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  1. 20.1 released, works for me with RotU-Revolution mod, and stock also.
  2. I don't think it is related to AMD CPU's in any way, but probably their internet connection to the server. Without logs and evidence, this is just an assumption... Tell them to monitor their network activity, system activity, ping between the server and the client, speedtest.. You know, so many things can cause microstutters. For me recently caused by nvidia gsync, but luckily it is fixed now.
  4. The client hasn't due to several bugs, what has been spotted before release. Be patient, eventually will come soon.
  5. AlexC

    DDoS- attaca

    Temporary fix as it comes from 1 IP address if you using Linux: iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
  6. First, never share your auth token, change it ASAP. Second, I don't see main_shared folder in your cod4 root directory, so something missing there. You suppose to install the 2 directories from this github in the main_shared folder ( ) And the config.cfg goes in the main folder. So the directory structure would look like this: cod4/main/config.cfg cod4/main_shared/code cod4/main_shared/maps/mp
  7. Yes, it's a false positive.
  8. AlexC

    Http Plugin

  9. AlexC

    Http Plugin

    Yup, this is linux only.
  10. AlexC

    Http Plugin

    you need to compile the server itself, then you can compile plugins against it
  11. Or just stick with 19.2 server version. I had some problems with the latest release, where people gets kicked, because they were using a language pack iwd to get cyrillic characters work ingame. Make sure you update EVERY .ff and .iwd file from the zip file.
  12. Try disable any antivirus, recently it has been reported as virus, dunno if it sorted. I have the basic Windows Defender, no issue.
  13. pip install dateutil (magic)
  14. Probably that port what you want to use it's used already. try to add it to the launch options: +set net_ip "ip.address" +set net_port "portnumber"