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    Cod4x - Error 817

    And of course that is not compatible with the cod4x servers and clients.
  2. AlexC

    Cod4x - Error 817

    And the reason, H4cktivision tried to kill the game, and pushed an update what is 1.8 client version as well.
  3. AlexC

    Cod4x - Error 817

    If you got the game from steam, you actually need to downgrade cod4 to 1.7, then install cod4x.
  4. AlexC

    Deathrun Maps Here maybe?
  5. Add your rcon password to your server launch variable, for example: ./cod4x18_dedrun +set fs_game "mods/mymod" +set rcon_password "mypassword" +map_rotate
  6. Yo, first, the forum language is english. Stick to that. Second, this is not warzone forum, not even ps4, we're not supporting that kind of stuff.
  7. This is clearly a server side issue, you don't have to worry about your client. Tell the server owner, whoever does it, to fix his server, or find another one.
  8. There is no error in the b3.log. You just mistyped the mapname as @Koaja pointed.
  9. just use <ARG> instead, so the command will be like: !donate player amount to player or something like this
  10. I am running RotU as well, and I don't have this issue at all with it.
  11. Way more relaible, than the old system was.
  12. What I use to do, create an empty dir, cd it, then enter: git init This will create an empty git repository, and use git pull instead of git clone. This works for me.
  13. compile it from github. thats the best case. later on we will push the pre-compiled binaries in github and the forum also.
  14. You should try out the latest github source. 998 is pretty much old, and unstable.
  15. In that zip it contains the server.exe what is by default a "set dedicated 2"... just unzip into the cod4 folder and start
  16. sourcebansplugin can do that. you can mute people in the webadmin.
  17. Do not use master. Use basedonoldstable.
  18. BTD does not use the traditional bots as rotu does. BTD does not require a player slot.
  19. AlexC

    Client update

    No ETA. Soon. (tm)
  20. Thank you very much, you read all the wiki on github bro.
  21. And the versions coming directly from github also. When you compile the server.
  22. I've tried with build 994 and the most recent git version, but I wasn't able to connect to the servers at all. It handles the connections different than before. So this is the latest build what works. I don't know about those versions. You can't find these builds, people building for themselfs. I use Ubuntu 18.04, but thats not matter at all. I was using 998 build before, but when I tried to compile from github, didn't work, I wasn't able to connect.
  23. You can keep, if it works. I just got the info, you don't need to update most likely. But if that's the case, and the servers won't show up, just update.
  24. As you guys noticed, we had an issue with the masterserver registration recently. Ninja pushed the fix, and it looks like working now just fine. I compiled the latest working version for you guys, just pop on the server and ready to go. (You might need to change the token, I don't know yet, mine just works) This is a build 993, that was the latest working for me, so I used that, and added the fix. Also raised the xmodel assets to 1050 and weapon limit to 150. Hope I helped. Enjoy. If someone want to compile a windows version, contact me, I'll send the source code.