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  1. You have to edit the default scripts.
  2. I think your rcontool is not supposed to generate files. No? Only file which can remember runtime settings is q3config_server.cfg but you have to exec it from command-line. And it will only remember stuff set with the "seta" command.
  3. But it is for single player only. Also I am not sure if we want support what is shown on the screenshots. Because you see too much from left and right side.
  4. I believe this is not the right forum.
  5. code_pre_gfx_mp.ff File does not exist in default cod4. No idea what is wrong
  6. He gets that error saying stats are reset?
  7. Then it has to come from your shared libraries. ld-linux or linux-gate or libc6 or whatever is probably broken on your system. So I assume you can not run any x86 programs.
  8. No idea then. But its weird indeed.
  9. Disable Discord overlay and try again.
  10. We don't do anything to restrict something like that. Possible it does check the window-title and fails here.
  11. Sorry but you have to give up onto it.
  12. I don't know what it is.
  13. The dev here has the same issue. But this issue is on CoD4 and CS:GO for me. That why I think it must be something else on my PC.
  14. Maybe it is your character set used in your editor?
  15. You corrupted the file by uploading I guess. FTP in ASCII mode maybe.
  16. Don't combine multiple backlist plugins.
  17. VSync is bad. It increases output lag.
  18. Seta does write the cvar to config file.
  19. Don't believe anyone can help you with your files. To disable make Sec_Update() empty.
  20. Keycode authorization was completely removed at time Activision was not restarting their crashed keycode-authorize server for 2 months.
  21. Filtered password protected server?