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  1. xXxFuckYourselfxXx probably work out for you.
  2. Ok kid, go fuck yourself.
  3. If ingame works, probably just the site down.
  4. You using really old cod4x then. Try to update then check it again. For me works fine.
  5. If you have the game on steam, it will count as before.
  6. Make a directory, go in, type git init, then git pull instead of git clone. Then compile the server as usual.
  7. AlexC

    server hang

    Cloudflare forgot to import every dns records what I used. If still something wrong, let me know.
  8. AlexC

    server hang

    Opsie. My fault. Fixed.
  9. So you running a Windows then. Download the Windows server, and it's in there, packed with the xbase_00.iwd.
  10. Yeah. They are using regular GUID ones, which everyone knows easy to replicate every CDKEY nowdays on 1.7.
  11. IIS is just an overbloated randsomware.
  12. As it was before, every server admins get a chance to protect their servers, as they wish. And it's not an easy task to make.