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  1. that is the only thing i can think of as well. check in game with TAB, the bottom is an ipv4 or an ipv6 address shown.
  2. And some servers, for example IceOps allows regular players to take screenshots.
  3. Just start the linux steam client with --no-cef-sandbox option, and use Proton 5.0. Works for me. However, you might get banned from servers, because of black screenshots.
  5. use deathrun's mapvote script, should work fine.
  6. You have to run it with php5.6 and plugins.
  7. CoD4 runs pretty well under proton, constant 125, 250 fps noprobs.
  8. Allocate extra memory? Bro.. Buy more ram.
  9. And what about you can move on whereever you want, and let everyone decide what to do?
  10. AlexC

    Cod4x - Error 817

    And of course that is not compatible with the cod4x servers and clients.
  11. AlexC

    Cod4x - Error 817

    And the reason, H4cktivision tried to kill the game, and pushed an update what is 1.8 client version as well.
  12. AlexC

    Cod4x - Error 817

    If you got the game from steam, you actually need to downgrade cod4 to 1.7, then install cod4x.