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  1. AlexC

    CoD5 Server

    Injecting some code into the binary.
  2. AlexC

    About getss

    No, on the server cod4 root directory.
  3. Just use a Game capture in OBS, minimize the game, and select call of duty. It will just works fine. Or you can use window capture if doesn't.
  4. I posted a linux build on the first page, thats the latest, try that.
  5. For me the latest github build just works fine.
  6. AlexC

    Mw2 functions port

    Reverse engineering. No source available.
  7. AlexC

    CoD5 Server

    These dedicated server files unable to load external gsc. So it will never work.
  8. Use only 1 banplugin. For you simplebanlist will be fine
  9. put like this: /yourmodfolder/scripts/include/waypoints.gsc
  10. There you go.
  11. I guess you using old NE mod the. I had that issue as well. That already been fixed, update your mod.
  12. That is server fault then.
  13. Try to add in the server startup command: +set sv_authtoken "yourtoken" And dont use the sv_masterservers dvar, because you will avoid the other masterserver, what we have as a fallback if the main master goes down.
  14. Then, another thing, you should try d9vk, if your graphics card is vulkan ready.
  15. Then, another thing, you will have black screenshot in every getss attempt, so you might get banned from the servers. Be careful. Then another thing, if you using b3, its not gonna work under linux, b3 cannot auth you, because you will don't have proper playerID.
  16. Me and @Koaja able to play with steam version. We used lutris to install the wine steam and the game itself. Then connected to one 1.8 server, let the autoinstall install the cod4x files, then good to go. However need to launch the multiplayer in lutris, you can setup a +connect ip:port argument in lutris. This is needed, because if you launch without this, it starts the single player, and then when you launch the multiplayer ingame, you will get around 10-15 fps..
  17. Here is the pre-compiled binary if you cannot compile.
  18. on debian/ubuntu: sudo apt install gcc-multilib g++-multilib will sort your problem out.
  19. Up, I was facing this issue also. Let us know if this bin fixed, then create a pull request.
  20. If you keep the script in server side, you will be fine as an original promod protection has.
  21. I am using mousewheel to chane fps as well. Why do you want to ban 333 fps? No jump?
  22. Or just the i386 build-essentials..