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  1. In the latest build if you set dedicated 2,it will starts as a listen server 😂😂 strange bug, but try it.
  2. You cannot upgrade gcc on centos. You have to use devtoolset-7 or devtoolset-8 to compile the server.
  3. Or just try ehat I said 2 days ago. You have devtoolset-7 installed, type: scl enable devtoolset-7 bash Then compile your server.
  4. AlexC

    Qconsole Spam

    reverse dns can be setted up for everyting.
  5. AlexC

    Qconsole Spam

    To be clear, thats not the master IP what you get spammed.
  6. But with CentOS 7 you will need a package called devtoolset-7 When you installed try to run this command: scl enable devtoolset-7 bash then compile the server.
  7. You don't need paxctl installed, thats optional. Should be compiling just fine.
  8. No, the latest release was a security update.
  9. AlexC


    Just start using hardware bans instead, could be accurate 😁😁😁
  10. AlexC

    help requeired

    Update your servers.
  11. I never heard about this miniAdmin3 stuff before, googled it, i always hated these external rcon stuff.. Just useless. But what you can try, try to put +rcon_password "yoursecretpassword" in your server startup command. Just a sidenote, the forum language is English, please try to stick with it.
  12. @NeHo I will have a look on the weekend.