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  1. Airitech


    Echelon V2 is what im currently using, but didnt have any troubles using any other versions. Heres the github.
  2. @leiizko Thankyou! Im on new arch so the dvar works!
  3. Hello! For my gungame server, i'd like to disable or remove the mounted MG 42's from the maps that have them, I am unaware of any server dvar there is to disable them, but if that existed that would be sweet. Couldn't find anything super definitive in the .gsc files to disable them either. Only thing I found that looked to be related was some things in _missions.gsc like MGKill() and endMGStreakWhenLeaveMG() Nothing getting done when theu mount onto it. To solve the problem right now, I have inserted some code into callback_playerdamage in globallogic so that nobody gets killed by the bullets from one, but if you explode a car, you can still kill somebody. if(sWeapon == "saw_bipod_stand_mp") { if(isDefined( eAttacker ) ) { iDamage = 0; eAttacker suicide(); eAttacker iPrintLnBold("Do ^1NOT ^7use mounted ^1MG42! ^7You will be kicked."); eAttacker.pers["mgkills"]++; if(eAttacker.pers["mgkills"] >= 2) { eAttacker.guid = eAttacker getGuid(); exec("clientkick " + eAttacker.guid + " Mounted MG42's are not allowed!"); } } } I just don't feel like this is the most elegant way to solve my problem, and there's probably a super easy way or a simple dvar to disable them that I cant find! So if anybody knows an easier way, id really appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I like to put self hosted bots about 2 usually, onto my server and I have a script that auto spawns them in to get games going, then they dont spawn if theres a bunch of people in the game. I hate leaving my PC running constantly, and have been trying to think of ways to put the bots onto my dedicated server. I do not want to use addTestClient(), I dont really like the fact of what exactly that function does, and it can be buggy. i want them to be self hosted. Due to the fact that you cannot connect to your own server from the PC its hosted on (connectionless packet from IP) probably because im using 28960 for a server port. So i had the idea to start a VM using windows 10 for the bots, no big deal i have the resources, but i get this error. Originally it was that steam HAD to be installed. So I installed steam and didnt run it and I got this. Everything works when i run steam but, I can only connect one bot when steam is running, and id like to have 2-3 running. Now I know its not CoD4x that requires steam. Im assuming its due to the fact that its a VM, and doesnt have any hardware ID's so that it can generate a GUID, or maybe because windows isnt activated? Anyway, if i could fix the connectionless packet from IP whenever i try and connect to my server from the machine its being hosted on, that would be a sweet fix too, but if you have any ideas i would really appreciate them! Thanks!
  5. Airitech


    So just to be clear, the newest server patch prevents this cheat? or the newest client patch prevents them from using it, or nothing can prevent them from using it?
  6. Airitech


    Ahh, I see the bus driver let you off at the wrong stop! The reason there is "not a topic" about it yet, is because you are in the wrong place. I have seen you have made posts here before about hackers, but YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE. CoD4x is not a company. CoD4x is a community made patch, for call of duty 4. That server that you listed, is an independent server hosted by somebody else, that is not related to this website WHAT SO EVER. That clan, is LW, this website is for the patch itself. If you want to start a problem, find their website and go complain there. Basically, the bus driver needed to let you off at the LW clan gaming website, not the CoD4x website. All this website is is a community for people to learn and discuss the CoD4x patch itself. And for future reference, if you do somehow find your way to the LW clan server. I would probably try being a little nicer about it. Nobody here unless there is a LW admin on the website, moderates that server.
  7. I can confirm this happens, luckily in my gun game server kill streaks are disabled, and in a script i'm working on for one in the chamber, I had to adjust the 7 kill streak to give you another UAV, because calling in a helicopter crashes server. It does it with or without scripts.
  8. The hud elements are string, and all of those strings are being stored on a global table that is distributed to all players. From what I have seen from getting the error myself, the table allows about 512 individual elements, most of which are already being used by the game. Id say easily three to four hundred strings are already used by the game itself. So that leaves you with maybe 112 strings that you can assign to a player, if each player is using 4 strings and they arent getting destroyed when they're not being used, you will run out of space and the server will crash with that error. Theoretically speaking, if you had 112 strings that you could assign, and each player is being assigned 4 hud elements, that leaves you with only 28 players at a time that you could have before the table would run out of space. If you're not firmilar with scripting, and cant edit scripts to properly destroy the hud elements when theyre not being used, you need to remove some of them. Get rid of the ones you dont need, that will at least free up space. Players dont really need to see their kills and deaths, they can view the score table on the game.
  9. Thank you very much! You saved me a lot of looking around! I appreciate it!
  10. Hey guys, just was about to switch my B3 bot to the latest version, version v1.9.2 up to v1.12, but there this stupid little issue and its probably fixable im just not sure where to look. In B3 version v1.12 if the message is longer, it skips to the next line with a whole new rcon say, where in v1.9.2 it was a really higher threshold. Example: 1.9.2 1.12 it has to go to another line when it doesnt need to, anybody know how to adjust? Also, in 1.9.2 it doesnt have the (B3): before each message, while in 1.12 it does.
  11. Do you mind me asking specifically what parts of new experience i need? Thanks
  12. @wkuzma i noticed you have it on your servers working, mind me asking how you did it?
  13. Hey guys, been looking around and havnt been able to find a good way to get the fps command (fullbright) and the fov command (fovscale) to work with B3, ive tried using leiizko's script commands, but one it breaks the server on every kill, with a CI and error in the console, and you cant impliment it to be useful with a b3 command. you can make it so that server commands use "!" but it breaks b3, So my questions is how are all you guys doing it? there is servers that run it through a b3 command, i am not running cod4x new experience and have B3 1.9.2 with customcommands. Thanks -Airitech
  14. Yup, i just checked using the new binary and now its working flawlessly. I really don't know what to say, thank you so much for taking the time to look into this issue and fixing it, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!
  15. i see, i know id be better off running a linux distro on my server but for other things and my familiarity with windows it just makes it easier, you have no idea how much i appreciate you looking into this issue, thank you so much! One thing i may be able to add is that, i used to run a cod4x server, to be exact when i had rented a VPS it was July 2017, and this issue did not exist, now it could either be two things, It was running Windows Server 2012 R2, or a previous version of the cod4x server did not have this issue, what are your thoughts on this? Would the fact that i am running Windows 10 pro 64 bit be a problem? Or do you think that shouldint matter?