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  1. No problem, happy to pass along the information
  2. You have a never-ending loop constantly waiting for the player to spawn. Also, you need the player (self) to thread the function so that level doesn't. Your old code. onPlayerSpawned() { //No reason for this to be in a loop below. for( ;; ) { self waittill( "spawned_player" ); wait 5; thread welcomeText(self,"","=FMJ=FullMetalJacket",getRandomColor()); wait 20; thread welcomeText(self,"","Visit Our Home Page",getRandomColor()); } } This doesn't need to be in a loop at all, if you want it to only display after the first spawn remove the loop. I would also added a endon disconnect so it doesn't throw errors if a player connects then leaves. And added the self thread. onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); self waittill( "spawned_player" ); wait 5; self thread welcomeText(self,"","=FMJ=FullMetalJacket",getRandomColor()); wait 20; self thread welcomeText(self,"","Visit Our Home Page",getRandomColor()); } Also, what I will tell you is that the function names at the begging of the script (onPlayerConnect, onPlayerSpawned) are confusing and I had this same issue when copying other people's scripts at the beginning of my scripting career. I renamed them to actually mean what they are doing. I renamed them and fixed your script. main() { level onPlayerConnecting(); } onPlayerConnecting() { self endon("intermission"); while(1) { self waittill("connected", player); player thread onPlayerConnected(); } } onPlayerConnected() { self endon("intermission"); self endon("disconnect"); self waittill("spawned_player"); self thread onPlayerSpawn(); } onPlayerSpawn() { wait 5; self thread welcomeText(self,"","=FMJ=FullMetalJacket",getRandomColor()); wait 20; self thread welcomeText(self,"","Visit Our Home Page",getRandomColor()); } Everything in the onPlayerSpawn() function will happen as soon as the player spawns for the first time.
  3. Airitech

    Antiban ?

    Can confirm this is an issue. It appears there is a new paid cheat that also offers a GUID spoofing and Clean SS feature that works with the latest version of CoD4x. Was able to find the URL to the website, but will not post it here for fear of more people finding it. I have personally had somebody rage hacking and re-joining up to 20 times per day, was able to ban the IP range but I fear as more people find this it will become an issue. Also got reports from some other server owners that they are also coming into their servers. @Fraggy is there anything in the works to break this cheat? Or are we unable to defend against this for the time being?
  4. Oh sheesh I haven't logged on in a while. Thanks for the tag @dpj @Nightwings3 Unfortunately, the script is not open source. I spent a very long time building and customizing it and it is not designed in any way to be "drag and dropped" into a server. All my servers use a lot of custom scripts, some written by me and some written by other people on this forum. It was never designed as an all-in-one package to just be thrown into a cod4x server, and frankly would probably break depending on what other scripts are running on people's servers, that's why I've never open-sourced it. However I do love open source and would like to help, if you visit the website that the server advertises (don't wanna advertise here) and join the discord and reach out to me, I'd be happy to work on maybe getting something for you!
  5. It's been a very peaceful time since the 18.5 updates, haven't seen any cheaters up until the other day. Had a report of a balant cheater, checked screenshots and they were there. I'm not sure where the cheat came from, I checked around known hacking forums and unknown cheats has a topic going around with source code, and I think they were talking about it working. I might not be the first to report this but just wanted to give people a heads up, be on the lookout for cheaters
  6. Found the problem, fixed it by shittily adjusting code in the basedonstable branch. Adjusted xassets.c line 80-92 if(DB_ModFileExists()){ XZoneInfoStack[i].name = "mod"; XZoneInfoStack[i].allocFlags = 16; XZoneInfoStack[i].freeFlags = 0; ++i; } else { XZoneInfoStack[i].name = "cod4x_patchv2"; XZoneInfoStack[i].allocFlags = 16; XZoneInfoStack[i].freeFlags = 0; ++i; } DB_LoadXAssets(&XZoneInfoStack[0], i, 0); To This if(DB_ModFileExists()){ XZoneInfoStack[i].name = "mod"; XZoneInfoStack[i].allocFlags = 16; XZoneInfoStack[i].freeFlags = 0; ++i; } /*else { XZoneInfoStack[i].name = "cod4x_patchv2"; XZoneInfoStack[i].allocFlags = 16; XZoneInfoStack[i].freeFlags = 0; ++i; }*/ DB_LoadXAssets(&XZoneInfoStack[0], i, 0); It would appear the bug has something to do (obviously) with checking for the cod4x_patchv2. Although I'm sure removing this check is a big security issue, it would be better if I had the knowledge/time to track this bug down to the root. After recompiling, error no longer appears. With my testing methodology posted above.
  7. I had to run that through google translate, but my server is using stock maps, no mod what so ever. Also, I believe this issue lies within the server, not the client. We were all using the same clients on the previous server version of CoD4x, 962, and we never saw this error.
  8. Hey guys, at first I thought that this was a client issue, but the problem only happened after I finally updated my servers from 962 to build 1004. I was forced to update because my 962 server was no longer appearing on the CoD4x Master List, not sure why that decision was made but I digress. I noticed it myself, and a few players have noticed that upon a map rotating, they might be kicked for this error. All of us are on 18.4 or 18.5 clients, but this issue only ever started happening two days ago when I updated my server to 1004. Build 962 we never had this issue what so ever. I checked my local patchv2.ff file in appdata, and cross-referenced it with the server files, exact same. Re installed all the server files, auto-update etc, the problem is still persisting. Server is linux. I have gotten to recreate it with opening 2 instances of cod4x, joining the server, and then rotating the map a few times, one of them will error out, server console will just make it look like they normally disconnected. Getting kicked is hit or miss, I haven't found a common anomaly between any of us that reported the issue, and again, this did not happen at all, I have never seen or heard of this error (I play a lot) on server version 962. Thanks for any potential information about this bug!
  9. I wanted to poke around the source code and see how you did it, then I saw it's using sin and cosign and got lost Super cool release! I definitely might add this to my mapvote script to show my mapvote timer. Thanks for the release!
  10. @st0rm I have had zero troubles with hit detection on my Windows 10 machine (knock on wood). I have a few servers that are windows and a few that are linux, and have had zero complaints from players or from members on hit reg. However when I was running my server on a windows server 2012 r2 and hosted multiple scrim servers, there was actually quite a few complaints. I did some tinkering as it sounds like you have, and created a Windows 10 64bit pro VM, and ran all the servers off of that and there were no more issues.. I understand that it makes no sense, I can't think of any logical reason either, but now two servers are hosted from a Windows 10 VPS and I have had no issues, including reports from competitive players that have been constantly scrimming/ playing pick up games from servers on that box, and they do not sense any hit reg detection issues, even with a 60 + ping.
  11. Thanks for uploading! Replaced the files , re configured for my site. Changed the API key to the one steam have given me, and adjusted the 'domainname' to my domain (its in a sub directory) left logoutpage and loginpage to blank, when I go to login via steam and i get redirected in the upper top left after redirect i get the User is not logged in. And nothing changes. Heres my config in steamconfig.php $steamauth['apikey'] = "HIDDEN_FOR_CODX_WEBSITE"; // Your Steam WebAPI-Key found at $steamauth['domainname'] = ""; // The main URL of your website displayed in the login page $steamauth['logoutpage'] = ""; // Page to redirect to after a successfull logout (from the directory the SteamAuth-folder is located in) - NO slash at the beginning! $steamauth['loginpage'] = ""; // Page to redirect to after a successfull login (from the directory the SteamAuth-folder is located in) - NO slash at the beginning! Steam group is set up, when I login to the admin account and go to server admins it says User has not logged in yet, if i click on the steam profile it takes me to my profile, and the Steam admin UID is my steam admin uid, just not sure what i'm doing wrong at this point.
  12. Can you upload the steamauth stuff you replaced? I'm currently using the one posted here and couldin't get it to work!
  13. @darkie you got this to work with steam login? I can get everything to load but steam login does not work for me for some reason.
  14. Airitech


    Echelon V2 is what im currently using, but didnt have any troubles using any other versions. Heres the github.
  15. @leiizko Thankyou! Im on new arch so the dvar works!