIN_OUT_OF_MEM_BODY" I know what it means, but it did not happen at all before. and the memory of my pc is much more suficent for CoD4. Does any Doctor know what happened to me? Regards to 4x.
  10. played on 4x a long time. Love 4x, and wanna say a THANKS to those developers of 4x. it happened only when i updated 4x 18 17.5, the latest client pack. If i have any new info about my crash, i will post it here. Thx to you all again.
  11. my cod4x crashed a lot lot lot, it is also my self problem ??
  12. tried, didnt know the key Word...
  13. yes, after entering your code , it Works, thank you very much, although i dont know how did it happen........
  14. 2 doubts: -How could i ruin my config? I did nothing...... even I do not know where is the config file of 4x..... -Where saves my personal multiplayer data of 4x? I wanna copy it, to use it in my new computer.
  15. actually ,the latest 4x has a lot of bugs, my cod4 program crashed a lot after i install the latest 4x, the brightness became to fail to adjust(now i have solved this problem), the TV and PC can not be destroyed or moved by bullets or explorsive.