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  1. connect
  2. server located in Singapure
  3. Connect and enjoy ourPROMOD TDM Server IP :
  4. Connect and enjoy our HighXP TDM Server IP :
  5. Connect and enjoy our old SnD Server (PROMOD) IP :
  6. Its difficult to play with low ping players because most of the players are in average ping.
  7. I just want to ignore players from server which are in comming low pings
  8. Only higgping players can kick. How to set a minimum ping?
  9. Requesting a script for kick players who are in high ping and lowerst ping .
  10. How to desabe B43 in Knife Arena ? People spam b43 make a server lag. any way to desable sucide in this area?
  11. Scriptfailed


    I searched , but not found a dat file
  12. Scriptfailed


    Anyone got geoip2.dat ? Put me a link to download