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  1. Just use a Game capture in OBS, minimize the game, and select call of duty. It will just works fine. Or you can use window capture if doesn't.
  2. I posted a linux build on the first page, thats the latest, try that.
  3. For me the latest github build just works fine.
  4. AlexC

    Mw2 functions port

    Reverse engineering. No source available.
  5. AlexC

    CoD5 Server

    These dedicated server files unable to load external gsc. So it will never work.
  6. Use only 1 banplugin. For you simplebanlist will be fine
  7. put like this: /yourmodfolder/scripts/include/waypoints.gsc
  8. There you go.
  9. I guess you using old NE mod the. I had that issue as well. That already been fixed, update your mod.
  10. That is server fault then.
  11. Try to add in the server startup command: +set sv_authtoken "yourtoken" And dont use the sv_masterservers dvar, because you will avoid the other masterserver, what we have as a fallback if the main master goes down.
  12. Then, another thing, you should try d9vk, if your graphics card is vulkan ready.