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  1. AlexC


    More debug and crash information will be shown if some script errors for example. Crashdump is the more important stuff.
  2. AlexC


    ^ here.
  3. AlexC

    Games_mp.log not Generating

    put this in your server.cfg set logfile "2" set g_logsync "1"
  4. AlexC


    Apparently there are 2 commands. Do the symlink,and make it acessable with apache.
  5. AlexC

    Request For New update

    I don't think so..
  6. AlexC

    Request For New update

    Then some of your gsc s calls it on every mapchange. Check out your scrips.
  7. AlexC


    I like biscuits.
  8. AlexC

    For cod4x community

    You can still use the old one if you wish.
  9. AlexC

    For cod4x community

    Hm.. Okay then, good luck.
  10. AlexC

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    Open up 20810 as well
  11. AlexC

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    Are the necessary ports open? Needed: your gameserver connection port, and the masterserver port, 20810
  12. AlexC

    sv_authtoken is invalid and
  13. AlexC

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    Have you got the auth libs installed successfully?
  14. AlexC

    sv_authtoken is invalid

    You need a minium Level 1 Steam account for that.
  15. Or just don't use developer 1 on a prod server, might be help.