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  1. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Don't worry about that, i have that same issue, but the servers just runs fine.
  2. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    The system takes 22 gigs? Wtf.. My clean centos install was 1.5 gig MAX
  3. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    rpm -qa | grep gcc
  4. AlexC

    token issues

    It's not our fault then. Ask your provider.
  5. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Ah, you need gcc as well and gcc devel.
  6. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    What centos is that? Still 6? If yes, copy the runtime libs from the rumtime lib to your cod4 root folder
  7. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Fukin hell, always typo error.. Sry again my bad, try this command firstly: yum install glibc.i686 glibc-devel.i686 libstdc++.i686 libstdc++-devel.i686 This must work. As you can see i changed the ":" to ".", thats why it didn't work.. But if you screwed up your whole installation, better to start a fresh one with reinstall all.
  8. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Edit, I found your packages, I just checked now the correct packages: yum install glibc:i686 glibc-devel:i686 libstdc++:i686 libstdc++-devel:i686 Then the CoD4x server should start normally.
  9. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Ye, my bad it's libstdc++-dev:i686 and libc6-dev:i686
  10. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Also you might need the libstdc++-dev:i386 and libc6-dev:i386
  11. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    You need the 32 bit libstdc++ and libc6 as well. Open up google and search for multilib centos7 Usually can be done: yum install libstdc++:i386 libc6:i386
  12. AlexC

    Testclients script

    Create a botnames.txt file on your cod4 server root dir, and add names. If you using gametracker, you have to add [BOT] tag for the bots
  13. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    Yes, as dpj said, CoD4 dedicated server is available in linux, im running CentOS 7 on my server, with cod4x just fine. Any questions, let us know.
  14. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    There is no option to run a windows based program without wine.
  15. AlexC

    centos 6.10

    @wkuzma Any progress? Let us know what you done so far, the easiest way to hit us up our Discord server.