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  1. It doesn't make any difference, just the so file name.
  2. on Promod you will need to add in the actual gsc's, i belive called serversettings.gsc or something, the +set g_logsync 2 option, then it will work fine.
  3. AlexC

    new build number

    As I pointed out, you have to wait anyway, you cannot join the server, the github repository is just prepairing to the new version. It is not ready yet.
  4. AlexC

    new build number

    You have to wait till the 18.0 client will be released, then you can use the new build from github.
  5. What latest update? Buildnumber?
  6. My master working fine, other one also. Did you open the ports what required? (20810)
  7. No it doesn't! VAC banned accounts doesn't work as far I know.
  8. Who cares? You probably miss the forum bro: Go cry there.
  9. Someone has pb installed on his machine. Don't worry about it.
  10. Hello my Friend,

    I have one question , i have one VPS Server and i installed cod4 on him i use Debian 8.

    But i cant start the server, can u make help me?

    i will give u Teamwiever that u help me.

    Can u give me a discrod or Teamspeak server that we talk 



  11. Ab thx to bumping a 3 year old topic man...
  12. Debian 7 is not supported at any way right now. And that library is really outdated. Our binaries compiled on a Ubuntu 16.04 insatance, try to update a similar age distribution at least.
  13. So how can you find a server than? You not able to connect a fake ip.