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  1. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    I can confirm this happens, luckily in my gun game server kill streaks are disabled, and in a script i'm working on for one in the chamber, I had to adjust the 7 kill streak to give you another UAV, because calling in a helicopter crashes server. It does it with or without scripts.
  2. The hud elements are string, and all of those strings are being stored on a global table that is distributed to all players. From what I have seen from getting the error myself, the table allows about 512 individual elements, most of which are already being used by the game. Id say easily three to four hundred strings are already used by the game itself. So that leaves you with maybe 112 strings that you can assign to a player, if each player is using 4 strings and they arent getting destroyed when they're not being used, you will run out of space and the server will crash with that error. Theoretically speaking, if you had 112 strings that you could assign, and each player is being assigned 4 hud elements, that leaves you with only 28 players at a time that you could have before the table would run out of space. If you're not firmilar with scripting, and cant edit scripts to properly destroy the hud elements when theyre not being used, you need to remove some of them. Get rid of the ones you dont need, that will at least free up space. Players dont really need to see their kills and deaths, they can view the score table on the game.
  3. Airitech

    B3 v1.9.2 vs v1.12 Problems

    Thank you very much! You saved me a lot of looking around! I appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys, just was about to switch my B3 bot to the latest version, version v1.9.2 up to v1.12, but there this stupid little issue and its probably fixable im just not sure where to look. In B3 version v1.12 if the message is longer, it skips to the next line with a whole new rcon say, where in v1.9.2 it was a really higher threshold. Example: 1.9.2 1.12 it has to go to another line when it doesnt need to, anybody know how to adjust? Also, in 1.9.2 it doesnt have the (B3): before each message, while in 1.12 it does.
  5. Airitech

    FPS and FOV commands

    Do you mind me asking specifically what parts of new experience i need? Thanks
  6. Airitech

    FPS and FOV commands

    @wkuzma i noticed you have it on your servers working, mind me asking how you did it?
  7. Airitech

    FPS and FOV commands

    Hey guys, been looking around and havnt been able to find a good way to get the fps command (fullbright) and the fov command (fovscale) to work with B3, ive tried using leiizko's script commands, but one it breaks the server on every kill, with a CI and error in the console, and you cant impliment it to be useful with a b3 command. you can make it so that server commands use "!" but it breaks b3, So my questions is how are all you guys doing it? there is servers that run it through a b3 command, i am not running cod4x new experience and have B3 1.9.2 with customcommands. Thanks -Airitech
  8. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    Yup, i just checked using the new binary and now its working flawlessly. I really don't know what to say, thank you so much for taking the time to look into this issue and fixing it, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!
  9. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    i see, i know id be better off running a linux distro on my server but for other things and my familiarity with windows it just makes it easier, you have no idea how much i appreciate you looking into this issue, thank you so much! One thing i may be able to add is that, i used to run a cod4x server, to be exact when i had rented a VPS it was July 2017, and this issue did not exist, now it could either be two things, It was running Windows Server 2012 R2, or a previous version of the cod4x server did not have this issue, what are your thoughts on this? Would the fact that i am running Windows 10 pro 64 bit be a problem? Or do you think that shouldint matter?
  10. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    As far as familiarity with c, i took two semesters of a C++ programming class, and as far as compiling all we did was compile our programs on Code::Blocks lol, as far as compiling the entire server with all the attached c files i would be lost. But, with your information that theres not much going on and that its printing to console and writing logs is the only thing really going on, i can start to look at it from a hardware point of view and see if i cant come up with something, it just doesn't make sense, SSD + 8gb ram + 8 Threads to work with shouldn't have any lag. And a world at war server didn't either. Ill keep messing around with stuff and settings and see if something stupid is causing it, anyway thank you for the help and the info its much appreciated!
  11. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    B3.xml qconsole.log b3.log
  12. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    Its not the admin bot thats causing it, like the video that i attached, just issuing a status command will cause the server to stutter, b3 issues status commands, but the issue is not caused by b3.
  13. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    The only plugin that was running was b3hide, but disabled b3 and it still does it, still hitching on status. Yes sir, removed status and it still does status every time somebody joins the server. Just does not randomly status anymore, and still hitching. That's odd, i removed the plugin and it still statuses when somebody joins and it causes a hitch. This is weird. Hey man even tho im not involved, i appreciate you giving me feedback and i know that you dont have to do anything! I appreciate the feedback and hearing it first hand from a dev definitely helps, thanks for everything all of you!
  14. Airitech

    Hitch Warning on Status

    Hey guys, just got a new server today, its an old pc that ive converted to a server. Its got 8GB of ram and a i7 2600s running 8 threads and around 3 something GHz with turbo boost enabled and the server is on a SSD Server has a Gigabit Ethernet Connection, download speed of about 200mbps and an upload of about 30 mbps. Shouldint have any issues. So when i installed my server, everythings fine its running, i go to install B3 and notice that the server is hitching, i go look at the console and thats exactly whats happening, when somebodys in the server, and B3 or you in game using /rcon status or just typing status in the console, the server hitches and i dont know why. I think its got PLENTY of power considering when i had a VPS with 1 core and a gig of ram the server ran fine, so just wondering whats up and why its doing this, server version is the most recent one off of the home page of the website, ive attached a vid of whats happeneing, with task manager on so you can see. EDIT: I have also tried multiple versions, down to 17.7.2, im not sure if auto updating occurs and it just sends it to the newest version. Seeing as it may help, heres the server.cfg i use Heres the console log By the way, when im off of VPS, and not streaming to it, it still has a hitch warning, but it must be below 500ms because it no longer shows, but you can feel it in the server, so that probably means that it is performance related, but i dont understand how, being on a SSD, AND a i7 2600s. Another EDIT: Just threw on a cod waw 1.7 server, status command does nothing, no hitch warning, no lag in game even when i flood the command.
  15. Airitech

    Hide GSM Commands?

    Is there a tutorial on this? Or just download the python version of B3?