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  1. Here is a sample nginx conf what I use, maybe for someone gonna get useful: server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; server_name <>; # Replace this with your domain, as you want, prefer a subdomain, something like: fastdl.domain.tld root /home/<user>/cod4; # The root folder of the cod4 directory, replace the PATH with yours. location / { # Try to serve file directly, fallback to front controller, deny all access. deny all; } location ~* "\.(ff|iwd)$" { # Add or remove all the extensions you need. Obviously we allow only .ff and .iwd files to download, so no config files are obtainable. allow all; } error_log /var/log/nginx/fastdl_error.log; access_log /var/log/nginx/fastdl_access.log; }
  2. This statement is already busted, no certified websites offers CRACKED games.. Second, do NOT install cracked steam games, and then wonder why it doesn't work in the first place. Download the DVD version, patch it, and it will work as before.
  3. Just install steam, and let it run in the background. You don't need to own the game on steam eventually to get authenticated.
  5. No, we're not using. I stopped B3 and XLR and echelon use years ago, as those were dead in the water ages ago. Use NeHo's cod4xwebadmin instead.
  6. try with steam version, worked for me, with proton 5.0 the only thing you need to launch steam with --no-cef-sandbox option. Other thing, you will have black screenshot, so likely you gonna get banned from every server. Also reconnect to other server will not work, need to close the game and reopen it.
  8. Tried with NE mod SnD, mp_farm, rain sounds are there for me after several rounds also. Check out on my server if you want to try out.
  9. And also, opening ports, and forwarding ports are not equal.
  10. Your port forward is the problem, and to solve, setup your port forward. Explanation: first IP is local IP, second IP is you public IP.
  11. they can add any server in command line by typing: /addfavourite I don't think you can force that on a server.
  12. 20.1 released, works for me with RotU-Revolution mod, and stock also.
  13. I don't think it is related to AMD CPU's in any way, but probably their internet connection to the server. Without logs and evidence, this is just an assumption... Tell them to monitor their network activity, system activity, ping between the server and the client, speedtest.. You know, so many things can cause microstutters. For me recently caused by nvidia gsync, but luckily it is fixed now.