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  1. But like, it's not though. Read it very closely: Your Github: (DB_GetStreamPos() + size_) - g_streamZoneMem.Raw() -> blocks[g_streamPosindex.raw()].data <= g_streamBlockSize[g_streamPosindex] My Error: (streamPos + size) - g_streamZoneMem->blocks[g_streamPosIndex].data <= static_cast< int >( g_streamBlockSize[g_streamPosIndex] ) As you can see (streamPos + size) and (DB_GetStreamPos() + size_) are different. Also static_cast< int >( g_streamBlockSize[g_streamPosIndex] ) and g_streamBlockSize[g_streamPosindex] are different. I thought it was the exact same error, but it isn't.
  2. @T-Max This isn't the same error. And yes,I have a large.ff size, I do have a ton of models in my mod. @Fraggy Do you maybe have an idea when I would be able to load multiple .ff files client side through CoD4x? I know it would probably take you guys a while to make that possible. (couldn’t send a reply, so I sent lol as a test. 10/10 site)
  3. Nevermind the issue lmao, Sheep Wizard came in clutch, fixed the issue. Apparently what happened, is the map was spaced too far apart, so I just had to move everything closer, since the player origin's max value, was smaller than the spacing of the map, which caused everyone to be invisible.
  4. Well, I haven't tried loading it without a mod, except to build the light grid lol, but like I said, I commented out my entire script, and recompiled the .ff, so it wouldn't make much sense if it were a script error, more likely to be something with the map itself. I also haven't used player hide();, or self hide(); anywhere in the script.
  5. Hopefully that shows what I mean. I ran the dedicated server, and joined with multiple clients, couldn't see each other, and it's like that throughout the entire map. I have no custom characters / playermodels, and I'm 110% sure that it isn't caused by a script error, only because I commented out the entire script, and recompiled the .ff, still can't see anyone lol. I've asked around a bit, and some people believe that it had something to do with multiple skyboxes, so I tried to put everything into one skybox, still nothing. Also, don't mind the missing textures lol, A friend and I are working on this together, and he has the decals that are missing, and we couldn't see each other on the map, even with fixed textures, so that isn't it either. Not really sure what to do from here lol, it literally makes zero sense. Hopefully you can figure something out, because it feels like I've tried everything.
  6. So I am aware that this, maybe isn't the best place to put this kind of post, but I am having an issue, where when I load my custom Deathrun map onto my server, I cannot see any other players. Other maps work fine, it's just my map. I cannot see them in the map, or endrooms, but for some reason I can see them in the Activator area. Doesn't seem to make any sense whatsoever. I've tried to put everything into 1 skybox, and I've also redone the lights and reflection probes, kind of at a loss at this point, no clue how to fix this. Any ideas you may have would be appreciated, as I would not like to have to restart my map, as I'm very close to finished with it.
  7. Hello, I am working on a mod currently, that has a fairly large Fast File. When trying to compile the mod, I get this error Expression: (streamPos + size) - g_streamZoneMem->blocks[g_streamPosIndex].data <= static_cast< int >( g_streamBlockSize[g_streamPosIndex] ) Module: D:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Cod4Mod\bin\linker_pc.exe File: C:\trees\cod3-pc\cod3-modtools\cod3src\src\database\db_stream_save.cpp Line: 229 I have tried to create a separate Fast File, under a different name than mod.ff, and load it using the CoD4X Source. The server could load the file(assets loaded perfectly fine server side), but the client couldn't. I would like to minimize the amount of items I need to remove from my mod, and would appreciate work around solutions, including a method to load a second Fast File, so I can avoid the limit on Fast File size all together.
  8. #!/bin/bash screen -dmS dr ./cod4x17a_dedrun +set sv_authorizemode "0" +set ui_maxclients 32 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set fs_game "mods\famous_dev" +exec server.cfg +map mp_dr_famous
  9. Okay, so sadly it didn't work. I'm getting the 2nd error, as for the permission denied error, I figured out that I was trying to start my server in the wrong directory lol. All my files are in /home/cod4 , I was trying to exec the in /root.
  10. Okay, ill try this, thanks for the reply so fast!
  11. So, first off, I'm extremely new to Linux as a whole, and am having a few people help me through the learning process. I am getting many errors when I go to start my server up. First, I was getting a permission denied error, now im getting this error If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!