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  1. I want to disable sv_pure I tried add set sv_pure 0 and sv_pure 0 and +set sv_pure 0 on server.cfg / live console and start up script but it's still shows as sv_pure as 1 Help me!
  2. When all players ready up in knockout_mr12_pb server will show a connection interrupted to all players and the server went offline. any fixes? ERROR START with qconsole.log.old
  3. Thanks for the Reply! if use julia plugin, I don't need nehoscreenshot plugin right?
  4. ] Error: Init failure. Server returned code 500 and message command=HEL O&identkey= =12345678&serverport=28960&gamename=Call%20of%20Duty%204%20-%20Modern%20W arfare%2 20X18&gamedir=cod4&rcon=testing12355 ] Error in plugin's OnInit function! Plugin load failed.
  5. Getss command not working on latest update . how to get screenshot of player then? bad command or cvar :getss
  6. yeah i got this problem how can i fix it?
  7. I need gsc for automatic teambalance script please someone upload it Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot, guys!!!! but newer versions are hard to install any one have a tutorial about installation in the newer version of b3?
  9. I have promod with jump admin and master but i dont know how to config it with b3 please help me