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  1. The thing is, by default the q3config.cfg is never get execed when you start up a server. So you don't need to take care of it in any way. I personally never used Rcontools, thats just useless, you can do everything in-game, or start using some in-game rcon tool, such as b3 or manuadminmod, gsmanager. Makes lifes easier.
  2. I am hungarian bro, I know. Just I was saying that google translate message above was even more confusing.
  3. In Hungarian even more confusing what you want to say lol.. (My native language..)
  4. Is it just me who don't understand the content? 🤔
  5. Hm 🤔 Maybe we can get it permanent change @Fraggy?
  6. Try a Steam version. It works fine for me.
  7. AlexC

    About getss

    No, on the server cod4 root directory.
  8. Just use a Game capture in OBS, minimize the game, and select call of duty. It will just works fine. Or you can use window capture if doesn't.
  9. I posted a linux build on the first page, thats the latest, try that.
  10. For me the latest github build just works fine.
  11. AlexC

    Mw2 functions port

    Reverse engineering. No source available.
  12. Use only 1 banplugin. For you simplebanlist will be fine